I've Had Enough!!!

I'm so glad I have found a page i can come here and ***** about how miserable i feel about nursing...i hate it, i hate it with an absolute passion!!!! honestly, upper management who probably has never been on the floor in a century comes up with stupid rules and initiatives that are not practical! i've had it with the whole career, i'm in my early 20's and i'm burned out, i've just entered my third year...thinking of nursing honestly makes me want  to cry. i swear its throwing me into this depression...i hate it, i hate looking after people who don't give a crap about their own health and expect miracles to happen when they get into hospital, i hate the abuse i get from patients and their families, patients rights!!! wtf?!? how about our rights as health professionals, do we not have the right to also be treated with dignity and respect? so am i expected to stand there and just take the abuse?!? and then the  same patients are so sugarly sweet with the doctors it sickens me. i can't even smile at work anymore, the thought of it depresses the crap out of me... i want a career change...i have friends who got out...lucky them!!! aware that every career has its pitfalls, the good thing about nursing is that it gurantees us a job, and i know why now...because its such **** that no one in their right frame of mind would do it for long, thats why they probably have such a high turnover, i'm sick of bedpans and commodes, people crapping themselves and expcecting that i would drop everything for them....its not my fault you upsized all your combos and ate all that refined sugar and now weigh 260Kg and expect me to be at your back and call...please don't make me laugh., i've got a back injury because a patient pulled down on me!!! i hate the melodramatic patients...i wish i became a vet nurse instead, at least there, the animals make me happy and overall, would proably treat me far better!!!

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Me too. I hate nursing MORE than anything else in this world. I hate it to the extreme. I hate the politics, the bitchiness and the bullies.

Rotting in hell is too easy for them. I wish they suffered 100 times more than me, and would have no escape for the rest of their Iives.

Try reading this book. It gives advice on how to use your nursing experience to transition into a completely different career.

How to Get Out of Nursing

by Melanie Nightingale

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I hate it, hate it too! I hav been off four 8 weeks cause of surgery, which I believe my job caused! I hav finally decided tonite not to go back. I hav been a RN for 19 years and I can honestly say I hav always hated it!!! I can't believe I made it that long!! I hav felt so bad for feeling like this... You gals make me soooo happy to find others who feel the same way!! I hav worked med./surg first, that was torture, nights!!! Then I went to Dr. Office that was terrible they were from some ancient age all so old there!! But while there I somehow worked in several offices, when people were off. Was very confusing for my kids back then... I got bored with all that n went to newborn nursery n labor n delivery!!! I hate those Dr.s such ******** and lairs to the patients!!! Plus there were no " normal patients" all singles moms with all there friends bring in junk food n hav a party... Poor kids!!!
Got burned out n went to surgery recovery room, loved it for a while, best ever pt. asleep n don't remember you, or so drugged . Then went to out pt. center.... Every fast paced just like hearding cattle in n out!!! No time for quality care or n emergency, you are screwed if you got stuck with the bad pt. cause they look at the numbers of how many you get out in 30 min. No breaks we could not hav any drinks there. Did get a quick lunch usually. So I just lov all your stories I can relate to wishing got in a car wreck so wouldn't hav to go. To getting sick just at the thought of work!! Always unable to sleep the nights before work, many night up having calming tea at 2 or 3 in the morning trying anything!!! Not sure what I am going to do next, maybe start a web site , I hav a lot of photography prints, some like them. I wish all of you the best!! Live us too short to endure this any longer!!!

I can't tell you how much you have helped me today finding a place to vent. My anxiety level is so high that I'm worried I will never feel happy again.
I am beyond mortified that my boyfriend went out on a limb and borrowed a lot of money for me to go to a prestigious nursing school, and I hate it. The school has been a huge disappointment, and being so very expensive makes it a lot harder to put up with their many problems. I had a very disturbing security issue on campus; I have been very nervous since but the school did not help me.
I performed well in classes, getting A's, but the clinical experience has wrecked me. It was apparent to me as soon as clinicals began that this was probably a bad choice for me, but I love people and I enjoyed my interactions with the patients and caring for them. That is where it ends. My instructor was very scary and edgy every day. It was also apparent to me from day one that the nurses are very unhappy with their jobs. In my first week, a very sweet, young nurse confided in me that she hated the job and elaborated on the many reasons why. Listening to her, I realized she saw that I am a nice person and was trying to help me.
I had had dreams of becoming a nurse for 27 years, so this failure is difficult to face. My family is very disappointed in me that I am giving up, so I am devastated.

