I Hate Nursing Too

I need to get out of nursing. I discourage everyone from entering the field. I know of no nurses who like their job. The patients families are impossible, and require more attention than the patients. I constantly have to clean up poop, deal with demented patients who fall on the floor, have no support from management, and God forbid anyone goes bad. It is up to nursing to monitor and correct mistakes made by every other department from dietary to pharmacy. If something goes wrong it will ALWAYS be blamed on the nurse. I am tired of missing weekends and holidays with my family only to spend them cleaning up excrement and being berated by patients and family members. DO not EVER become a nurse.

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I have been a nurse for 15years. And in that time the first 3-4 years I hated my job! Overworked treated like crap. Everything everyone is writing. I was close to going back to school then to become a teacher. But the funniness thing happened. I applied at a new job working with different client types. From geriatrics to clients with special needs. I started to really like my job. Then did home health nursing for a child with mulitiple issues. I liked that ok but it wasn't for me. Then went to a group home for clients with special needs and I LOVE my job as a nurse. I get to be a kind caring nurse, work with staff whom I love. It took awhile but I can honestly say I found my dream job as a nurse.

There is so many different fields of nursing someone can do. I personally find the hospitals and nursing homes horrible to work at as a nurse. But there is many different types of great nursing jobs out there that you might love.

You are self centered, selfish, uncaring & totally stupid - I'm pleased you are out of the profession, we don't need the likes of you.

**** you Janice. Your the one who is uncaring.

I was a surg tech years ago when I was very young. One of the married doctors fell in love with me and it caused a lot of trouble for me. The other nurses actually sabotaged my work over the entire incident. I wouldn't have anything to do with the Dr. They couldn't understand why I wouldn't go for it. They made my life a living hell over it. I left nursing and didn't go back for 20 years. I now work in home health as a CNA. I love it! Pay is not so great bit I get by. I have no regrets!

Totally agree with you .if you want to go into a so called "profession " whereby one day you are literally bringing a patient back from the brink of death and feeling confident in your role ,then because a patient ,colleague or relative decides you don't get them s jug of water immediately as your dealing with a medical emergency ,or you make an unintended drug error as you are only human and are always so busy,you are suddenly awaiting a disciplinary hearing and made to feel that you are the worst person on the planet and are robbed of all your confidence.the joke is that those who decide your suitability as to whether you are "capable" of doing a job you have worked passionately at for years,are HR officers who sit behind a desk all day,have no experience of working on a busy ward yet sit there deciding your fate .the other complete farce is the fact that whilst your waiting for this investigation to take place , which is emotionally destroying you ,your manager will ask if they can do anything to support you when it is them who have put you in this position by deciding to report you rather than giving you some advice or a rollocking in the office -the whole system is a complete fxxxxx farce but if this is what you want from life then this is certainly the career for you !

You have no compassion or empathy, just you own selfish ideals.

Again **** you Janice. You don't have any empathy to other people's problems. Oh, I forgot nursed are martyrs and not people.

oh I so totally agree with you.its a profession where everyone is mean to everyone,not to mention how thankless it is.nobody deserves a poor treatment the way our managers &co workers treat us.

Nursing can be a wonderful profession for the right person. I've been in it for over 10 years trying to find my nitche, still not there yet, don't think i ever will. I have no more passion for it, initially it was exiting going in to work but that quickly faded. Now I feel like I' m stuck. It's a terrible feeling, if you have any doubts, dont think that it will het better if you just stick through with it. Find something else before you get stuck. There is alot of abuse towards nurses, noone deserves that and i've seen it from everyone drs managers, coworkers, patients. But on the flip side there is the wonderful feeling you get when you've helped someone through a difficult time. The thanks you get from family and patients, many are appreciative. Sometimes it doesnt make up for all the other crap we have to put up with.

Second year student in nursing school. The first day I started it I knew I wasn't gonna pull this off for long. It feels good to help and better the health standard or better say situation of people cause we all will one day need help in life but if you wanna enjoy your young days and live a happy life then nursing is a ****** up occupation. I developed some kind of diverting mechanism so I can divert my mind from what I see doing this job. I have come too long to stop now because I need the certificate to open another door that's why I'm gonna push it to the end. Then I can go study something that befits my personality and not perceiving all sorts of smell from different rooms. One more year then I kiss this horrible journey goodbye

Reading this makes me feel so much better. I absolutely hate nursing and I am already done with. I have only been working as a new grad for a few months in a Emergency Room. I thought maybe after the stressful years of Nursing School once I got my RN and job I would be all set. I literally dread going in everyday. I have always suffered from anxiety and depression but this career had made it 100 times worse! I want to cry before I got in I want to cry when I'm there and when I get home. I'm sure most people would say oh well it's the specific nursing you picked but what I hate is going to be everywhere. The other RNs can be nasty and the doctors and of course patients and their families. Everyone is so miserable so everyone is basically an *******. I honestly am so mad at myself for sticking it through nursing school. There where millions of times I wanted to quit school and I stuck it through. And for what? I worked my *** off for what? I am in emotional mental spiritual and physical pain. My soul is dead I feel trapped inside my own life. If I'm already miserable now what about in a few years? I feel like the stress and anxiety from this career is going to ruin my chance for a happy life. I actually will encourage people not to go into this career you are kissing your life goodbye. I want to somehow change careers without a lot of school or no school would be perfect but I feel trapped.

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Warning - Long story ahead; just need to say this and this feels like the right place to do so. I'm 18 years old & I just finished my 1st year of college doing nursing pre-reqs. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 14 years old, right after my mom passed away after battling liver diseases for several years. I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to make a difference and be a "good" nurse & help people in ways that I couldn't help my mom. Ever since then, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a nurse - it was my identity. I even became a certified nursing assistant my senior year of high school. However, that all changed this last semester. I developed horrible anxiety after being under a lot of pressure to make good grades to get into my college's nursing school & after realizing what stressful hell I had ahead of me in nursing school. I took A&P 1 & 2 and those classes were the hardest classes I have EVER taken in my whole entire life. I dreaded studying for those classes & I knew they were never going away. I've cried more this last semester than I have in my whole entire life. I would wake up with a racing heart and walked around with dread all day - I would go to bed at 8pm because I didn't feel the stress & anxiety when I was asleep. I then started having doubts about whether I really wanted to be a nurse, which upped my anxiety. One night, I was up at 2am, literally sobbing because I didn't know what I wanted anymore. I was so miserable I even prayed to God to not wake me up in the morning. It was then that I realized that I should get out of nursing now. I've realized that I wanted to become a nurse only because of what I went through with my mom. I felt helpless & guilty when it came to her death & I thought that somehow being a nurse would help atone for those things. I've realized I do want to help people, but not through nursing. Ever since I realized I don't want to do nursing, I have been so much happier compared to how depressed I had been. However, I sometimes have intense moments of doubt - like I'm making a mistake, but I feel it's because I feel empty & have no idea what I want to do, career wise & because I have only had my eyes set on nursing since I was 14 - I automatically think back to doing nursing by default. I really hope I can figure all of this out. To end, I want to say thank you all for giving real life insight to how nursing really is & for helping me feel more confident about changing my major.

It is a horrible profession- I am done after 26 years of Mostly Adult ER nursing!!! I am perfectly healthy, still in shape, runner, non-smoker and actually had a Stroke 5 months ago-Thank God I knew what was happening and was lights and sirens to my ER and received TPA. That was the nail in the coffin for me-I have done healthcare sales full time and kept the nursing going- the stress finally got me. If you have a way out-GET OUT! I do Real Estate full time and I can tell needy, unrealistic clients goodbye if they don't like my rules. No Sunday, no calls after 730pm unless we are in the middle of a negotiation. And when I am on vacation a new agent will cover me ! My husband doesn't miss the after shift Rants either. Young people-stay away from this awful profession it will kill you on the inside- I have a BSN and 1/2 way through an MBA- I would rather serves coffee at Starbucks's than go back to this!

So true, nurses lie and say how much they love there jobs ,its nice to see someone being honest for a change .

Your mentally ill

Try reading this book. It gives advice on how to use your nursing experience to transition into a completely different career.

How to Get Out of Nursing

by Melanie Nightingale

Available on Amazon as an eBook

...Well, what did you think you would be doing? Handing out lollipops to kids with boo boos all day long?

Yeah, hospital work involves treating people at some of the lowest points in their lives, cleaning up bodily fluids of all sorts and being held to a high standard of conduct. Certainly nobody could fault workers in that field for venting frustrations and/or getting regular therapy to cope with their work conditions, but seriously, what vision did you have in your head for that job if not what reality has presented you with? You went to work in a place that is purpose-built to treat a daily deluge of injured, sick, debilitated & miserable people, and you expected it would be like...?

I sympathize with feeling like you're now stuck in a position you despise & cannot deal with, but projecting your improperly calibrated expectations onto everyone else and telling them that the job itself is some sort of trap or scam is bullshit.

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God help me, I hate my nursing job so much!

Oh I so agree with you. Hate it. I hate going to work daily. To all the new nurses. Run ........don't do it.

Couldn't agree more

Nursing IS the new SLAVERY ! You don't have a life and what little life you have is spend it trying to device a way to get away from it. Herbal life, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay ect.

It is a abusive and brutal field. Administration doesn't care as long as everything looks good on paper and it doesn't effect their check. They sit back in a "safe" positions, sit and point and find fault. They don't have to deal with working on the patients, med errors, mean doctors, overworked CNAs and disgruntal families .

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Nursing is slavery and I think the prisoners in Federal prison have it better than we do. They get paid meals and an hour of recreation. And, if they're really lucky, they get probation! Our sentence is until we collect social security!

Should have been a plumber

Why are you still a nurse. ?

Can you read Marian?

