I went into college choosing Nursing mostly because I didn't know what else to do and that at least was something that lived up to my parents' expectations of me. Come 2 years later and I had a mental breakdown. The cutthroat competitiveness, the horrible environment, classes I had no interest in and how I just didn't feel like I belonged at all with my classmates... All the advice I received was to "stick with it" since I'd already put in all that effort and it'd just "be a waste" to throw it all away. So I stuck with it before the sheer loss of any motivation and self-worth had me on suicide watch. I started becoming a shut-in and lost touch with any friends I had in high school, then eventually dropped out of college. I managed to get back on my feet by getting a job and the experience I've always wanted, but the fact is that I still have no degree and that leaves me with little to do.

I finally got the guts to fill out paperwork to transfer to a new college, but all my credits are for nursing, and when I think of going through all that again I get so anxious that I want to throw up. I know now that Nursing is definitely not for me, but what else can I do at this point? Social work?

Tuition's due tomorrow and I'm just staring at the button thinking, "No no no..."
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I feel exactly the same like you do. I'm introvert, shy and quite person. I'm so sad, upset, angry in nursing school that make me more quite. I look at my friends and see they are so happy. I ask myself "what the hell i am doing here" I love to help people and have compasion about nursing but now I hate humanity. Professor is too rude and careless.
Everyday I wake up, I have panic axiety attack, can not breath or moving my body. I just dont want to get out of my bed to go to see those ugly people.
I decide to quick even I do good in exam. My parents and whole family was shock but I know if I keep move on, I will sucide one day when everything out of control.
I now volunteer in hospice which I feel happy to do it and work 2 night as caregiver to pay my debt in school. Anyway, I will work in McDonal or a retail but will not stay in nursing school to ruin my mental health. It's not worth your happiness at all!!!!
I would like to keep in touch because i still dont know what else I can do after quitting, I dont feel like I have any passion on anything.

Hi there, I totally get what you are going through. I recently finished my nursing degree and it was the most painful thing I have ever done. I never really enjoyed any of my placements and didn't really fit in with any of my peers. Probably because they loved nursing and were so fulfilled with what they were doing. I am so glad it is over now but now I have to find a job. I don't want to do this for the rest of my life. I am thinking of working for a year or so and then studying Medical Imaging or something..

Much respect and understanding for anybody who wants to do good by their parents in life. That seems a natural achievement to strive for considering the sacrifices your parents make for you in their lives. That said, you have to resist it. You are a unique person with your own unique wants and "fits." What seems to anybody else like something that would make you happy, might make you miserable. You are the only person who can ultimately decide what will fit with your personality, and most importantly, make you happy.

I see so many similarities between your story and my own. I, too, didn't truly want to be a nurse when I chose that curriculum as a high school graduate. I saw it as a decently paying, respected profession. During nursing school and even during a paid position as a nurse extern, I experienced doubt and regret at my decision. While I have (in my experience) found that my nursing peers and colleagues have been relatively likable and similar to me, I am still not fulfilled in or satisfied at all by being a nurse.

I have gained a somewhat dislike for the general public and hate that nursing is so much more based in your ability to wait on somebody and battle through political bullspit than it is to use your intelligence and actually make a difference in somebody's health. I don't know whether it has lost respect in recent years or that I was being lied to to ever believe that in the first place. As for the pay - a point you will hear every nurse lament together - we do not make enough for what we are required to do; for whose incompetence and lack of ethic we must go out of our own ways to cover; and for whose vice and selfishness invalidates our tireless efforts time and again.

Oh sorry I went on a tangent there. I totally think you should search for another path, however reeeeaaally think on something that will at least allow you to enjoy your days off. You don't have to love your job, but you have to be able to tolerate it to the point of being able to stay happy on off days. I've struggled with depression in my own path and I sort of get what you're saying with being shut in on your days off. Find something that fits you!

I feel a whole lot better knowing that I am not alone. At one point in my life I actually thought about quitting the nursing program when I was in school but my parents kept pushing me to stay in the program. They didn't care about what I was feeling. I was actually thinking about being a teacher. To make my parents happy I completed the nursing program and graduated with my bsn degree in 2007. I never really liked nursing. I was bullied so badly. Other nurses would report me to the don for no reason. My coworkers would always lie on me, I was always getting blamed for things I didn't do. The don would humiliate me my coworkers

My boss would humiliate me in front of my coworkers. I had severe anxiety and depression since becoming a nurse. I dread going to work everyday. I down and depressed. I would a different career path but I don't know to begin. I know my parents would be disappointed. I am desperate to get out of nursing. I feel so alone sometimes.

I completely agree. I only became a nurse because my parents pushed me into it. They have no idea how unhappy I am of. I hate nursing. I regret my career choice. Now I'm stuck.

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