Nursing was my second career, did it for 8 years thank God I am now free of it. I can relate to your post. I no longer work as a RN due to stress, hours, uncaring hospitals and mediocre pay. I can say I am glad I obtained my nursing degree ....it has enriched my life...but the negatives of bed side nursing far out weigh the good.

ladies and gents of the nursing profession- you do make a difference to a lot of those in your care. unfortunately its the doctors in hospitals and the management that make patients angry and annoyed with you. i had a stroke the staff on the ward were wonderful and without them i would not have got back to a like that i have. the doctors sent me home with pills - that - would have killed me in 6 months if not for a nurse. i am behind you all the way, doctors are not gods although they think they are. i wanted to complain about a doc ant the management ssaid i made it worse by not expecting too much. Girls and guys tou got it rough - i for one am with you

I feel so similar that I almost thought maybe I wrote this!!! j/k of course but wow. The same things are going through my head right now.

Response to Divine RN's post... Do you really think that nurses that become unhappy in their profession were not meant to be nurses? It couldn't be that we gave our heart and souls to this profession only to be used and abused and burned out, constantly jumping through hoops? I have spent many years giving my ALL to my patients and accommodating changing standards of care and complying with the demands from administration, but unfortunately, the reality is that nurses do NOT receive the same level of respect that say, doctors do...not from most doctors, not from the administration and not from the public (b/c the public STILL has no idea what nurses really do). I had an anesthesiologist call me one time from the OR to complain to me that I did not remove the patients arm from the gown sleeve before I started the IV (which I would routinely do, but had 'messed up' this one time...me bad!!). So I was getting another pt ready for the OR and had to leave the room to take his call and here he had actually taken the time to CALL me to complain about it instead of USING that time to take the patients arm out of the sleeve himself. I give this 'silly' example b/c this type of treatment happens all the time and in many different ways. Never mind that you are a seasoned nurse w/ multiple skill sets and top notch critical thinking skills....we just need to be sure to take that arm out of the gown sleeve before starting the IV...guess that's REALLY important.
I love nursing but I don't like the continously mounting administrative mandates. I'm tired of having to take multiple, monthly, mandatory online classes that my employers requires of me, yet I do not get paid for the time spent on these mandatory classes b/c they are 'conditions of employment'...shouldn't professionals be 'paid' for their time? The reality is that MOST nurses become nurses b/c they love nursing...but the reality is that many nurses will eventually burn out. Why? B/c employers take advantage of a nurse's selflessness and willingness to provide compassionate care to their pts, whatever the cost. I've been an RN for 35 yrs and I've been wanting to leave nursing for more than 6 yrs now ..I really want to start a small business that speaks to my creative side. I long to 'love my work', to experience 'looking forward' to going to work each day. As a nurse, I dread each day I have to work. I don't want to do this anymore...I'm tired of the'dreading', but I'm unsure how to make this transition:( Any advice from nurses who have left nursing and started a job they love? It would be encouraging to hear your story.

I'm a stay at home mom now but I used to work in an acute care setting for 4 yrs as an RN. All the abuse from families, patients doctors etc has really made me not like people anymore. I went into the profession because I wanted to help people and give something back and all the abuse has made me hate humanity.

I'm glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I have been a nurse for a year and some odd months (LVN) and worked home health, nursing home and pediatrics. I hate it all. I am so unsatisfied with my career that it sickens me. Anyone out there? Help:(

I hate to dissuade people from pursuing an education... but nursing is a career that demands so much, giving back so little in return. Every now and then you get a lovely, spectacular human being of a patient that makes the job almost worth it... but the rest of the time it's:

1. Arriving to the unit for your shift exhausted if you worked the day/night before.

2. The lottery of who you will get report from which is always a DRAG.

3. Having to arrive much earlier because of #2... having to investigate pt orders, etc. to make sure you have all the info you need for your shift.

