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I Hate Nursing Too

I need to get out of nursing. I discourage everyone from entering the field. I know of no nurses who like their job. The patients families are impossible, and require more attention than the patients. I constantly have to clean up poop, deal with demented patients who fall on the floor, have no support from management, and God forbid anyone goes bad. It is up to nursing to monitor and correct mistakes made by every other department from dietary to pharmacy. If something goes wrong it will ALWAYS be blamed on the nurse. I am tired of missing weekends and holidays with my family only to spend them cleaning up excrement and being berated by patients and family members. DO not EVER become a nurse.

peachy8144 peachy8144 31-35, F 123 Responses Oct 30, 2009

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Try reading this book. It gives advice on how to use your nursing experience to transition into a completely different career.

How to Get Out of Nursing

by Melanie Nightingale

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...Well, what did you think you would be doing? Handing out lollipops to kids with boo boos all day long?

Yeah, hospital work involves treating people at some of the lowest points in their lives, cleaning up bodily fluids of all sorts and being held to a high standard of conduct. Certainly nobody could fault workers in that field for venting frustrations and/or getting regular therapy to cope with their work conditions, but seriously, what vision did you have in your head for that job if not what reality has presented you with? You went to work in a place that is purpose-built to treat a daily deluge of injured, sick, debilitated & miserable people, and you expected it would be like...?

I sympathize with feeling like you're now stuck in a position you despise & cannot deal with, but projecting your improperly calibrated expectations onto everyone else and telling them that the job itself is some sort of trap or scam is bullshit.

Maybe you misunderstood the post. We are not venting about the patients per se, we are talking more about the politics involved in hospital settings. We didn't think we'd be handing out lollipops (very sarcastic indeed), we knew the work involved. I had a vision of helping others, but when a family insists that a Kleenex box being the end of the world, it takes a toll after a while. This site is for support and venting, doesn't mean that we'd actually quit our job and hate it that much ...otherwise we wouldn't be doing what were doing ...just saying.

I work as a nurse, and have been for 7 years. I'm completely burnt out. I worked for a manager who was a gossip queen, completely unprofessional, been written up by her for absolutely no reason, been treated like sh$t by other nurses, wade though ****, sh*t, get screamed at by families for not bringing 'ice water', and deal with anti-Christ physicians. I was once a bright eyed, loving, caring nurse. Over the last 7 years, I noticed a huge change in nursing. We are no longer care givers ... we are slaves to be treated like absolute hell. I am now proud to have anxiety, can't sleep at night, and have no life. This is what I wanted to happen in my life. This is exactly what nurses ask for. So anyone who complains about our posts, you've never walked our shoes. I'm 38 years old and I would mop a floor, to get away from this abuse. the pay isn't there, but my sanity is more important.

Anti Christ physicians lol lol

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God help me, I hate my nursing job so much!

Couldn't agree more

Nursing IS the new SLAVERY ! You don't have a life and what little life you have is spend it trying to device a way to get away from it. Herbal life, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay ect.

It is a abusive and brutal field. Administration doesn't care as long as everything looks good on paper and it doesn't effect their check. They sit back in a "safe" positions, sit and point and find fault. They don't have to deal with working on the patients, med errors, mean doctors, overworked CNAs and disgruntal families .

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Nursing is slavery and I think the prisoners in Federal prison have it better than we do. They get paid meals and an hour of recreation. And, if they're really lucky, they get probation! Our sentence is until we collect social security!

Should have been a plumber

Why are you still a nurse. ?

Can you read Marian?