I am glad I'm not the only one. I don't hate being a nurse, but I hate what nursing has become. I work with several older nurses who have said, "nursing wasn't like this before." It doesn't seem like it's about actually helping patients. Nursing has become a business. It's about filling beds and appeasing the government. I work 12 hour shifts (as most of us do now) on telemetry, and I spend more time doing my charting than on actual patient care. Most of them don't want to be helped anyway. I work in an inner city hospital and a large number of my patients are only there for the drugs. And when the doc won't prescribe them, guess who gets to deal with an angry patient all day? Not the doc. I've only been a nurse for 2.5 years and I'm already burnt out. I've worked in hospitals and rehab centers. Nothing makes me happy. I'm depressed and irritable. I'm impatient with my children. I'm not affectionate towards my husband. All I want to do is sleep. I didn't used to be this way. I was happy before I became a nurse. I dread going to work. Absolutely dread it. I was relieved to wake up with a GI bug last week, because it meant I got to miss work. I can't get out, though. I'm stuck. I'm the breadwinner of the family. We can't afford for me to change careers. Nursing is making me I'll. Physically. Mentally. No one understands. Maybe someone here will. I'm tired of going to a job I hate while all of my friends get to stay home with their kids all day. I want a change. I need a change. A happy change.

Then why are you still working as a rn?

Can you read?

Probably because they are stuck in a situation and have bills, family and other obligations. Look at the economy. Not easy to job hop these daysPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Oh my gosh? I take it u didnt read what she wrote. U might wan to read it again before asking that question.

So relate hon

Many -hugs !!

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I hate nursing, and I warn everyone away from it. I'm a CNA with 4 years experience. I've never worked a day of nursing in my life, but I graduated from a PRESTIGIOUS bsn program a year ago, passed the NCLEX first try in 75 questions, had numerous leadership awards/experiences/high honors, and now, I can't find a job! Everywhere wants experience, and I can't work nights due to a medical condition (type 1 diabetes). Stay far, far, far away from nursing. It's nothing but a debt trap.

Yay Yay Its not so much the Field. Its what nursing has become nothing but a Dirty business, and We pick up behind quite a lot .. The ideal of nursing is not like a Florence Nightingale Saga. Where Nurses were greatly appreciated. I've gotten Punched on my Face, I don't have a strong Back, I suffer from flymolagia , I've gotten nothing but Misery in this Field. I give my all into this field 100%. And now as I get close to retirement I really can tell you Its not worth it. Why? because the strain and pain and Big time stress it leaves in your body. It not Worth. Now I live in Pain and my Future looks bleak.

I went to the Florence nightingale museum in London and if you really paid attention to some of her excerpts from her writings she was actually not as nice as I thought. She was anal seemed to me. Very strict and tended to put down older nurses. :)

I worked with a nurse who felt like you do. She told me one day "I really hate dealing with patients". It wasn't her gift and she found a great job in disaster medical sales and is as happy as she can be. On the other hand, I love nursing and would be nothing else. You are right, we catch the downhill slide on most everything that happens, but the opportunity to prevent a suicide or make and 88 year old smile by cleaning her up, well, it makes my day. You are brave to know where your heart is not meant to be...but please don't discourage others who may have the heart to take on Nursing.

Well I got out of nursing about 6 years ago. Was able to get into real estate and then when that market fell apart I became a handyman. No, I don't make as much money as I did as an RN but life is so much better now.
Like most of you all I got very burned out. The last 3 years I spent in ICU which was my undoing. Might as well have been a doctor with the amount of responsibility you must take on. Other issues for me were the increasing amount of documentation, hassles from management and the lack of adequate amounts of staff.
I still have some recurring dreams like the one where it is the end of the shift and I realize I have not given meds to any of my patients (what do I do now). I feel for my fellow nurses out there who are stuck in there jobs. I know alot who would get out if they could but they are usually the bread winners and who can find a better job without going back to school for another 4-5 years. I was fortunate to escape, I love what I am doing now. As a handyman / remodeler I can still serve people like I was meant to do but I actually feel appreciated and at the end of the day when I look back at what I have done (new kitchen or maybe a paint job) I feel good about it.
Sorry to the poster who thinks we are slackers but I got into nursing because I am a people person. I like serving others. As a nurse now it seems the only thing I serve is that darn computer at the desk just waiting for me to sit down and input more data, vitals, orders, etc. My mom was in the hospital last year. I sat with her one day for about 4 hours and observed her nurse, who I used to work with, and who is a very good nurse. He spent about 3 of those 4 hours at the desk on the computer. With at least 4 patients per nurse on this surgical step down unit that leaves him with about 5 minutes each hour for each patient. Something is wrong here.
Thanks for letting me vent.

I have been an RN for 20 years. I am beyond the point of burn out. Being an RN is a very draining profession. We work under an incredible amount of pressure. We work long hours, nights, weekends and holidays. We often work the entire shift without seeing a bathroom or glass of water. We have to deal with rude physicians, patients and visitors. We are often treated like servants just waiting at the desk to jump at every call light. Most if the time we don't even get so much as a simple "thank you".
What bothers me the MOST about nursing is the abuse of my fellow co workers. Just about every department I have ever worked in had a clique. The clique usually includes the charge nurse. Assignments are made according to friendship. I am so over being dumped on. I am fed up with watching the same nurses sit on their behinds night after night watching TV, playing on their iPhones and gossiping. When you stand up for yourself, the wagons really circle and you become the outcast. Rarely if ever have I seen management acknowledge the problem, let alone do anything about it.
It's very difficult to show up to work with dread and anxiety. My health has suffered. I get chronic hives and frequent vomiting.
To the RN that made the comment about "weeding out the weak", are you SERIOUS???? You have to be strong to get through nursing school to begin with. Everyone has their limits when it comes to having to put up with disruptive behavior. I far exceeded that point. I used to love nursing. I hate it now! I went I to this profession with the right heart, but my heart has been stomped on over and over.
I am hoping to return to school to get my masters degree. I am done with bedside nursing. I am done with nasty, vindictive co workers. I am done with rude physicians. I am done with selfish, demanding and ungrateful patients. I am done with visitors that feel the need to tell me how to do my job. I am DONE!

Similarly, I'm a burnt out nurse of 12 years. Counting the 8 years as NA I have been at the bedside for 20 years. I feel like all the energy have been sucked out of me to the point where I dread going to work. I worked for 3 major hospitals in my area within the past 6 years but it doesn't get better with the change. As a matter of fact it got worse. I know it's time to change and do something different but I haven't quite figure out what to do. I'm at the point where I feel it's time for medical intervention due to increased anxiety and depression. I am tensed going to work everyday because of the constant need (as you mentioned) for nurses to fix everything that every other department messes up. Family members (not all) act like nurses are robots and should have all the answers. To make matters worse, nurses are expected clock out on time despite the workload. Taking a lunch break or using the bathroom some days are like luxury.

I love being a nurse but yet to find an area that I am passionate about. I know I have to make a decision soon before I collapse.

Where I work is very similar. Cliquish--all of the nurses know each other and have worked together for several years to many years. I was the "new kid," right, 50 plus and the new kid as they liked to call me. My past supervisor and current one both are head cases. I swear some nurses are borderline personalities and need both meds and intense therapy. Those 2 for sure! For me, dysfunctional work places are sources of such toxicity that they affect both your physical and mental health. I'm looking for a new job and hoping for a survivable work place. Just one that doesn't make you feel like not going to work. Life is short and too short to work in a bad environment.

Beautifully Said*

I've seen a lot of favouritism with the signing assignments to. Wow are you right on. I'm a float so tend to get the harder patients or long term ones and notice my fellow floats getting the same assignments. They say they need a break from the patent but some have never looked after these patients even when they work full time on that floor. Mmmmm

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Couldn't have said it better. God bless you!

20 years ago I received my RN degree. For 18 years I worked my butt off full time and sometimes working 2 nursing jobs (for the money). For the most part, I hated it! Like some of you wrote: the attitudes of some of the patients and worse..the family members and on and on. 3 years ago I burnt out BAD!!! I was abusing my sleeping pills and alcohol because I was so stressed from my job and hating it so much. I spent the last 2 and a half years in treatment and outpatient therapy, I have since been working in a library. The pay is not nearly as good, but I do not care. I have come to learn the hard way that it is more important to be happy. I never want to be a nurse again.

I can relate to this! I think it's amazing and brave you were able to get out of nursing. I hope someday I can figure a way out.

I waitressed for years and worked as a group home counselor for the developmentally disabled. Sure, my income was low, so I decided to go to Nursing school and graduated with an associates at 33 years old. I have never den happy in this profession, and thought getting my BSN at 50 was the answer, and it STILL sucks! I have never worked with so many unhappy manipulative people. I'm wondering WTF is wrong with me all the time.

I have been an Lpn for 20+ years in Ltc and it really really sucks! I was so amazed to find this thread with so many nurses feeling the same way that I do about nursing. I wanted to be a nurse more then anything in the world. I was a CNA for 20 years before graduating nursing school at age 41. I too somehow had the idea I could make a difference. In just a short amt of time I found out there was no time for that. Just like there's no time to take a break, have a lunch, or go to the bathroom. I love whoever gave the example of the family member looking for milk for their kid. That is so typical of how our day goes. HELP, I'm loosing my momentum, I'm loosing my grip, I'm loosing my mind. Now I sit with a new pain of my own everyday that I wake up. I now have RA, spinal stenosis, and surprise, depression and anxiety. Not to mention pneumonia so many times I can't even count. Influenza and bronchitis, shingles, a herniated disk, nursing has sucked the life out of me! At 63 years old I am proud to say I have finally become an RN/Retired Nurse. I thank God everyday that I made it out of nursing without ever having been dragged into a court room or even questioned by the state. However I still have the reoccurring dream that I can't find the unit I'm supposed to be working on or can't finish my med pass. This has been a wild ride and I will continue to pray for all of you. I love you all.

