A Big Thank You!! To All The Nurses Who Have Posted The Reality Of Nursing!!! You Saved My Life!!! :d

I'm really thankful to all the nurses who have posted the reality of nursing that health care facilities and nursing school would have never told me. I decided to pursue this career a couple years ago because I loved science and everything that had to do with health care. I took my prerequisites for two years and got accepted into a ADN program for last fall. A month after the program began, I started to feel that this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. However, as the program was just beginning, I thought that maybe that feeling meant I was just kinda worried and scared about the degree and future job. So I continued but a month later I still felt that way. I felt really depressed and thought that I really wanted to pursue another degree and that this had been a mistake. I honestly began to hate nursing. So I was one day feeling really bad thinking about all that when I typed on Google: "I Hate Nursing". I was really shocked to find thousands of stories from lots of nurses on different sites who claim to be miserable, who could not wait to find another career path or any way out, and who described their terrible lives as nurses. I learned about the things that nurses have to deal with daily including short-staffing problems, health care system interest about money over patients and understaffed health providers, abusive patients, crazy family members, backstabbing from coworkers, stressed and demanding doctors, crappy management and administration, physical and verbal abuse, no respect, high responsibility in short time, crazy nurse-patient ratios, complaints, lawsuits and blames on nurses, back and neck problems from lifting heavy patients, high risks of being infected by diseases, no time for lunch and bathrooms, lots of stress, long shifts with mandatory overtime, no appreciation for what you do ,etc..
I'm very aware that all jobs have pros and cons but I've come to the conclusion that nursing has too many negative things over positive ones. Sure the pay is high and a job is almost guaranteed everywhere, and also you can choose from many different areas, but are all those things really worth all the crap that nurses have to put up with? It might be worth it for some but not for me. So, I've decided to follow my gut before it's too late. I dropped out of nursing school after the first semester before I continue to spend more time, money and my sanity into a degree that will only make me unhappy. I already had a feeling that I did not want to this and I was not liking it that much. Actually I was already starting to hate it! LOL! All these comments helped me to decide if I should drop out or not and I know I won't regret cuz besides all the horrible things that nursing entails, I really know that I don't want to do this for the rest of my life and I know exactly what else to study. This job is really soul-sucking and I honestly don't understand the people who love it. Maybe they are referring to the work and not the job? I mean, I think that people who love nursing either gotta be complete masochists or are just referring to the work and not the job (meaning that they might be referring to the actual work like, for example, giving meds and starting IVs, but not dealing with all the crap stated above). Cuz who would enjoy all those crappy things that nurses encounter daily? I'm so so so sorry for you nurses who have worked for so many years and have not found a way out, and for those who graduated and didn't even know the terrible reality cuz nobody told you on time. Thanks to these stories you've written, I found out on time all the things that I wouldn't have been able to find without your stories. I'm sure many other pre-nursing and nursing students have found out on time by reading your posts. Really you should all be awarded for saving so many people's future lives through the internet!! xD THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! <3
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I am glad you saw the light before the darkness of nursing. Good luck in whatever you decided to do!

Nursing student here. Where should I begin? I can agree to the many sad realities of any nursing job even though I am only a student and work as a lowly CNA. Sometimes I even hate my current CNA position due to the crazy bullshit (not the patients). We are treated poorly, worked to death, and the pay is horrible. Just cannot handle nursing homes any longer--it's insane and dangerous, period. HHC Agencies are a trip. Send you out to crazy cases to care for 2 disabled elderly people but pay for one. If you're lucky the house isn't filthy, you don't have to baby sit 5 grandkids, take care of and walk the 3 dogs, run errands for everybody (not your client), meanwhile grandma with Alzheimer's is up all night but you only get paid $110/24 hr. shift even though you are up and working 20 hrs. (Do the math, that breaks down to $5.50 hr). You are lucky if the agency sends someone to relieve your 24 hr. live-in, if not...you are stuck there and guess what? No overtime and benefits! YAY! Then again, they may send you to a client for 2 hrs. to...CLEAN THEIR HOME! That's right...MAID SERVICE!!! Did I forget to mention that though we are healthcare workers, we don't get medical, dental, or sick days? We usually don't get gas/mileage reimbursement when they send you on assignments 1 hr. each way to drive clients another 30 minutes to their appointments IN YOUR OWN CAR! Meanwhile, the agency charges the client $25-30/hr and pays me $9.75! YAY! It's now LOWER than what I made doing this same job in 2010, but I've been told that rising healthcare costs PREVENT ME FROM A LIVING WAGE. The clients are usually great but the agencies and family members are usually a nightmare to deal with. Due to this fact I find my own cases and charge $15/hr. because I simply refuse to live in poverty any longer. Nursing school is hellish academically and full of bullies. It got so bad last term I had to notify the Dean of Nursing regarding the hazing of a fellow student. NICE, huh?! Never saw so many cut-throat petty people as I do in nursing, and I worked in Corp. America for 15 years in business. I am not even a nurse yet but I am frustrated and tired and cannot believe how bad it is in hospitals when I do my clinical rotations. Nurses that don't have time to eat, urinate, spend time with patients? It's crazy. Meanwhile 90% of my patients on the med-surg. floor are all under 35, all are morbidly obese, diabetic, hypertensive, taking BP meds, insulin, antidepressants, and statins. ANYONE SEE ANYTHING WRONG HERE??? Oh yeah, the nurses are supposed to educate them about nutrition after they order their HOT DOG AND FRIES from the hospital "menu" or the families bring in fast food and soda from McDonald's. *Right* And patient satisfaction? What about letting us do OUR JOB AND DO IT WELL BY SPENDING TIME WITH THE SICK PEOPLE AND LESS ON THE COMPUTER AND PHONE? Custom food menus, extra cable tv channels, wifi, concierge service--WTF? Since when is the hospital the FOUR SEASON'S HOTEL??? Most of the students I know with BSNs that graduated last year still DON'T HAVE JOBS. Yeah, some nursing shortage. We don't expect great jobs right away, but would you want to risk your license after all this working in a nursing home with 50 very physically and mentally challenged residents nightly and 2 CNAs for $22/hr and a crappy 401B??? Or even worse...per diem and NO BENEFITS? Can you believe this is what is paid to take care of the sick and elderly? Really says something about our society, folks. It's all about greed.

I am glad that you were able to come to this conclusion. I have been a nurse 20 years and it has sucked all the joy and soul from my life. There are moments when a family member shows you how appreciated you are or a resident hugs you and thanks you but they are waaaaay too far and few between!!

I am so happy for you! One more piece of advice is look for a "day job" that allows you a quality of life. Shift work will eventually wreck your health and kills your personal life. Best of luck with whatever you choose :)

Try reading this book. It gives advice on how to use your nursing experience to transition into a completely different career.

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