4. Charting every single last detail of your nursing care/assessment/phone calls made, etc. to CYA and hopefully not lose your license/get sued.

5. The choice to either eat lunch/take a break OR get stuck playing catch up because you took the time to eat lunch/take a break.

6. Family members, doctors, management... EVERYONE who stretches you so thin it's amazing you get ANYTHING done in a shift at all.

7. The miserable b*tches who have been overworked and overstressed and take it out on YOU. The catty co-workers who obviously never mentally graduated high school.

8. The exposure to the nastiest diseases... I ALWAYS wear gloves no matter what (even if I'm just giving PO meds)

9. Seeing the decline of a society that indulges in fast food way too much and the end-product is your 50y/o pt that's already had 2 MI's, has to weigh like 400 lbs., has DM, CAD, CHF, high cholesterol, etc. and an idiotic family who still brings them McDonald's when the nurse steps out the room.

On a side note, I'm convinced that the fast food companies and pharmaceutical companies are in some kind of a sick deal with each other... The FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) has to approve the allowable food and drugs in this country??? HMMM... All about profits. Nobody cares about preventing these diseases that these people in hospitals end up with to begin with! It's all about the money! My advice is to just stay healthy, eat healthful foods, and give your body the exercise it needs!

So right on...that is what is so sad about American culture. Sickness sells. I am beginning to have serious ethical dilemma about being part of it.

I hate hate hate being a nurse! Big MISTAKE!!!! Looking for a way out

Me too....... I HATE IT ☹️

Wow you just said everything I have been feeling

I have been a nurse for 18years, i have done almost every kind of nursing, i did love industrial nursing, but it does not pay well, i have been doing acute care travel nursing for the last 7 years, bit hospital nursing can be very rewarding when we make a difference, but due to the majority of hospital management i have meet that are worried about policy above pt care it has become almost unbearable , and i have been in nursing administration , so i understand how they think, but if i could make a living working at McDonald's i would tommorow!

All hail those who are sick and tired of nursing. I have been an lpn for 13 years. while I was in school I knew I had chosen the wrong career. but I kept going. I am determined to get out. I cannot stand the mentality behind western medicine and the team members in healthcare. I work in geriatrics and I personally think that there is a reverse cruelty being put on the elderly. And I no longer want to be a part of it. Give them meds and keep them alive longer while they watch loved ones die. Some even ask you when will I die because im tired of this and I have lived a good life. If a patient refuses his or her meds I say ok and keep going. Stop over medicating people. Also stop turning every issue into the end of the world. I am also extremely tired of holier than thou self righteous nurses. I am not perfect and will not try to be. I will however strive to do my personal best for each client/patient. This idea of being a martyr makes no logical sense. if you have a stroke or heart attack at work, which seems to be happening to many nurses, its not worth it.
Also this idea that nurses are slaves/robots/nuns. We are nonhuman workhorses. Animals are treated better. We are subjected to ill treatment by patients families doctors and even other nurses. if you want me to work well treat me right. I am looking at my skills to see what other job or career I can switch too. I even considered housekeeping. Why? A job with no responsibility except cleanliness. Perfect. Get into a hospital or nursing home. You get benefits. Perfect. I will watch the nurses and shake my head. As I have seen many custodians do.
Also I cannot stand when nurses forget what type of nursing they are supposed to do. Autonomous. Assisted care. nursing home. Hospital. Learn what your role is and comply. Do not work in an autonomous residence and find reasons to tell the residence that they are sick. "Oh you look peakish I will take your bp". STOP. Unless you tell me that you are sick, I will not chase you down to convince you that you need my help. And then turn around and say I am so over worked I cant take it anymore. STOP NO MORE MARTYRING.
In the end I have learned the ART OF DETACHMENT. When your shift is over let go. You did the best you could while at work. Now its over. Rest and repair for the next shift but keep emotional distance. Be a professional first. You are not a replacement teddy bear, sister, mother or wife. You are a professional administering medical care.
Yes its sounds like your not caring. Thing is on an airplane you help yourself first to oxygen then you help others. Why cant the same thing apply to nursing. Remember we are human not slaves rendering a medical service.