We need your prayers. I have had so many people try to tell me how to do my job. Someone actually said, "I'm warning you, my sister will be here tomorrow and she's going to straighten everybody out." I will always discourage people from choosing this profession.

Please please continue to pray for us. I won't be gone for abit yet. I also suffer from reoccurring dreams. Either I can't find my unit, or if I do I can't for some reason unknown ,get my assignment so I'm late with all my care and no one cares. The unit organization is always weird like nothing is where it's supposed to be. Or in a wierd facility I've never been in. I'm always late. ( I'm never late for work in reality ). In one recurring dream I felt like my body was in slow mo and even tho I was desperately trying to go to work or to work I couldn't. Many bad feelings.

In my 28 years of the Nursing Quasi Profession, it has been a roller coaster ride. But the one and true economic reality that sets all of us up for failure with no relief, is MD's are reimbursed out of M Care Part B, Hospitals depend on MD's for admissions and procedures, which are reimbursed under DRG's or Commercial Ins
or worse no pay. The inpatient nursing care which is what the patient comes to a hospital for is, was, and never shall the hospital or yourself be re-imbursed. If you are not an asset on the balance sheet you are a liability. Period, and other than keeping the patients and doctors happy ( whatever that means) you are a liability, a neccessary evil. All of this in the eyes of the business, hospital corporation, widget factory, pimp ( produce OR else) " It's the economy stupid" Think of the hospital as an economic entity, and you very soon see where you really are.

Truly if you've chosen nursing for the money, you will never, ever love this job. There are easier ways to make more.
I changed jobs from geriatrics - which I love - to acute dialysis for a challenge. I HATE my job. Most of my patients don't even try to follow a diet or go to treatment. I will always be professional & respectful, but I just resent them because I'm doing absolutely no good at all 50 hours a week . I'm biding my time until it would be less unprofessional to quit.
If you really want to be a nurse, find the thing you love and do that. Don't chase a challenge or money or you'll be miserable every day.
And if you love none of it, change fields. There are thousands of good nurses waiting for your job.

"Truly if you've chosen nursing for the money, you will never, ever love this job. There are easier ways to make more."

Tell me where I could make more, cause I'm going there. Screw this crap, seriously.

"Most of my patients don't even try to follow a diet or go to treatment. I will always be professional & respectful, but I just resent them because I'm doing absolutely no good at all 50 hours a week"

I get that. We had a friend who was diabetic and ate/drank himself almost to death. Everything he should do, he did--slammed regular SunKist sodas, ate whole pizzas, drank sweet wine, injected himself with insulin with a dirty needle through his T-shirt. Needless to say, he's been in the hospital several times and now lost both his lower legs. I mean, who gives a ****? Certainly not him.

I am in my final year of nursing and I am starting to really dislike it. My mentors never let. E have lunch so I go all day starving and feeling sick, I don't even get paid!!!! I am waiting to submit a research essay and hopefully if I fail I will then be able to leave and not get charged :) I could write a book about all the crap I have had to put up with on wards etc.

I'm shock at this! I have been a nurse for 25 years. I love my job! Ya I hate the politics and the management sucks...but the job itself is my joy! Have any of you thought about why you choose this career in the first place? If you thought it was going to be easy and you were going to work pleasant little 9-5 shifts then your nursing school did you a major injustice. The reason clinicals are HELL is to weed out the week. Not sure why none of you were weeded out long ago? You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Did you mean weed out the weak? Seriously? Your attitude is part of the problem, instead of supporting new nurses you undermine and insult them. It's bullying behavior and it is not OK. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Instead maybe tell us about your wealth of experience, the parts you enjoy, was there nursing roles that you didn't enjoy? Be helpful and encouraging instead of nasty and disparaging

Agreed! Denying the facts does not change the facts!

I will NOT feel ashamed for not loving this job! The by fraud and abuse perpetuated by this industry on its workers are incredible. I work my behind off and I came into this field as a hospice volunteer hoping to make a difference. I DID have compassion and a heart to serve. I got 15 hour days, mandatory overtime, no breaks most days, we don't even get an hour for lunch. This field is like a spouse or partner that beats on you! You are never good enough, fast enough, smart enough. At my current hospital we have 5 open positions, we only have 2 night shift nurses and 3 day shifters! We are forced and pressured to pick up shifts. The hospital refuses travelers but no one wants to work here because management is so poor. We are 2 staff short daily. I had 11 patients by myself! Yesterday, 11! This is a hospital, not an LTC. Day shift to boot. I'm done. The load, the hours, I'm leaving this field but it was the managers keeping the cost down at the expense of patients that has made my decision. I was one if the better, nicer nurses too. I always went out of my way for the patients. The system broke me.

"The system broke me."
amen sister.

Field like an abusive partner "never good enough, fast enough, smart enough".OMG SOOO right! It broke me to.lol and If that nurse is so shocked by this, then why is she on this site. GIVE ME A BREAK. ilovenrsg is the cannibal nurse that eats her young.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

ashamed of them? For being honest? Shame on you, you're a nurse who LOVES her job. You of all people should know how to listen to complaints etc without judging. Perhaps you need a refresher course.

You have got to be kidding me! Why should we feel ashamed because we can't "hack it" . Most of us went into nursing for some of the same damn reasons you went into it. I was a nurses aide and worked while I went to college. I knew exactly what I was getting into. Here it is 30 years later and I am burnt to a crisp, for all the reasons that everyone else has mentioned here. I am not about to feel ashamed because I too hate nursing!

**** you, and take your ignorant rose colored glasses elsewhere. This is a no bullshit forum. kthanxbi

I'm shocked that you don't know how to spell the word "weak".

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I can't say that I totally "hate" nursing, however, I've been out of school for 33 years (May 2014 will be 34 years). I'm currently working in the OR and I hate it anymore! I'm tired of the politics, lying by management, mission statements that don't reflect what the organization wants everyone to think that it means and now with "The Affordable Care Act" soon to be upon us, I am beginning to see the slow beginning of how bad it will be. At our hospital, we have 2 CEO meetings a year and we are kept up on all the functions and financials and see the wonderful "nest egg" that we have becoming extinct due to the lack of reimbursement that will eventually happen.
We have people leaving and they aren't being replaced, so there are fewer staff to do the job, customer service (I hate that patients are now considered customers) is pushed, but how can you give adequate and appropriate care when you don't have the staff and you burn everyone out?! There are more management people than you know what to do with and they aren't even working managers, so they are of no help when you do need help because they are so far out of the loop.
I'm a diploma grad, so I don't even "count" when it comes to the ANA or many jobs that I could easily qualify for, but they require a BSN to do them. Well, what about experience and the true compassion that I have for my patients, the very reason that I went into nursing school in the first place. Healthcare has become such a ruthless business anymore and during the 33 years that I've been a nurse, I can actually say that it's NOT all be for the betterment of the field.
I want out before it's too late, but what can I realistically do as "just a diploma grad" with 33 1/2 years experience? To go back to school and take on new debt just isn't in the cards for me right now. Times are tough economically and to add on more college debt would really not be in my best interest right now.

This is me! You echoed exactly my plight. As a diploma nurse, you had the theory and clinical applications, and had to demonstrate competency to move forward. today, the new nurses get observational experiences, and then graduate and are expected to work, even if they could fins a job as a new grad. I too have 30 years of full time experience in Pediatrics. After a divorce that left me penniless, and broken, I worked 3 jobs to decrease the debt. I moved after 5 years to be closer to family, and the travel job did not last. I am unemployed for the first time in my life. Experience is great, but need the alphabet behind my name. Looking at school, to the tune of 27,000..........that is crazy. Many new nurses are carrying enormous debt, and it is a crime. The system is so out of whack. We as nurses give care to people that are not even int he country legally, care we could not ever receive. Unlike other professions, we cannot retire after 20 years with a pension. The public needs to know there very health is at risk. I wish there was an answer. Perhaps all of us need to organize and solve these issues or at least raise awareness. You are one of me, and I so understand.

Not in the cards for me neither. Few years left is all I can think of. I don't need as much as when I was young. Do I really need that new coat? Naw I'll go to value village and get second hand. Lol

Biggest mistake of my life. I would never, ever recommend this "profession" to anybody! Most professionals are respected, nurses are not respected, if nurses were respected then nurses wouldn't be so miserable. If you desire a a social life, holiday's with the family, and your sanity, then look elsewhere.

I am so ecstatic that I'm not the only person who hates nursing. I've been an LPN for about a year. Too many nurses act like they know every damn thing and are not willing to help you. Of course, I hate the low self-esteem abusive docs, nurse to patient ratio, lack of social life, the backstabbing, but most of all, its the lack of appreciation that I hate. I always feel overwhelmed and I'm just not happy. I also have a degree in Psychology and I rather work with autistic kids than these a**holes. Oh, and by the way, the money is not that great for the work that we do.

Oh Peachy, I love your post! I know how you feel. I worked as a CNA in a hospital for 3 years, and did two semesters of BSN nursing core classes before I switched my major to computer science. While I loved nursing by itself esp. the technical side of it and taking care of my patients: I hated all the BS involved in this profession. I think its complete BS that they do mandatory force-overs after working a 12hr shift (no person can safety take care of a patient IMHO), nurses getting blamed for everything including incorrect physician orders, nursing instructors eating their young, horrible nurse-to-patient ratio, unsympathetic management and administration d/t the all mighty dollar, backstabbing coworkers, etc. etc. etc.

Good for you for finally saying what the majority of nurses are thinking, and not giving a cookie cutter response to what society and your company says that you should feel and say! There are quite a few drones in the nursing field....and those are the ones (from my experience) that make being in this field more miserable d/t because they don't give a damn about their fellow staff. All they can think about is kissing butt to get higher up on the ladder so they can crap all over us. As the saying goes: **** rolls downhill. This definitely applies to the nursing field.....