I am glad I'm not the only one. I don't hate being a nurse, but I hate what nursing has become. I work with several older nurses who have said, "nursing wasn't like this before." It doesn't seem like it's about actually helping patients. Nursing has become a business. It's about filling beds and appeasing the government. I work 12 hour shifts (as most of us do now) on telemetry, and I spend more time doing my charting than on actual patient care. Most of them don't want to be helped anyway. I work in an inner city hospital and a large number of my patients are only there for the drugs. And when the doc won't prescribe them, guess who gets to deal with an angry patient all day? Not the doc. I've only been a nurse for 2.5 years and I'm already burnt out. I've worked in hospitals and rehab centers. Nothing makes me happy. I'm depressed and irritable. I'm impatient with my children. I'm not affectionate towards my husband. All I want to do is sleep. I didn't used to be this way. I was happy before I became a nurse. I dread going to work. Absolutely dread it. I was relieved to wake up with a GI bug last week, because it meant I got to miss work. I can't get out, though. I'm stuck. I'm the breadwinner of the family. We can't afford for me to change careers. Nursing is making me I'll. Physically. Mentally. No one understands. Maybe someone here will. I'm tired of going to a job I hate while all of my friends get to stay home with their kids all day. I want a change. I need a change. A happy change.

Then why are you still working as a rn?

Can you read?

Probably because they are stuck in a situation and have bills, family and other obligations. Look at the economy. Not easy to job hop these daysPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Why are you replying to something you have no idea about? Use your head marian33

So relate hon

Many -hugs !!

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I hate nursing, and I warn everyone away from it. I'm a CNA with 4 years experience. I've never worked a day of nursing in my life, but I graduated from a PRESTIGIOUS bsn program a year ago, passed the NCLEX first try in 75 questions, had numerous leadership awards/experiences/high honors, and now, I can't find a job! Everywhere wants experience, and I can't work nights due to a medical condition (type 1 diabetes). Stay far, far, far away from nursing. It's nothing but a debt trap.

Yay Yay Its not so much the Field. Its what nursing has become nothing but a Dirty business, and We pick up behind quite a lot .. The ideal of nursing is not like a Florence Nightingale Saga. Where Nurses were greatly appreciated. I've gotten Punched on my Face, I don't have a strong Back, I suffer from flymolagia , I've gotten nothing but Misery in this Field. I give my all into this field 100%. And now as I get close to retirement I really can tell you Its not worth it. Why? because the strain and pain and Big time stress it leaves in your body. It not Worth. Now I live in Pain and my Future looks bleak.

I went to the Florence nightingale museum in London and if you really paid attention to some of her excerpts from her writings she was actually not as nice as I thought. She was anal seemed to me. Very strict and tended to put down older nurses. :)

I worked with a nurse who felt like you do. She told me one day "I really hate dealing with patients". It wasn't her gift and she found a great job in disaster medical sales and is as happy as she can be. On the other hand, I love nursing and would be nothing else. You are right, we catch the downhill slide on most everything that happens, but the opportunity to prevent a suicide or make and 88 year old smile by cleaning her up, well, it makes my day. You are brave to know where your heart is not meant to be...but please don't discourage others who may have the heart to take on Nursing.

Well I got out of nursing about 6 years ago. Was able to get into real estate and then when that market fell apart I became a handyman. No, I don't make as much money as I did as an RN but life is so much better now.
Like most of you all I got very burned out. The last 3 years I spent in ICU which was my undoing. Might as well have been a doctor with the amount of responsibility you must take on. Other issues for me were the increasing amount of documentation, hassles from management and the lack of adequate amounts of staff.
I still have some recurring dreams like the one where it is the end of the shift and I realize I have not given meds to any of my patients (what do I do now). I feel for my fellow nurses out there who are stuck in there jobs. I know alot who would get out if they could but they are usually the bread winners and who can find a better job without going back to school for another 4-5 years. I was fortunate to escape, I love what I am doing now. As a handyman / remodeler I can still serve people like I was meant to do but I actually feel appreciated and at the end of the day when I look back at what I have done (new kitchen or maybe a paint job) I feel good about it.
Sorry to the poster who thinks we are slackers but I got into nursing because I am a people person. I like serving others. As a nurse now it seems the only thing I serve is that darn computer at the desk just waiting for me to sit down and input more data, vitals, orders, etc. My mom was in the hospital last year. I sat with her one day for about 4 hours and observed her nurse, who I used to work with, and who is a very good nurse. He spent about 3 of those 4 hours at the desk on the computer. With at least 4 patients per nurse on this surgical step down unit that leaves him with about 5 minutes each hour for each patient. Something is wrong here.
Thanks for letting me vent.