I'm so happy i'm not the only one that is burned out. i'm only 22 and I don't think I can do it anymore. I don't think i can do it anymore. I'm naturally an introverted person and I let people walk all over me. i can't take the cattyness (sp?) of my fellow nurses. i feel that as nurses we should all have each others back, but yet I find myself getting thrown under the bus by my fellow nurses and aides at any chance they get. It's as if they want me to fail. The patients are just as bad, if not worse than my co-workers. I try to empathize with them, but there's no excuse how I am treated by most of them. I usually cry most days after work and dread going back. I like the money and the job availability, but that's about it. I always thought of myself as a caring and compassionate person and thought nursing was perfect. Boy, was I wrong!!! I kept saying it would get better after nursing school, well it's gotten worse. It's been 2 years since I've been a nurse and I have tried doing a variety of different nursing jobs trying to find the one that's made me happy but I haven't. They are all the same. I just don't think I have tough enough skin. I'm sensitive and emotional, and that's a part of me I can't change. Other nurses have told me I eventually develop a tough skin and my b*tchy side will come out, but I don't want that to happen!!! I like being me and feel like I need a job that fits my personality better. However, in this economy you need an in demand job like nursing. I just don't know what else I could do that will grant me the job stability and money I currently make. It's so frustrating.

Wow I feel like I could have written this^^^ myself!!! Lol I thought all the same things... I would love nursing, that it suited my personality, etc., etc. ...Only to realize now that I HATE this profession. It is so thankless and I'm convinced it does not get better!!! I read a post on here once that the nurses who still think nursing is like the greatest thing ever, have been drinking the KoolAid for too long! Hahaha ...anyway, good luck! I am applying to become a Biology teacher while I'm still in my twenties with no kids yet. I don't know if it'll be better or worse, but I won't know unless I try! Wish I could go back to become an Art teacher, but it seems so impractical because nobody is hiring Art teachers... seems they are trying to do away with them (sigh). Anyway, good luck! I honestly pray for the future of nursing!!! I REALLY hope it gets better for the sake of the profession & the people who are/want/are becoming nurses... I don't know if it can get much worse...

UGH.... Im a pediatric special needs nurse, have been doing that last ten years, before that i worked in lab as a med tech for five years and before that was a CNA...... IM WAY PASSED BURN OUT stage, the last year ... Year and half i havent worked much at all i went from working almost 7 days a week fo approx 2 years to BAM i couldnt take it anymore the thought of the medical field it self makes me sick to my stomach i can feel all the anger buildin up inside writing about it. My daughter just started physical therapy school, i advise all of her friends DONT GO IN NURSING!! If i could go and do it all over I personally would go i to speech therapy. Us nurses are the ones busting our *****, putting our mental status at risk and for what??? For are upper brown nosers to belittle us nurses get the **** end of it all!! Literally!!! Im desperatly avoiding going back, i believe i would like to go to work at good will or dollar store whats there to b stressed about there??? We all need to STRIKE nursing is horrible!!! UGH

A strike is a good idea actually. I think the companies need to listen because this is ridiculous...as nurses they want us to tend to their computers rather than the patient... it's sickening...

Hey! This is my story! Who told it to you?? Ahhhh yes, this all is very familiar and true to me! I allllllways question, where's our union? Who has our back? And why the **** is it ok to treat nurses as ******* slaves? Where are the laws for us to have a complete break??? Noooo, we have to hold our Pee & not eat or drink bc 1.) Patients come 1st always & 2.) You have to carry a phone on you & answer it at all times and sorry if you have 7 patients at once who can't ambulate or Pee w/o help. And oh yes, let us not forget customer service. F********k that Bs! I've had enough of it! I'm a person not a robot, I have feelings, I have needs, & don't hold me accountable bc now your lazy *** won't turn position or move & have developed a pressure ulcer. Sick of being everyone's slave, *****, & scapegoat! No one protects us!