Hi JenniferBeeyotch,
I completely understand when u say u hate hospital nursing! I was a NICU & PICU nurse for 10 years, then did pain management in a pain clinic for 4 years. I HATED PAIN MGMT. Even worse than hospital nursing...which was a LOT.

Now I am a case manager for a home health agency in my town. I cover one county. The county next to the one I live in. Still has it's cons, but DEFINITELY better than the hospital! If I see a difficult or, I'm only in their house for about an hour, max. Then I can leave, get in my car & listen to some good music to decompress on my way to see my next next patient. I can pull over & per if I need to, stop & get some lunch if I'm hungry. No egotistical docs taking my chart or yelling at me, or supervisors micromanaging me. I make my own schedule, set my own hours & days. U should look into it. Still sucks, but not nearly as horrible as hospital nursing!!

Peachy--you nailed it when you said we correct everybody's mistakes from dietary to pharmacy. I've been an RN for 20+ years, and I am sick of the bullsh$t. As nurses, we have to be perfect, but everyone else is allowed to drop the ball. I am so OVER it. From my patient's complaining they didn't get their meals, to waiting 2+ hours to get pain medication for my surgical patient (after faxing to pharmacy 3 times, calling them 4 times, and being placed on hold every time!) Blood on labor beds, blood clots in the shower drains...seriously, CAN ANYONE DO THEIR F$CKING JOB?? I waste 80% of my day asking EVERY department to PLEASE do their ******* JOB!! We are told to not clock in BEFORE 6:38, and do not clock out AFTER 7:22--and told do NOT write "no lunch"...because YOU MUST take a lunch. Money. Money. Money. Excuse me? Leave my patient and her unborn baby unmonitored because you are unwilling to actually pay me for the 30 minutes you would rather STEAL from me? Oh...and by the way, we are overstaffed today, stay home on call, for $3 an hour...but if we call you, YOU must be here within 30 minutes. Hwo about: "Oh...we're sorry you didn't get paid this week...but the travelers we hired had to work ,and all the new nurses that are on orientation with them got a full paycheck. Hee hee...sorry!! Maybe if we get the new nurses trained, we can get rid of the travelers!"
I HATE being a nurse.

My legacy was multi-generation, white trash. A high school drop out , the only work I could get was minimum wage , nurse's aide job in a convalescent home. This economic plight made me dependent on one ugly boyfriend who shared living expenses with me. Junior college was cheap, so I went there to get an associate degree in nursing so to,get a living wage job so to get away from ugly. My first nursing job was at a large Catholic hospital. Too many patients, too few breaks and I quit after two weeks. Trying to,remove myself as far from nursing, I got a job at a psychiatric hospital. I digress to make my point. Dante's Inferno from Divine Comedy shows the inhabitants of hell are very happy with their eternity spent cavorting with fellow reprobates. Only when confronted with goodness and light do these sinners turn their smiles upside down. Working in psych showed me most of my patients there were perverts, drug addicts, child molesters, wife beaters and petty criminals using the popular "my bi-polar made me (insert crime) do,it." Toss into,this filthy mix, the psychiatrists, psychologists, social,workers who equally cavorted in Dante's hell with their patients. Possessing average intelligence, I quickly became a nursing supervisor at this one in many of a chain of paych hospitals for four years. During this time, I earned a bachelor's degree in history and English. After spending all day in classes, I went to the nursing supervisor small office at the psych hospital, shut the door and rarely left it or answered the phone because I was studying something worthwhile. When I did have to,leave my tiny office, the professional staffs' pandering to the evil,inhabitants, the patients, stood in stark contrast to the beauty of learning about politics, religions, economics, poetry, major litererary movements all riding on the tides of civilizations. When I graduated from college, I left the hell hole forever and left behind the grotesques so well described(analyzed?) by Dante Aligheri.

Interesting way of looking at it. When I was last in nursing, I thought (somewhere in the back of my mind) that the environment was akin to some sort of hell, and not just because of the workload. No one helped anyone else. There was no empathy, no integrity, from co-worker to co-worker or instructor to student. Evil pursuits (drugs and politics) thrived while honesty and diligence seemed to whither. With the environment being what it was--everyone threw each other under the bus for any reason or no reason at all, "eating their young", fatigue and whatnot--it felt like it might be a circle of hell.

I agree with you Peachy, after years of study and putting out money for families to abuse nurses is wrong. There should be a law to protect nurses!
This is the nations largest abuse to a human being! Being a nurse we are abused every day! No one stops this abuse! I am tired of doing every right to be told literally "your an idiot". I cry every day! Now I am the one on celexa and Zoloft! Never thought this in a million years. Our hard studies and money to become a "nut"!
Well I am with you after 27 years! And I hated every minute if it!
I am as done as I can get! I don't even tell anyone that I use to be a nurse!
I am done! Thank you for your post!
It just proves there is life after nursing!
Thank you and have a happy life!

Well said!

I find humor in the respondent who is ashamed of these posts. They must be a fairly new nurse if they think the answer is to change what we as nurses don't like. I've been an LPN, and an RN, and am working on my BSN, and have done this since 1999. Here's a newsflash to that newbie....really, the patients and families and coworkers and colleagues don't really respect us. We are the sounding board and the scapegoat. We have to know everyone elses job and how to do it and if their job gets done wrong, guess who is to blame...that's right, the nurse. I have worked everywhere from Med Surg, to ICU, to ER, to Long term care and nursing homes. It's all the same. Pile as much as possible on the nurse and expect it to get done and get done right, and when you've piled all you can on the nurse, go ahead and pile some more. Oh, and a 25 cent per hour raise every year or two should be greeted by nurses with joy and appreciation. You don't have the supplies, make do and get the job done...you don't have the staff...make do and get the job done...don't screw up or you'll lose your license...oh, and we're gonna need you to go ahead and stay overtime because your relief is not here, but you'd better clock out the second they get here because we won't authorize one second over....and everything had better be done despite the nonstop interruptions of a patients family member needing a bottle of milk for their grandchild who shouldn't be running around the ER in the first place...who cares that your patient in the next room isn't breathing, this baby hasn't eaten!
UGH. I am finally realizing I am over this profession. But I am only 41 and have a family to support as a single mom because my physician ex spouse left me for a physician he works with....yes, very cliche.
So, I don't know what type of profession I want to switch to, but I'm over nursing, as are about 80% of my colleagues.....

Well said! There is life after nursing!

I'm so sorry your physician ex spouse was that awful :( I hope your new career opens up soon for you somehow!!!

Yes. So true! I am over it.

I share your pain because that is exactly how I feel. I worked by way up the ladder from NA to BSN since 1999 but has never been so unhappy in my life. I believed something was wrong with me because within the last 6 years I worked in 3 major hospitals in my area and find that I am sinking further and further into depression as the days go by. I feel beaten and battered after each 12 hr shift. Sometimes there is no time to eat or use the bathroom until the end of the shift. I keep telling myself, "Nobody should feel this was while working". I love to be a nurse but hate how tired and downtrodden I feel at the end of the day. I'm in my 40s and don't know how much longer my body will be able to keep up with the constant demand placed on nurses.

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Yes , it is ****** and all other parties will **** you as well. I have been a nurse for over 20 years, you can stick it !!!!!!!!!! **** off you fat *******.......

I have been feeling the same way. I have been a nurse for many years and decided to write a couple of articles on Hubpages that discusses issues concerning the lack of information that nurses receive prior to going into the field. Would love for you to check these out and provide feedback with regard to whether you agree, disagree and generally what your experience was when you entered the field. If enough nurses are willing to provide information with regard to where things have gone wrong, maybe there is hope for the future of the profession. Remember we will all need nurses ourselves one day. Let's hope things get better! Here are the links

Thanks for writing these blogs! I haven't read them, but just one first thought....

For the love of God, would the powers that be please, PLEASE tell people considering going into the nursing profession that if they are kicked out (and it happens, because they "eat their young") that their credits won't transfer? I mean it. They won't transfer anywhere. Even the classes/clinicals you've passed, gotten an A on, gotten a letter of recommendation for. It's like it never happened. If you get into another nursing school, you have to start over; this is unlike any other major, because those completed units WILL transfer to another school.

If I would have known this strange anomaly of the nursing profession, it might have made me think twice about going into nursing.

Totally get it. Hate hate hate it. Done it 28 years. Im old, depressed and worn out. Spent weekends and holidays attending to others. Lost one boyfriend when he met someone else skiing new years day while I, you guessed it, was at work.

I feel u all. I was a singke mom and thought thst nursinv was the answer. Idvrather go back to waitressing. Its exhausting mentally and physically. Im a homecare case manager that wirjs day and nuht 7 days a week. Screw this. As for all if you people telling us to stop complaining......walk a day in our shoes. Youll wish you had not. Im to exhsusted from an 8 hour day followed by 5 hours of paperwork to tell you how i really feel. Its all bs and not wortht money. This profession will take years off of your lude, for what? My husband makes 6 digits a year w many perks bonuses and still sees our children more than i do. Hes a project manager that travels. Who here doesnt desire more time listening to their childrens complaints and acheivements rather than the constant complaints of others. Ive never felt more stress in my life....and im still paying back loans only to be miserable. All of you preachers down grading the feelibfs of 95 percent of us.....oh holy ones, what is the answer?