I have been an RN for 20 years. I am beyond the point of burn out. Being an RN is a very draining profession. We work under an incredible amount of pressure. We work long hours, nights, weekends and holidays. We often work the entire shift without seeing a bathroom or glass of water. We have to deal with rude physicians, patients and visitors. We are often treated like servants just waiting at the desk to jump at every call light. Most if the time we don't even get so much as a simple "thank you".
What bothers me the MOST about nursing is the abuse of my fellow co workers. Just about every department I have ever worked in had a clique. The clique usually includes the charge nurse. Assignments are made according to friendship. I am so over being dumped on. I am fed up with watching the same nurses sit on their behinds night after night watching TV, playing on their iPhones and gossiping. When you stand up for yourself, the wagons really circle and you become the outcast. Rarely if ever have I seen management acknowledge the problem, let alone do anything about it.
It's very difficult to show up to work with dread and anxiety. My health has suffered. I get chronic hives and frequent vomiting.
To the RN that made the comment about "weeding out the weak", are you SERIOUS???? You have to be strong to get through nursing school to begin with. Everyone has their limits when it comes to having to put up with disruptive behavior. I far exceeded that point. I used to love nursing. I hate it now! I went I to this profession with the right heart, but my heart has been stomped on over and over.
I am hoping to return to school to get my masters degree. I am done with bedside nursing. I am done with nasty, vindictive co workers. I am done with rude physicians. I am done with selfish, demanding and ungrateful patients. I am done with visitors that feel the need to tell me how to do my job. I am DONE!

Similarly, I'm a burnt out nurse of 12 years. Counting the 8 years as NA I have been at the bedside for 20 years. I feel like all the energy have been sucked out of me to the point where I dread going to work. I worked for 3 major hospitals in my area within the past 6 years but it doesn't get better with the change. As a matter of fact it got worse. I know it's time to change and do something different but I haven't quite figure out what to do. I'm at the point where I feel it's time for medical intervention due to increased anxiety and depression. I am tensed going to work everyday because of the constant need (as you mentioned) for nurses to fix everything that every other department messes up. Family members (not all) act like nurses are robots and should have all the answers. To make matters worse, nurses are expected clock out on time despite the workload. Taking a lunch break or using the bathroom some days are like luxury.

I love being a nurse but yet to find an area that I am passionate about. I know I have to make a decision soon before I collapse.

Where I work is very similar. Cliquish--all of the nurses know each other and have worked together for several years to many years. I was the "new kid," right, 50 plus and the new kid as they liked to call me. My past supervisor and current one both are head cases. I swear some nurses are borderline personalities and need both meds and intense therapy. Those 2 for sure! For me, dysfunctional work places are sources of such toxicity that they affect both your physical and mental health. I'm looking for a new job and hoping for a survivable work place. Just one that doesn't make you feel like not going to work. Life is short and too short to work in a bad environment.

Beautifully Said*

I've seen a lot of favouritism with the signing assignments to. Wow are you right on. I'm a float so tend to get the harder patients or long term ones and notice my fellow floats getting the same assignments. They say they need a break from the patent but some have never looked after these patients even when they work full time on that floor. Mmmmm

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Couldn't have said it better. God bless you!

20 years ago I received my RN degree. For 18 years I worked my butt off full time and sometimes working 2 nursing jobs (for the money). For the most part, I hated it! Like some of you wrote: the attitudes of some of the patients and worse..the family members and on and on. 3 years ago I burnt out BAD!!! I was abusing my sleeping pills and alcohol because I was so stressed from my job and hating it so much. I spent the last 2 and a half years in treatment and outpatient therapy, I have since been working in a library. The pay is not nearly as good, but I do not care. I have come to learn the hard way that it is more important to be happy. I never want to be a nurse again.