im a nursing student and i hate hate hate nursing school with a passion. everyday when im there my eyes are opened more and more and i see that i dont want to be a nurse. I dont even like looking after people. Idk when I even decided to go into nursing smh. And after reading this im soo happy im not the only one miserable with this crap. every time i look at a book i just want to slit my wrist smh. there has to be something better out there

I just failed one of my nursing classes last fall! I was to graduate that May. I cried all of December. I am set to return in August! But I am NOT! It was a sign bc I hate nursing!! Im going to breed bulldogs and go into business with my partner who is a photographer! I wAnt kids, my health, my sanity! I want to follow my passions. I wont be happy as a rn and im so thankful I failed my ob class by 1 point!!! Thank you thank you thank you god:)

Hiya, i know this post is really old, but i was just wondering did you return to nursing or did you drop out? im a nursing student about to lose my sanity if i do not leave the only problem is i dont know what i would do instead. all i know is id rather work in a supermarket than be miserable in this job?

God I hear you. Who the hell would really become a nurse if they really knew what they were signing up for. Who will care for us if everyone else finds out? i pitty the future nurses. They will be understaffed ;(

wow been a nurse for 30 years. You are lost in a fog of uncertainty. But alas you have many opportunities in nursing that really do not require interacting with families or the patient. Use your degree for something. Find a equipment rep or drug rep job and just work with the professionals. Do sales, write a book. Be a consultant. Work in surgery where the patients are asleep. Find a quality job that is more like a desk job ...no paitent or families. Don't be in management and you will avoid the drama associated with the politics. Work in an office and avoid all the pressure of hospitals. If you love your patients do home care and avoid all the stuff elsewhere. Teach and still avoid the patients and families. There are a millions areas of nursing that you can work in, find a job as a company nurse, work in a school, work for an insurance company. Duh wake fools.

wow been a nurse for 30 years. You are lost in a fog of uncertainty. But alas you have many opportunities in nursing that really do not require interacting with families or the patient. Use your degree for something. Find a equipment rep or drug rep job and just work with the professionals. Do sales, write a book. Be a consultant. Work in surgery where the patients are asleep. Find a quality job that is more like a desk job ...no paitent or families. Don't be in management and you will avoid the drama associated with the politics. Work in an office and avoid all the pressure of hospitals. If you love your patients do home care and avoid all the stuff elsewhere. Teach and still avoid the patients and families. There are a millions areas of nursing that you can work in, find a job as a company nurse, work in a school, work for an insurance company. Duh wake fools.

wow been a nurse for 30 years. You are lost in a fog of uncertainty. But alas you have many opportunities in nursing that really do not require interacting with families or the patient. Use your degree for something. Find a equipment rep or drug rep job and just work with the professionals. Do sales, write a book. Be a consultant. Work in surgery where the patients are asleep. Find a quality job that is more like a desk job ...no paitent or families. Don't be in management and you will avoid the drama associated with the politics. Work in an office and avoid all the pressure of hospitals. If you love your patients do home care and avoid all the stuff elsewhere. Teach and still avoid the patients and families. There are a millions areas of nursing that you can work in, find a job as a company nurse, work in a school, work for an insurance company. Duh wake fools.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me what I can do with a practical nurse license! I can already see how bad this can get, but have the student loan issue. At this point, the "least stressful" option seems to be night shift at a seniors' facility. I've looked for work in prisons, clinics and as a pharmacy rep, but I'm not seeing any listings. Am fine with "cleaning poop", but I can see where the system will "destroy" me.
Thanks for any help you can offer...

I'm currently a student and I have to say, I hate it so much...with a passion. It's not the i hate the schooling, it's the people. I used to be a great "people person," but now, I really dislike people...patient's, and especially their families. I am just tired of pretending like I care about the profession...it's definitely not for me. Why I continue?? I've already invested too much into nursing to turn back now. I'm able to live with it, mainly because it pays (even though it drives me crazy). The work is demeaning, stressful, and annoying because patients/people just don't give a sh*t about themselves. I'm getting a headache explaining why I hate it so much...glad to (somewhat) get it off my chest though. I will post more later.