I went into nursing because I couldn't really think of what else to do. Plus nurses came to the highschool waving the profession around like it was a golden ticket. A ticket to do amazing things and go amazing places. What they don't tell you is that being an RN isn't exactly transferrable to anything else. You can't just 'do anything' as an RN. You get stuck in a role and in a niche and it's very hard to get out. I graduated in 1999 and between having my kids, really have only worked for 5 years. The only job I have liked was in preadmission clinic (assessing patients prior to surgery) but it's so hard to get back into a 'desk job' again that is 9-5 as the competition for those jobs is so high. I can't stand ward nursing and literally have panic attacks when I think about the responsibility for patients and the lack of support. Being in a desk job my clinical skills are crap so have no confidence anymore.
I need to get out and am currently on leave trying to figure out what I'm going to do. Losing my registration is going to HURT me as I will feel like a failure. I picked the wrong thing, I'm 36 years old and feel like I've wasted so much of my life. What a loser I am!!!

I recently did a phlebotomy course and enjoyed it, work in a nice clinic, normal hours (no nights)...see people for 5 mins, take their blood and that's it. Wasn't stressful at all, which is what I'm aiming for..:) as the stress of patient care really does me in.

The pay is a lot less though but frankly at this point I will work for free if I'm happy with what I'm doing.

How do you get over the feeling like a failure if you leave? That you made a mistake in picking nursing in the first place?

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories, it helps to know I'm not alone.

I feel the same way. I have been a nurse for 8 yrs and would rather milk cows than continue nursing.

Yes, I would rather milk cows too.lol

Your not a failure. The profession is dying because no one will step up and protect nurses and give us protection and honor.
Go with your heart, you have a lot of life before you. Find what you really want to do and don't look back!

I have been in the nursing field for 20+ years. Currently, I am an RN for the last 14 or so years. And yes I agree that nursing sucks. Especially from my perspective. Being a male, in a female dominated field . I am one of the few demographics that can be discriminated against and not have a legal leg to stand on. The constant back biting and bitching ,in my opinion, is the obsolute worse about the profession. As if you don't have enough to worry about with the patient's, doctor's and everyone else it's your own colleague's who want to do you in. How pathetic is this. For this so called 'profession' nursing lacks any professionalism. I am not a hater but this field would do better with more men in the field.

It's the only profession where nurses eat their young, so to speak.

I'm sorry women have been jerks to you. There's many women nurses who are mean to the other females too and yes we don't need to turn on eachother we've got enough issues as it is. I've personally seen it often the way the women are disrespectful to the men nurses :(

I totally agree with your assessment of nursing, I'm an RN in Ontario, Canada, who has worked in different hospitals in different fields, and it sucks. I hate having to work weekends, working holidays, listening to the docs tell their vacation stories, and talk about their mansions and sports cars while we nurses struggle to pay the bills. On top of that having to deal with horizontal violence everywhere from abusive nurses, annoying patient families, having to fake being nice, worrying about losing license all the time, it does not add up to much. RNs are not paid well either despite what ignorant people say about us. I wish I had never become a nurse and I discourage all others thinking about becoming from becoming one.

Thank you all for these posts. I left my practice of law before I got married to be a CNA so I could help ppl. What a foolish choice!!!)@# But now, 20 years later, it's too late. I'm an RN at an inner city hospital. The hospital has outdated equipment and poor resources and facilities. There's maybe one thermometer for 16 people and a broken glucometer, and tele boxes that won't work. The other nurses really aren't so bad, but the expectations are outrageous. I work on a CCU and Medical-ICU for three 12s a week. Every time I work I thank the Lord I haven't harmed someone and that I made it through another shift. Before work I pray that I'll make it through one more day. I can't believe all the lifting and personal care we're supposed to do with such old, dilapidated equipment and no support or back-up from management. How the h**l am I supposed to lift, turn or clean this 500 lb patient? Is anyone talking to that patient's family because they expect us to get him up and running for the next marathon by tomorrow? I want to get out -- to do something else -- but I only know how to be a nurse now. Most RNs I'm with are back in school for NP or anesthesia or education -- but none of these make sense to me -- I would never want to teach this -- although I love teaching, I can't imagine taking smart, young, enthusiastic people and telling them to sell their souls to a field that will abuse them for the rest of their careers -- and being a NP or nurse anesthetist would require a BSN, which I don't have and then more graduate school, and even more $$ than I can imagine acquiring before I retire. I'm not young anymore - nursing was a 2d career, and at my age, 53, I feel like I'll be doing this for another ten years and then I'll drop dead from overwork or I'll just retire in bankruptcy, go to a NH and get treated to another dose of someone who like me, is done ad fed up with nursing, but has to work to survive. I wish there was a way out. But as a practical reality, I'm not going to sell pharmaceuticals, I not going to work in IT/ Informatics, I don't have any $$ to spend -- and I don't know what to do -- I HATE, HATE, HATE nursing! I hate being around the drugs, the poop, the management and the expectation that families will all have their needs met all the time.

This is an embarrassing forum that I found when searching for articles related to nurses' abuse of patients. We are professionals, fellow nurses. If you don't like the way the profession going, get involved and change it. Patients and families read this public forum-- if we don't respect ourselves and our work, how can we expect to get that from others?

You must be one of those new eager nurses.

Yes, a newbie. Come back in a few years and update us please.lol

Haven't you been reading? Do you pay attention? Those that speak out try to stand up for themselves or change it get kicked out. See: nurses eat their young.

Om my god I feel your pain. I am a student nurse and i fear this is my fate. I dont know what to do but I want to get out of nursing.

Have only been a nurse for two years but feel like the hospital is an abusive boy friend and I keep going back to him despite the pain!

Well ladies, thank god im not the only 1 who feels like this!!!! Seriously, I thought I was the only 1 who had become disillusioned. I started out in nursing feeling wonderful, thinking I was making a difference in these ppl's lives. Ya know, doing things for them that they could no longer do themselves!!! And which their families REALISED they could not do for their relative!!! Ya Ha!
Im a Mental Health Nurse, so as u know NOT REALLY A REAL NURSE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!
Although, who could work under the conditions such as; the verbal abuse; spitting; nipping; kicking; punching; pulling clumps of hair out; biting; slapping; and yes, sexually assaulting us and yes, this unbelievably, is r day, times 10!!!! Yet, we are supposed to record every incident, (impossible), and behave like normal human beings!! I am TIRED. I have seen the most inspirational, dedicated, nurses go down over a tecnicallity or just an A******* of a relative out for blood and the management letting this happen!!! That I no longer give a R**s A** about the patient or any1 else cause im to busy hiding in the office doing those paper exercises looking after my own *** and biding my time till I can join 'Tesco's', or my local cleaning company. Its not worth my reputation and I know for a fact I have done more than my share making a difference. JOB DONE. Good bye.

I want to be done also! What r u going to do now? Cause I have no damn idea hat to do?

I have been a RN for 20 years. I work in a state that I believe actually has above average pay, and a hospital that is decent. I still hate the job. The demands are ridiculous. No patient or family should be unhappy for any reason. The families are out of control, their demands are crazy. I have been called into my bosses office for really ridiculous reasons, and we are told to just "make them happy". What about when this is impossible? I have 2 daughters, I have told them to never consider nursing.

I know exactly how you feel. One night in the ER there were two of us nurses with a ER doc, of course we were packed and a code was called upstairs on the floor, so one nurse and the doc go up thre leavig me with a full ER and no secretary. I have this woman that comes in having chest pain and sometimes you just know this is real and the big one, and it was. I called an off duty doc and told him what was going on and I needed help knowing all along I would probably be fired for calling but three minutes later he came thru the doors to my amazement. He had just been leaving in the parking lot and was there in no time, thank god.We took care of the woman and all that was there when the others came back one and half hour later, anyway getting back to the point the next day my nurse manager said I had a complaint on you today stated you were very short, and rude with a family member.First I said who, then I explained the circumstances of the night, then she said to me "Well you know we are southern here and you are from north and people just dont know how to take you, what we need to do is get you a southern hospitality class so you can learn to talk to people in a southern more polite way".I was stunned, not in trouble for calling in a doc but was in trouble for priortizing a big mi and saving someones life over a frequent flyers child with a ear ache.Go figure.Im currently finishing up my BSN and waiting to hear from graduate school but you know what I dont think I can handle anymore .Each day I work I swear when I leave Im never comming back.

Interesting that you mention the "southern Hospitality" thing. I was called out on that too. I too am from the northeast US. I am never rude or sarcastic to patients or co-workers, but apparently I am "just too direct" What? So I need to learn the coddling and hand-holding of Southern Hospitality as well. I had emailed my manager asking for a day off for a Dr. apt. I worded my email as follows: I will be needing (date) off for a Dr. apt. Could you please adjust my schedule accordingly? Thank you. I was called into her office and told that my email was very rude. I asked her how exactly she would have liked me to word it. She said "well, it sounded like you were telling us what do to instead of asking." OK, um WHAT? I said could you, and please.....

Nurses working night shift are at a huge disadvantage - the day shift can complain about you and blame everything on you and there is no way for you to defend yourself. And the NM has no idea how busy you were and nor do they care. They assume you sat on your butt all night.

Seriously, I'm sitting here, dressed for work ready to go. Except, I'm not ready. I noticed my breathing has increased, my heart rate is up, and the general overwhelming feeling of dread has come over me. I work between 2 hospitals, per diem, on their M/S, Neuro, Tele, and Acute Rehab floors. Being core staff is bad, but being per diem? Impossible. I can be moved every 4 hours on a 12-hour shift between units and hospitals. Just the other night, one of the core nurses on a Med/Onco unit gave me the group she had the night before, simply because they were a "heavy" group, knowing I was leaving the unit in 4 hours. She floated (a.k.a. sat on her *** and relaxed) for 4 hours, while I was crushing and pushing meds down 3 PEG's, mind you, after not being able to get out of report until after an hour upon arrival. She played charge nurse and had the balls to give me a transfer pt (7 total). Then I moved to another unit, only to closely monitor a pt who I had to transfer to ICU by the end of my shift. He had been tachycardic since admission and no one thought to do anything about it. On that unit, the charge nurse and her orientee along with all the other floor nurses, sat and played games while eating all night. Must be nice! This job kills you. I like per diem so that I don't have to expose myself to unit politics. But in return, I get to endure extra abuse and stress. It's no wonder I refuse to get to know any of the nurses I work with outside of work. Acute and LTC nursing will not get better, but I plan on trying to at least find something tolerable. If I'm going to be running like a maniac, might as well be somewhere where it's expected, right? ER or ICU is my goal. I'm too detail-oriented and too careful to work around the careless nurses and impossible pt loads and acuities of Med/Surg. Guys, let me just say, I'm glad we can all vent here, because god forbid, hospitals don't offer debriefing or counseling support for stressed nurses. What an investment that would be. Had a bad night at work last night? call or see an employee counselor and vent. Let me tell you, if I were a manager, I have pages upon pages of issues I would address and programs I would set up that would benefit morale, and in turn, save the hospital costs of call-outs. Efficiency, we need it.