I waitressed for years and worked as a group home counselor for the developmentally disabled. Sure, my income was low, so I decided to go to Nursing school and graduated with an associates at 33 years old. I have never den happy in this profession, and thought getting my BSN at 50 was the answer, and it STILL sucks! I have never worked with so many unhappy manipulative people. I'm wondering WTF is wrong with me all the time.

I have been an Lpn for 20+ years in Ltc and it really really sucks! I was so amazed to find this thread with so many nurses feeling the same way that I do about nursing. I wanted to be a nurse more then anything in the world. I was a CNA for 20 years before graduating nursing school at age 41. I too somehow had the idea I could make a difference. In just a short amt of time I found out there was no time for that. Just like there's no time to take a break, have a lunch, or go to the bathroom. I love whoever gave the example of the family member looking for milk for their kid. That is so typical of how our day goes. HELP, I'm loosing my momentum, I'm loosing my grip, I'm loosing my mind. Now I sit with a new pain of my own everyday that I wake up. I now have RA, spinal stenosis, and surprise, depression and anxiety. Not to mention pneumonia so many times I can't even count. Influenza and bronchitis, shingles, a herniated disk, nursing has sucked the life out of me! At 63 years old I am proud to say I have finally become an RN/Retired Nurse. I thank God everyday that I made it out of nursing without ever having been dragged into a court room or even questioned by the state. However I still have the reoccurring dream that I can't find the unit I'm supposed to be working on or can't finish my med pass. This has been a wild ride and I will continue to pray for all of you. I love you all.

We need your prayers. I have had so many people try to tell me how to do my job. Someone actually said, "I'm warning you, my sister will be here tomorrow and she's going to straighten everybody out." I will always discourage people from choosing this profession.

Please please continue to pray for us. I won't be gone for abit yet. I also suffer from reoccurring dreams. Either I can't find my unit, or if I do I can't for some reason unknown ,get my assignment so I'm late with all my care and no one cares. The unit organization is always weird like nothing is where it's supposed to be. Or in a wierd facility I've never been in. I'm always late. ( I'm never late for work in reality ). In one recurring dream I felt like my body was in slow mo and even tho I was desperately trying to go to work or to work I couldn't. Many bad feelings.

In my 28 years of the Nursing Quasi Profession, it has been a roller coaster ride. But the one and true economic reality that sets all of us up for failure with no relief, is MD's are reimbursed out of M Care Part B, Hospitals depend on MD's for admissions and procedures, which are reimbursed under DRG's or Commercial Ins
or worse no pay. The inpatient nursing care which is what the patient comes to a hospital for is, was, and never shall the hospital or yourself be re-imbursed. If you are not an asset on the balance sheet you are a liability. Period, and other than keeping the patients and doctors happy ( whatever that means) you are a liability, a neccessary evil. All of this in the eyes of the business, hospital corporation, widget factory, pimp ( produce OR else) " It's the economy stupid" Think of the hospital as an economic entity, and you very soon see where you really are.

Truly if you've chosen nursing for the money, you will never, ever love this job. There are easier ways to make more.
I changed jobs from geriatrics - which I love - to acute dialysis for a challenge. I HATE my job. Most of my patients don't even try to follow a diet or go to treatment. I will always be professional & respectful, but I just resent them because I'm doing absolutely no good at all 50 hours a week . I'm biding my time until it would be less unprofessional to quit.
If you really want to be a nurse, find the thing you love and do that. Don't chase a challenge or money or you'll be miserable every day.
And if you love none of it, change fields. There are thousands of good nurses waiting for your job.

"Truly if you've chosen nursing for the money, you will never, ever love this job. There are easier ways to make more."

Tell me where I could make more, cause I'm going there. Screw this crap, seriously.