I passed the first semester of nursing school. I failed the 2nd semester I hated school and needed some really great reasons to not be a nurse. Not that I really wanted to be one in the 1st place just sounded like a good thing to do. Thanks for all the negative posts and Im running far far far away from nursing school I hear each and every one of you loud and clear!

I'm 23 and have been a Registered Nurse for over 2 years. LPN for 1 year and a CNA for a few more. I have worked in long-term the whole time. Recently, hours are being cut because of low census. 58 pts to 2 nurses and 58 to 1 on NOCs. Got to love the family members who show up every couple of weeks and demand everything under the F-ing sun; or call and yell for something that wasn't done by another nurse(s) or bombard you with questions to the point of brain freeze.
I am thinking of becoming a Pharmacist. Not sure if it would be a whole lot better, but I cannot take this S&!T anymore!!! I feel like I am losing my sanity every day...same S&!T, different day. I feel like if I stay and try to “improve” the work environment it will not make one bit of difference. It’ll be like trying to save a sinking ship. Where are the days when I was soooo happy to be a nurse? How did I get into this state of mind? Overworked, underappreciated, it's a race against the clock every time I work. I HAVE TO GET OUT, NOW!!!!

Although I absolutely LOVE patient care however, this is such a small part of nursing. What is nursing...gossip, backbiting, cliques. Oh, did I mention more gossip. One nurse, who has been one for 18 months says to another as I was walking by, "I can't stand her". I've never talked about her behind her back or said to her that she's a horrible this or that. Nothing...because I'm not like that. I work with a doctor who needs his ego constantly stroked and if it is not, he will be the devil in a white jacket. He was able to get one RN sent home, another quit because of him and I'm always one shift away from putting in my notice. My family says I'm a disaster before I have to go to that awful place, which I am. I've never worked at a job where I was treated so horribly by so many people. I think I'm done. Chalking up this experience to a nightmare and going back to school for something else in January. Heard they may need a new morning anchor for one of those shows...

Hearing you loud and clear. Never did like nursing it was something I HAD to do at the time and here I am 38 years later still hating it. it pays the bills and that's about all its good for.

THE ABSOULUTE WORST CAREER CHOICE OF MY LIFE! I NEED HELP TO GET OUT OF THIS! From the constant abuse from residents and fellow employees (mostly the higher ups--administration who don't know crap about real nursing) to the demanding overload of bull*&%& work that doesn't even benefit the resident.....what was I thinking--get me OUT!

I agree and am looking for a completely different career!

hello i am a nurse in homecare. Homecare has changed so much and though meeting the patients can be rewarding, the travel and paper work and stress associated with long term care is exhausting. ladies Please go to www.everyonebenefits.com/healthcoverage. find out about working from home. its working for me and my family. life is too short not to enjoy it

Het I looked up that website and can't find any info on working from home. I can only find the different plan to buy. Do you work for this company?

I agree with everything you say but I hate to tell you wether or not your in a hospital, doctors office or home health it really all sucks balls!! I have done it all I'm 39 and I have to go find something else to do. Maybe I will do hair it be a trainer then I can get paid to stay in shape, wear what I want, have finger nails again and do fun things with my hair!!

Haha! I have considered this!

I would just like to say...I am nurse for 4 years now, and I agree with so many of you and or feel exactly the same. I got into nursing with the passion for women's health and to advance to become an NP in that speciality. The thing is in my 4 short years doing this, I have not been able to even get my foot in the door to get experience in women's health, and thought that was the reason I was not enjoying myself, but the truth is...I just hate being a nurse....I feel exactly the same as the person who so honesty and bluntly said..."I just dont care"...It's true. It doesn't take long to realize nursing is a business like anything else....the things that matter the most....don't matter at all. Management is awful...they don't respect us...talk down to us, they don't care about us AT ALL, they only care that everything creates the illusion of being wonderful when the state comes around to evaluate us. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted and physically from it. It literally sucks the life from me. I was beginning the process to my NP, but have stalled because I don't know that is the answer anymore, I feel like I will end up doing all the extra time for something I will still hate. I don't really have much else to add, but it feels nice to know I'm not alone.

i'm just going to cut to the chase. i don't like being a hospital nurse anymore because i'm sick and effin tired of taking care of people. and i don't care how that sounds. i've been a nurse for over 11 years and i've had enough. i don't care about the patients wants and needs and i don't give a sh*t about the families wants and needs. when i was a new nurse i was eager to learn and excited to be there. but as the years have gone by, that attitude has become extinct. i'm sick of BUSTING MY A$$ every 12 hour shift without being financially compensated for it, not getting a decent meal break, not getting a pee break, getting varicose and spider veins because you stand CONSTANTLY and rarely have a chance to sit. all your blood, sweat and tears you shed every f*cking shift never even gets noticed. the job is too hard for the money that i make. it's just not worth it anymore...to me. nurse managers sit in their air conditioned offices all day and are so out of touch with being a nurse on the floor. they are quick to criticize and are frequently unsupportive. working every other weekend, holidays...ugh. so tired of it. i'm sick of catering to people. EVERYONE. patients, their families, doctors, nurse managers and other rn's. i'm not going to waste my degree i worked so hard for and switch careers at 38 yrs old. but i have decided to find another position in the nursing field. what i do know is that i have a very real hatred for hospital nursing and i need to get out of it as soon as i can. there IS such a thing as being burnt out, and i'm burnt out.

I need to work 5 more years. I will be able to retire from nursing then. I just don't know if I can last. I have put in 32 years so far. I feel like someone has pressed me into the ground with a muddy shoe. Managers steal your ideas (or mine do @ least). Managers blame their subordinates for their own mistakes. They are trying to look good and keep their jobs. I am exhausted. I think the profession is corrupt. I like the patients, but the hospital is a negative place to work. Floors always dirty, poor staffing, mandatory on-call ( not really- you just happen to have to go in everytime you are on-call). Long shifts, gossipers, people who compete with each other "(she is really dumb" kind of thing). Having to trade your days so you can get married. Feeling watched all the time, managers trying to improve morale by sending thank you notes. Managers patronizing you by giving the "sunshine award" for helping (or doing what you are supposed to do). No raises when you have topped out. Families who are disrespectful, even when their care is free.Physicians who make $ 700,000 per year and you are lucky to make 1/10, but do all the physical labor and thinking for them. Long days, body aches and pains. I just need health insurance. The hospital won't even give you supplemental insurance when you retire. See ya-wouldn't want to be ya.This is authentic, supportive and respectful and I approve this message.

Nursing is not what the J&J ads portray it to be. Nurses need to come forward and warn the public about the truth. The lies, the secrets and the shame that are being hidden in today's hospitals and LTC facilities need to come forward. I like most of my fellow veteran nurses are fearful in coming forward. We know where that will get us. BOOTED OUT THE DOOR. I would love to see UNDERCOVER BOSS come in and walk alongside a nurse, CNA, TECH or LPN in any given hospital, nursing home. But that won't happen. Because the Bosses that go on UNDERCOVER BOSS genuinely do care and want their own corporation to work. CEO's today DO NOT CARE. They are never going to be invested in their soul as us lowly staff. They know that! Therefore they take advantage of us all. No, our CEO's today are happy sitting in their Board Rooms coming up with ways we can work shorter and just make it happen.

I'm so happy I found this board! While I (fortunately) didn't finish my nursing degree, I got a ton of hospital experience as a CNA and left school with about a year left. <br />
<br />
At first, I thought it was just my hospital -wrong. It seems to be almost the entire field now. Yes, there are those that love it - and we need them (someone has to do the job) - but even those that love it need to understand why so many of us just hate it instead of displacing our feelings and insisting we just "haven't found our niche yet!" No, we hate it because we're treated like crap.<br />
<br />
The amount of paperwork is insane, and along with the patient load it's a wonder how some are actually able to leave on time. All the floors are short staffed, and though I am in the float pool, I see people from other units floated all the time because they just won't hire more people. We are overworked and generally underpaid. Given BS job titles such as "full-time PRN", meaning no benefits for putting in full time work.. not even PTO. The CNAs are pulled off the floor to be sitters, leaving the floors with too few or no NAs. Of course, hardly anyone gets lunch breaks. In one of our sister clinics, they have a medical assistant as charge nurse in a clinic full of RNs.. And the RNs get written up for not following orders from the MA. <br />
<br />
I could go on and on, as we all could; but it feels great to have realized that IT'S OKAY to not want to be a nurse anymore! Now my doors are open, I don't feel trapped, and I can take on something new and exciting where I am appreciated and not treated like a slave!

I am an LPN. 12 loooong years primarily in long term care. I have acquired a five gallon bladder, panic attacks, and intense feelings of inadequacy. I have never really had a problem with the patients, it is the whole system I have a problem with. Yes, I too have been bitten, hit, scratched, yelled at, and have dealt with the hot mess that comes with caring for human beings. It is the uncaring machine that I have worked for. The machine that lies about how it has to cut CNA hours and decent snacks for the patients because the census is low so it can make a profit. The amounts of work that is added year after year, not to help the patients, but to cover their butts in case anyone decides to sue. Never any job security, they will fire you for anything. I worked at one facility where the average turnover was 6 months. I lasted 8. The stress that comes from the possibility of being fired for forgetting to sign your initials or you didn't get some information in report and you are a single parent is crushing. Every nurse will forget something in a shift. Your job is never done. You go home wondering what you forgot during the workday. I love caring for people, but I am done with this madness. I don't want to be that old, tired burnt out nurse that is forced to work graveyard because she can't keep up on the day shift anymore. I am going to be an accountant.

This is amazing! I am a RN with a Masters. I have worked in hospitals since 1987 and was born to be a Nurse.. until recently. I have been pushing paper for years and recently took a Managment job on a MS unit...what. A shock! The patients are rude, violent, non-compliant, and more demanding than ever. The nurses are working short staffed...hospital wants to save $$...or the majority of the RNs are new with little experience. I loved being a nurse and now I wake up each day wondering shall I retire today? I make great money and have decent benefits, but I am mentally and physically exhausted, tired of the crap, amazed when a patient talks to me or my staff like we are dirt...yet we must maintain high patient satisfaction scores. Are you freaking kidding me? What about the employees who give their blood, sweat and tears for the organization? It is nothing but a business and I want out!! I never encourage people to go into nursing!! Why would you spend all that time and money in school to be a slave, work in a potentially violent atmosphere, and risk your own health? Can't think of one good reason!

Interesting to hear a managers perspective. Those "patient satisfaction scores" are why I could never return to the hospital. They are so subjective but used by Medicare to determine reimbursement(I've heard)? I suspect the only patients who take the time to fill them out are those who are immensely pi$$ed off for some reason -whether it be legit or not. Yikes.

Whenever we've been seen at our local hospital, we get a survey like this on the providers. They're always pretty good to us, so I make sure to fill out the surveys favorably and send them back. I agree it's easier to vent and spout off something when we're hot about something, but people should remember to provide positive feedback too.

Hey guys, I'm so happy we can all be honest on this forum, cause it's hard to be so negative on the floor without everybody hating you for ruining the morale. I remember toward the end of my last job though, before I quit to save my sanity, I got a bad attitude. I feel bad about it now, but I remember my coworkers were SO uncaring. Probably cause they were just as stressed out too. How about you guys? How did co-workers treat you?

It was weird. The nicer I was to them, the shittier they were to me and the more cliquish they became. Like every person, I have my limit. So as soon as I started being kind of a ****, they showed more interest in me, at least for a little bit.

Like I've said: soul sucking. GET. OUT. OF. THIS. DAMN. CAREER. FIELD.

Looking for my way out of nursing. anyone have any transition ideas for jobs?

This is really sad! We obviously became nurses because we wanted to help people (or at least most of us did!). Yes, our co-workers are nasty, overworked, hungry, exhausted.....and yes, we tend to take it out on each other. I don't really see the problem as nursing so much as the conditions we are expected to endure and the tasks we are expected to complete, without error, and the ***** we are expected to kiss.....it IS crazy. And upper level management doesn't really have a clue! Like I read earlier, they are too busy in meetings, making decisions for what we should be doing and how we should go about it. I'd like to see them come out on the floor and do better any day of the week! Nursing has changed so much over the 17 years I've done it. The fact that healthcare is a business, not about caring for people, is the bulk of the problem as far as I'm concerned. And with government policy/reimbursement changes, it won't get better. I LOVE caring for (most) people - but I hate what nursing/healthcare has become. I, too, want to leave.....I can't be doing this when I'm 60!!

I just failed one of my nursing classes last fall! I was to graduate that May. I cried all of December. I am set to return in August! But I am NOT! It was a sign bc I hate nursing!! Im going to breed bulldogs and go into business with my partner who is a photographer! I wAnt kids, my health, my sanity! I want to follow my passions. I wont be happy as a rn and im so thankful I failed my ob class by 1 point!!! Thank you thank you thank you god:)

I think Yall need to stop complaining and quit if your so unhappy. You knew what to expect before you bacame a nurse. Not everyone dislikes there job as a nurse. Some people actually care about there patients and enjoy taking care of them and healing them.

No, we did not expect what it is today. We went into it to provide great patient care 1st and foremost. However, due to healthcare now being a business and the bottom line being $ instead of being about patient care, we are overworked and unappreciated by upper management. They just want to fill the beds asap to reap the rewards. They don't care if they have enough help or not. We sometimes, more often than not, have to do several jobs at one time. From secretary to tech to housekeeping along with nursing. We call it being a "Nurtechretary". I've thought about contacting "Undercover Boss", so upper management could work on the front lines and see what we have to go through. It's definitely the most mentally, emotionally, and physically stressing job you could ever have, in my opinion.

That's pretty rude of you to assume it's because we don't want to help people. I HATED nursing, UNTIL I could get into a job where I COULD actually take care of the patients. And guess what, I love it. It's a mom and pop organization, so they don't care as much about money. I am able to take good care of my patients, and not be constantly abused all day. So you need to take some time to actually read the posts here, cause the MAIN complaint is that we don't have the time/resources to take care of, and heal our patients.
Anybody want to bet that numberonemom hasn't ever worked on a med/surg or oncology floor?

I cannot read numberonemom's post without being overwhelmed by the obvious poor spelling and sentence structure. The use of there where it should be their. "Quit if your so unhappy.". Darling it should read "quit if you are so unhappy" or more like you were going for "quit if you're so unhappy.". This is someone who likes nursing, go figure. No we all (ya'll) did NOT know what to expect when we went into the field...how could anyone. I have been an RN for 28 years...ER, ICU, and now home health. I wouldn't have lasted this long in floor nursing

You're ignorant and need to take an english class or 10.

If you're not a nurse than please STFU and mind your business. If you're a nurse great for you that you love your job.

There, Their. My school required I know the difference between these two before I could be admitted to the nursing program. But shucks....that mightn't been the case with y'all. I'm a'bellyachin cuz I'm a been doing this 'enjoyment' way to long.

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I wish someone had told me the truth about nursing. I could have written your paragraph word for word. I worked 17 yrs as a RN in various nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The last 7 years was with people with dementia. I worked nights because I didn't want the hassle of the administrator and DNS. Plus all the families. But hell, those people are crazy after 6pm. Even when we had quiet nights we had to be alert to everything and ready to jump if something was to happen. That's stressful. I hated nursing. Two years ago I walked off the job at the end of my shift. I left a note that I quit. I was responsible for 80 residents and the nurses were being pressured to quit. They replaced them with med aides. So during the day was med aides so when I got on at night it was chaos. I had residents going into insulin shock, medication errors found, medication not ordered, sick residents that they did nothing about. I never knew what I would walk into. Anyways, I quit and will not be a nurse again. My record was perfect. No complaints or reports on my name but I had had it. I didn't even renew my license. Fortunately we have a trust fund that can almost support us. I loved the money but life is so much more satisfying being poor. Yep, nursing sucks.

I found nursing is glorified slavery in general wards. In ICU its great working closely with Dr's to monitor and look after one on one extremely unwell patients. I also liked caring for palliative care patients, getting to know the family and being there for the pt when they die, keeping their dignity upheld. Now I work as a midwife, and I enjoy teaching mothers to breastfeed and delivering babies. Please don't become bitter nurses, find the areas you enjoy, where you are helping and caring for patients and like your work.

See now that's a nice way to address the bitterness of the board. LOL. I left my last job because I didn't like what it was turning me into. A bitter nurse, just like you said. I am SO much happier now. :)

I work in a hospital and I'm so sick of all the bitchy nurses being rude and treating my dept like we're the scum under your feet. I actually despise nurses and anyone who works with children in the medical field. How can you call yourselfs caregivers when you stick these babies with needles or curcumsise boys and hurt them? That's why I don't allow nurses to touch my children with needles and people who do these things make me sick.

Wow. You are obviously uneducated. What exactly do you do in the hospital? Hmmm? Are you a custodian? I am a NICU nurse and yes we do stick babies with needles, and yes babies do get circumcised PER their parents request! How exactly would you like us to draw labs on these babies to correctly diagnose them? Sprinkle them with magical fairy dust perhaps? Because you are obviously living in a dream world!

Next time you or anyone in your family gets sick pray on it and stay out of the hospital! It's dumb a**es like you that make working the hospital suck. Nurses don't do circumcisions...MDs do! Also, the parents have to request this procedure and sign a consent anyway. Where do you work anyway? Must be housekeeping or food service. That's where most of the stupid people work and swear up and down they know it all just by what they have seen while passing out food trays or running a mop around the place.

it sounds to me like you are the "dumb a**" saying most stupid people work in housekeeping or in food service, I'll be willing to bet that any housekeeper or food service employee is less ignorant and disrespectful than you.