"Most of my patients don't even try to follow a diet or go to treatment. I will always be professional & respectful, but I just resent them because I'm doing absolutely no good at all 50 hours a week"

I get that. We had a friend who was diabetic and ate/drank himself almost to death. Everything he should do, he did--slammed regular SunKist sodas, ate whole pizzas, drank sweet wine, injected himself with insulin with a dirty needle through his T-shirt. Needless to say, he's been in the hospital several times and now lost both his lower legs. I mean, who gives a ****? Certainly not him.

I am in my final year of nursing and I am starting to really dislike it. My mentors never let. E have lunch so I go all day starving and feeling sick, I don't even get paid!!!! I am waiting to submit a research essay and hopefully if I fail I will then be able to leave and not get charged :) I could write a book about all the crap I have had to put up with on wards etc.

I'm shock at this! I have been a nurse for 25 years. I love my job! Ya I hate the politics and the management sucks...but the job itself is my joy! Have any of you thought about why you choose this career in the first place? If you thought it was going to be easy and you were going to work pleasant little 9-5 shifts then your nursing school did you a major injustice. The reason clinicals are HELL is to weed out the week. Not sure why none of you were weeded out long ago? You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Did you mean weed out the weak? Seriously? Your attitude is part of the problem, instead of supporting new nurses you undermine and insult them. It's bullying behavior and it is not OK. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Instead maybe tell us about your wealth of experience, the parts you enjoy, was there nursing roles that you didn't enjoy? Be helpful and encouraging instead of nasty and disparaging

Agreed! Denying the facts does not change the facts!

I will NOT feel ashamed for not loving this job! The by fraud and abuse perpetuated by this industry on its workers are incredible. I work my behind off and I came into this field as a hospice volunteer hoping to make a difference. I DID have compassion and a heart to serve. I got 15 hour days, mandatory overtime, no breaks most days, we don't even get an hour for lunch. This field is like a spouse or partner that beats on you! You are never good enough, fast enough, smart enough. At my current hospital we have 5 open positions, we only have 2 night shift nurses and 3 day shifters! We are forced and pressured to pick up shifts. The hospital refuses travelers but no one wants to work here because management is so poor. We are 2 staff short daily. I had 11 patients by myself! Yesterday, 11! This is a hospital, not an LTC. Day shift to boot. I'm done. The load, the hours, I'm leaving this field but it was the managers keeping the cost down at the expense of patients that has made my decision. I was one if the better, nicer nurses too. I always went out of my way for the patients. The system broke me.

"The system broke me."
amen sister.

Field like an abusive partner "never good enough, fast enough, smart enough".OMG SOOO right! It broke me and If that nurse is so shocked by this, then why is she on this site. GIVE ME A BREAK. ilovenrsg is the cannibal nurse that eats her young.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

ashamed of them? For being honest? Shame on you, you're a nurse who LOVES her job. You of all people should know how to listen to complaints etc without judging. Perhaps you need a refresher course.

You have got to be kidding me! Why should we feel ashamed because we can't "hack it" . Most of us went into nursing for some of the same damn reasons you went into it. I was a nurses aide and worked while I went to college. I knew exactly what I was getting into. Here it is 30 years later and I am burnt to a crisp, for all the reasons that everyone else has mentioned here. I am not about to feel ashamed because I too hate nursing!

**** you, and take your ignorant rose colored glasses elsewhere. This is a no bullshit forum. kthanxbi

I'm shocked that you don't know how to spell the word "weak".

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I can't say that I totally "hate" nursing, however, I've been out of school for 33 years (May 2014 will be 34 years). I'm currently working in the OR and I hate it anymore! I'm tired of the politics, lying by management, mission statements that don't reflect what the organization wants everyone to think that it means and now with "The Affordable Care Act" soon to be upon us, I am beginning to see the slow beginning of how bad it will be. At our hospital, we have 2 CEO meetings a year and we are kept up on all the functions and financials and see the wonderful "nest egg" that we have becoming extinct due to the lack of reimbursement that will eventually happen.
We have people leaving and they aren't being replaced, so there are fewer staff to do the job, customer service (I hate that patients are now considered customers) is pushed, but how can you give adequate and appropriate care when you don't have the staff and you burn everyone out?! There are more management people than you know what to do with and they aren't even working managers, so they are of no help when you do need help because they are so far out of the loop.
I'm a diploma grad, so I don't even "count" when it comes to the ANA or many jobs that I could easily qualify for, but they require a BSN to do them. Well, what about experience and the true compassion that I have for my patients, the very reason that I went into nursing school in the first place. Healthcare has become such a ruthless business anymore and during the 33 years that I've been a nurse, I can actually say that it's NOT all be for the betterment of the field.
I want out before it's too late, but what can I realistically do as "just a diploma grad" with 33 1/2 years experience? To go back to school and take on new debt just isn't in the cards for me right now. Times are tough economically and to add on more college debt would really not be in my best interest right now.

This is me! You echoed exactly my plight. As a diploma nurse, you had the theory and clinical applications, and had to demonstrate competency to move forward. today, the new nurses get observational experiences, and then graduate and are expected to work, even if they could fins a job as a new grad. I too have 30 years of full time experience in Pediatrics. After a divorce that left me penniless, and broken, I worked 3 jobs to decrease the debt. I moved after 5 years to be closer to family, and the travel job did not last. I am unemployed for the first time in my life. Experience is great, but need the alphabet behind my name. Looking at school, to the tune of 27,000..........that is crazy. Many new nurses are carrying enormous debt, and it is a crime. The system is so out of whack. We as nurses give care to people that are not even int he country legally, care we could not ever receive. Unlike other professions, we cannot retire after 20 years with a pension. The public needs to know there very health is at risk. I wish there was an answer. Perhaps all of us need to organize and solve these issues or at least raise awareness. You are one of me, and I so understand.

Not in the cards for me neither. Few years left is all I can think of. I don't need as much as when I was young. Do I really need that new coat? Naw I'll go to value village and get second hand. Lol

Biggest mistake of my life. I would never, ever recommend this "profession" to anybody! Most professionals are respected, nurses are not respected, if nurses were respected then nurses wouldn't be so miserable. If you desire a a social life, holiday's with the family, and your sanity, then look elsewhere.

I am so ecstatic that I'm not the only person who hates nursing. I've been an LPN for about a year. Too many nurses act like they know every damn thing and are not willing to help you. Of course, I hate the low self-esteem abusive docs, nurse to patient ratio, lack of social life, the backstabbing, but most of all, its the lack of appreciation that I hate. I always feel overwhelmed and I'm just not happy. I also have a degree in Psychology and I rather work with autistic kids than these a**holes. Oh, and by the way, the money is not that great for the work that we do.

Oh Peachy, I love your post! I know how you feel. I worked as a CNA in a hospital for 3 years, and did two semesters of BSN nursing core classes before I switched my major to computer science. While I loved nursing by itself esp. the technical side of it and taking care of my patients: I hated all the BS involved in this profession. I think its complete BS that they do mandatory force-overs after working a 12hr shift (no person can safety take care of a patient IMHO), nurses getting blamed for everything including incorrect physician orders, nursing instructors eating their young, horrible nurse-to-patient ratio, unsympathetic management and administration d/t the all mighty dollar, backstabbing coworkers, etc. etc. etc.

Good for you for finally saying what the majority of nurses are thinking, and not giving a cookie cutter response to what society and your company says that you should feel and say! There are quite a few drones in the nursing field....and those are the ones (from my experience) that make being in this field more miserable d/t because they don't give a damn about their fellow staff. All they can think about is kissing butt to get higher up on the ladder so they can crap all over us. As the saying goes: **** rolls downhill. This definitely applies to the nursing field.....

Hi JenniferBeeyotch,
I completely understand when u say u hate hospital nursing! I was a NICU & PICU nurse for 10 years, then did pain management in a pain clinic for 4 years. I HATED PAIN MGMT. Even worse than hospital nursing...which was a LOT.