All I have to say is Nurses Have Choices. You may not think that you do , but you do. www.NursesHaveChoices.com

I'm a new nursing grad. I've been working as a nurse for 2 months. I graduated bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to make a difference. That has not been the case. I work with disgruntled nurses who cut corners whenever and however they can, because they have to in order to get all of the mountains of paperwork done that they have to complete. We each have 25, yes, 25 patients to take care of. We have two CNAS/Techs helping each of us, but they are usually MIA (smoking, on break, in bathroom, or who knows where). Furthermore, they don't do vitals or accu checks (per management, they can't be trusted and if we're giving meds, it's our responsibility to do it ourselves). WTH?! Does management even realize how difficult it is to pass meds on 25 patients when you are constantly getting peppered with questions from patients, their families, doctors and management, while trying to answer call lights, phone calls from doctors, labs, etc. "Mission Impossible" should be a film about being a nurse. Management is a joke. A couple of them are RN's and don't hesitate to throw a nurse under the nearest bus in order to save their behind or to just have a scapegoat. There is no feeling of security or that anyone has your back. Employee moral is very low. Meanwhile, management comes up with more and more paperwork and checklists for us to fill out. When I graduated, I thought nursing was about patient care and assessment. NONE of the nurses I work with truly do assessments...there is simply no time to do them. Basically, I run around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying my best to appear calm, cool and collected. The doctors, male and female, are mostly jerks who have completely lost touch with reality. They spend 5 minutes in the room, come back and chart a few notes (usually in the wrong place), forget to sign half the orders, ignore nurses notes, etc. <br />
<br />
I am looking to get out of this place asap. It's horrific and if something goes wrong, I don't need to lose my license. Not sure where I'm going to work, but it will be somewhere with a much lower patient ratio, so that I actually can be a nurse and not a robot. This has been very disheartening.

Wow, 25:1 is CRAZY! Where do you work? What kind of facility is it? I currently work in an ICFMR, it's 45:1, but the patients are super low acuity, so it's ok. But if you have to be doing Assessments and rounding, and vitals???? That's crazy.

I've been an RN for 3 years and an before that an LPN for 2. I currently work nights on tele for a teaching hospital in NYC. Sometimes I open a window for a patient and have the crazy thought of throwing myself right out. I don't want to end my life its just that this job makes me so unhappy that jumping out the window seems like a reasonable way to end my misery at that moment.<br />
<br />
Before I came to tele I worked in chemical dependency and the difference is night and day. I thought working with manipulative addicts was tough but I was a fool. Bedside nursing is hell on Earth. The 12.5 hour shifts with no breaks are murder. In addition to what every other nurse posted, I'm also tired of being sexually harassed by patients. Gross patients that like to show me their genitals (for no legitimate reason) or try to touch me sexually really **** me off. You get no sympathy from your co-workers or superiors if a patient gropes you or makes lewd comments. Sexual harassment is just a part of the job.<br />
<br />
I'm tired of being a doormat and a scapegoat. The nerve of the nurses who have escaped direct patient care to comment on how invested/not invested younger nurses are in the profession. Sorry but I'm NOT invested in the mental, emotional, and physical abuse of my person. Seriously, two middle fingers up to this crap. I'm going back to outpatient until I can escape completely. The only people I see staying in nursing long term are the old timers who are too close to retirement to be bothered. They tend to be the meanest and most uncaring from years of abuse. I used to hate them when I started out but now I identify with them. However I'm not willing to turn into them to prove a point to anyone. Life and health are fleeting and nursing ruins your mental,physical, and emotional health. I'm getting out and I tell my young co workers to get their experience and move on while they still have their sanity.

YES I have had SO MANY patients say sexual things, I've been invited to bed, groped (dementia patient) and even doctors saying completely inappropriate things to me. And yet, it seems 'no big deal' in this industry. I'm really tired of it. I mean many men are creepy, this job we see many of them so I guess it's going to happen - but there should be some kind of notification for all patients that it will not be tolerated- they put up VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR will not be tolerated but nothing about sexual harrassment and for me I've seen it's WAY more common then violence/aggression.

Update! I got away from inpatient and am happily back working outpatient with the addicts. It's not perfect but compared to bedside it's heaven! My health has improved...blood pressure is down, I've lost weight, and people say I look younger.

I hate nursing as well. I love caring for others and helping others but lets face it, nurses are ALWAYS messed over on. You are running on your two feet from start to finish on 12hr shifts. You often have no time to review the orders properly to make sure information the nurse who reported off to you is correct. By the time you have a minute to review in depth, it is time to handoff to the next nurse. Then when something reported is incorrect, you get the blame. Everyone blames you. People need Jesus Christ and biblical knowledge because the vast majority of nurses I work with are hateful, condemning, covetous, envious, jealous, individuals. This morning I got off of work after working like a Hebrew slave. The nurse that gave me report didn't past on important info. such as telling me a pt was to have surgery. I didn't find out until this AM. I had to give report to this incredibly big mouthed hater of a nurse who called great attention to the issue in front of all the nurses, doctors, floor director, and student nurses. She rushed me through report as if I were some sort of idiot showing no respect. I cleaned and bathed diarrhea having patients all night and morning. I worked so hard. I am a very intelligent individual and kind though people show no respect. This same nurse I showed an enormous amount of grace to just last week when she showed up to work an hour late. I was kind to her and showed no condemnation. I understand that it is impossible to be perfect in this field and I never make nurses feel inadequate. I hate it when each day of my life, people go out of their way to put me down. I hate this life. I want to die so that God can take me away from it all. I would never kill myself. But sometimes I do seriously ask God to take me away from here though I must take as long as is necessary that His will for my life be complete. I love leading people into the way of salvation and caring for others. I just hate that no one but my parents, brother, and grandmother love me. I thank God for His love, I assure you, His love is the only reason I tread earth on this day. Had it not been for Christ, I would have been dead or in an assylum years ago. Lord, Help me. Hear my cry Jesus.

I know that the Lord hears our cries. I know that the Lord died for me and my sins, I know that the Bible says that God is watching and tells us not to marvel when we see oppression in the Land, BUT LORD, when will you come back for us?
I work in Aged Care and the abhorrent behaviours of humans, sitting in excrement just waiting to die but fight with us and expecting to be treated with dignity, Lord, what gives? The families that manipulate and are attempting legal action because I followed "procedure", again, Lord, what is going on?
Since when did common sense not prevail? Since when did litigation become the focus to patient care? If it had not been for the Lord's mercy, may I just now say, that I too would have perished in my affliction, and I know that God has faithfully afflicted me, but Lord, really ? when are you coming back to rescue us, like you rescued Israel from Egypt? When will sadistic clients just resign to the appointed time for all humans, and go and meet their maker?
When will this pathetic political correctness and building vast empires of useless wealth just be enough for Governments. When will the torment end?
Amen, had it not been for the Lords mercy, I too would have been in an assylum or dead.

I definitely agree with everyones comments about this horrible profession. I have been a nurse for 16 yrs and hate the job. It is not the patients, it is the families and the hospital management and rude doctors. I went back to travel nursing because if i am going to be treated like crap i may as well be making alot of money. I am actually working at a hospital now that has no aides. can you believe it. The nurses wear locator buttons and are expected to be in every room every hour. Okay,, so i cover the blood sugar of 500 and treat the chest pain or do i give mr. smith a bath. He better have his bath or your in trouble.. I wish i had saved money and was able to go do something else but i am stuck. Anyone in nursing school, quit now and run.

OMG. So funny and true I am laughing in tears! "so i cover the blood sugar of 500 and treat the chest pain or do i give mr. smith a bath. He better have his bath or your in trouble.." that is hilarious and our lot in this horrific job.

I am a nurse for almost two years. I've worked in a busy fast paced emergency room in NYC and a small community hospital ER in nj. My first job was in NYC ER where I encountered doctors that would literally yell in your face, say how incompetent you and the rest of the nurses (right in front of the patients)- call me "a little girl" and belittle you at every turn. I didn't have a preceptor (until a senior nurse felt bad for me and decided to be my mentor) and literally took care of 15 patients at a time. the place was rough- a nurse got part of her hair pulled out and she had a bald spot (really), a nurse got choked by the neck, another shoved in her face, for myself I constantly dealt with racist/curse remarks on a daily ba<x>ses, had my partner nurse disappear on me on a "brake" for two hours, on a night we took care of 30 plus patients each that night! (keep in mind i was a new grad) I eventually left that god awful place & thought I would be in a better place in a small community er in nj (where I am now). Was I ever wrong! Now I am in a rich ER dealing with rich pts who think they are entitled to everything! Granted I am not dealing with stab wounds or gunshots in the ghetto of nyc anymore but rich people are another group all its own. I had a family ask me to get them coffee (oh, and told me how they take it) while their father was having a stroke. I literally looked in their face and said "there are priorities here- such as the patient!" I had a woman that told me her "gas pain/abdominal pain" was more important than the code that was happening in the next room. the woman actually said her grandmother died in a code so she knows what "a code" is but I was being rude by not taking care of her first rather than the code I was in! I am telling you rich people are even worse than people in the ghetto! At least some people in the ghetto I witnessed cared about other patients other than thinking they are the only priority. I literally get sick to my stomach going to work. I walk by the office everyday just wanting to say this place is disgusting and I quit. All nurse management I've encountered doesn't care anyway. the profession us run by bitter nurses anyway. I'm tired of being treated like a servant to my patients, a second class citizen to the "almight doctors" who I catch anyway ordering meds for the wrong patients, who I have to pull to see my sick patients, who sit there and just don't care, who I do all the work anyway before the doctor comes in anyway. I've had doctors say to me just give the meds and order the X-rays for me-- and I keep telling myself- "I am not the doctor!" on top of cleaning poop, being the tech because my tech disappeared chatting or smoking! I am the housekeeping to, cleaning pts beds and the rooms so my patients have a clean place to stay- because the charge nurse will place my patients in the hallways she doesn't care! i also keep being assigned the most patients because I am the youngest one in the midst of bitter old angry nurses that would talk about anyone and eachother behind their backs. I would quit altogether if I didn't have bills to pay. I was so surprised that I'm not the only one who feels this way about nursing. the once happy moment with stars in my eyes on graduation and that light to help people has faded.

Fucknursing. That is a great user name isnt it. Nursing in the states really does look awful. I work in Canada and we have our problems here, DEFINATELY, but everyone rich or poor, is treated pretty much the same. I would be curios to know what someone think of working in Canada after working in the States. Any one out there done just that?

Nursing is so God awful that after struggling with it for 7 years i went back to my former career, respiratory therapy. So glad i had that as an option