Now I am a case manager for a home health agency in my town. I cover one county. The county next to the one I live in. Still has it's cons, but DEFINITELY better than the hospital! If I see a difficult or, I'm only in their house for about an hour, max. Then I can leave, get in my car & listen to some good music to decompress on my way to see my next next patient. I can pull over & per if I need to, stop & get some lunch if I'm hungry. No egotistical docs taking my chart or yelling at me, or supervisors micromanaging me. I make my own schedule, set my own hours & days. U should look into it. Still sucks, but not nearly as horrible as hospital nursing!!

Peachy--you nailed it when you said we correct everybody's mistakes from dietary to pharmacy. I've been an RN for 20+ years, and I am sick of the bullsh$t. As nurses, we have to be perfect, but everyone else is allowed to drop the ball. I am so OVER it. From my patient's complaining they didn't get their meals, to waiting 2+ hours to get pain medication for my surgical patient (after faxing to pharmacy 3 times, calling them 4 times, and being placed on hold every time!) Blood on labor beds, blood clots in the shower drains...seriously, CAN ANYONE DO THEIR F$CKING JOB?? I waste 80% of my day asking EVERY department to PLEASE do their ******* JOB!! We are told to not clock in BEFORE 6:38, and do not clock out AFTER 7:22--and told do NOT write "no lunch"...because YOU MUST take a lunch. Money. Money. Money. Excuse me? Leave my patient and her unborn baby unmonitored because you are unwilling to actually pay me for the 30 minutes you would rather STEAL from me? Oh...and by the way, we are overstaffed today, stay home on call, for $3 an hour...but if we call you, YOU must be here within 30 minutes. Hwo about: "Oh...we're sorry you didn't get paid this week...but the travelers we hired had to work ,and all the new nurses that are on orientation with them got a full paycheck. Hee hee...sorry!! Maybe if we get the new nurses trained, we can get rid of the travelers!"
I HATE being a nurse.

My legacy was multi-generation, white trash. A high school drop out , the only work I could get was minimum wage , nurse's aide job in a convalescent home. This economic plight made me dependent on one ugly boyfriend who shared living expenses with me. Junior college was cheap, so I went there to get an associate degree in nursing so to,get a living wage job so to get away from ugly. My first nursing job was at a large Catholic hospital. Too many patients, too few breaks and I quit after two weeks. Trying to,remove myself as far from nursing, I got a job at a psychiatric hospital. I digress to make my point. Dante's Inferno from Divine Comedy shows the inhabitants of hell are very happy with their eternity spent cavorting with fellow reprobates. Only when confronted with goodness and light do these sinners turn their smiles upside down. Working in psych showed me most of my patients there were perverts, drug addicts, child molesters, wife beaters and petty criminals using the popular "my bi-polar made me (insert crime) do,it." Toss into,this filthy mix, the psychiatrists, psychologists, social,workers who equally cavorted in Dante's hell with their patients. Possessing average intelligence, I quickly became a nursing supervisor at this one in many of a chain of paych hospitals for four years. During this time, I earned a bachelor's degree in history and English. After spending all day in classes, I went to the nursing supervisor small office at the psych hospital, shut the door and rarely left it or answered the phone because I was studying something worthwhile. When I did have to,leave my tiny office, the professional staffs' pandering to the evil,inhabitants, the patients, stood in stark contrast to the beauty of learning about politics, religions, economics, poetry, major litererary movements all riding on the tides of civilizations. When I graduated from college, I left the hell hole forever and left behind the grotesques so well described(analyzed?) by Dante Aligheri.

Interesting way of looking at it. When I was last in nursing, I thought (somewhere in the back of my mind) that the environment was akin to some sort of hell, and not just because of the workload. No one helped anyone else. There was no empathy, no integrity, from co-worker to co-worker or instructor to student. Evil pursuits (drugs and politics) thrived while honesty and diligence seemed to whither. With the environment being what it was--everyone threw each other under the bus for any reason or no reason at all, "eating their young", fatigue and whatnot--it felt like it might be a circle of hell.