Well, it's comforting to know that the nursing profession hasn't changed a bit since I graduated around 15 years ago. I've recently been considering going back after a 10 year hiatus but from what I can tell, it's all the same crap that made me leave in the first place. Life is too short. If you hate it, do something else. It's truly the most unforgiving profession to be in and you better not EVER find yourself in such trouble as in defaulting on your student loans, getting a once in a lifetime DUI, having any type of psychological issue such as depression, and don't EVER self disclose a problem you might have with substance abuse. Don't ever **** anyone off because they could call anonymously and place a bogus accussation against you leaving you to defend your license for something that never happened. If you ever get arrested for ANYTHING but you are exonerated and charges are expunged/dismissed, the Board will still punish you. Double jeaporady doesn't apply and as if that's not enough, if you should choose to surrender your license because you don't have the means to fight any of these things, or have it revoked, your name will be placed on a federal list that prohibits you from ever working in the healthcare industry again. Not in any capacity whether it's as a nurse, an office manager or a janitor. You will be forbidden to ever work in any facility that accepts federal funding (i.e. Medicare/Medicaid) or for any company that provides products or services to places that accept federal money. If you had any of these issues prior to going to nursing school you will be in for a big surprise when you go to apply for licensure after years of slaving away at school and racking up student loans. Good luck getting a job as a new grad/no experience nurse who starts out on probation for mistakes made years ago. I know new grads, in large metropolitan areas, who have perfect backgrounds and still haven't been able to find work a year after graduating because everyone wants "experienced" nurses. It's the most ironic and hypocritical profession known to man. Really, I wish you all the best!

I have to agree !I'm dying a slow death.

hey guys, <br />
<br />
I just broke out of the cage. I recently quit my nursing job and I am blogging about creative ways to make a living online so that you don't have to stick with the crap you're getting! I know exactly how you feel and the burnout can destroy your life very easily. I came close to a nervous breakdown. Read my story at www.nursinghabits.com, come and comment on my stories. Let me help you find a way to get out of nursing! I know I can help.

So you just weren't meant to be a nurse, find another profession. Did you think it was going to be easy or something?

Nursing is probably the only profession I've seen that seems to take something from it's members rather than add something to them. <br />
<br />
Take any other career field--if you go to school to become a historian, or mechanic, or teacher, or whatever, and it doesn't work out at that particular place, you can at least transfer to another school or workplace. Not with nursing. If nursing school (or hospital) doesn't work out for you, you are pretty much black-balled in that community. No other nursing school would want to touch you if one determined you are unworthy. That in and of itself makes nursing studies a slippery slope. You can be three months shy of graduation, and if your supervisors/faculty decide it's not for you at that (very late) point in the game, you've lost it all.<br />
<br />
The experience can leave you with not just an accumulation of useless knowledge, but a new plethora of problems you didn't have before--extra weight (from studies and stressful shifts), depression, debt (from school), and the list goes on. <br />
<br />
I spent seven years working towards a nursing profession and that is seven years I'll never get back. It's quickly becoming my largest regret. I'll never be able to get back the optimal physical and emotional shape I was in when I entered nursing, I'll probably never get back the $15,000 I dropped on that education that never resulted in a degree, and I'll certainly never get back the time I lost with my family that I was spending instead focusing on these rigorous studies and community projects. What a huge waste.

I love you lol

I always wanted to be a nurse, it was my nickname in high school. I waited until I was 30, a single parent of 3 kids ( 2 still in nappies) when I started. It was difficult but I made it. I always thought it would see me through to retirement.

I practice in Australia and have been bullied, not supported by my peers, I've been assaulted, again with no peer support, or even Police support. I have also been injured and suffer with shoulder pain every day, it's crippling, not to mention depressing. I feel so useless and am fearful of my future.
Your comments above certainly ring true for me and I feel exactly the same, word for word. I missed my kids growing up right before my eyes, can't get that back. I still have a Govt loan of $10,000. Now due to my work injury, I have been thrown on the scrap heap, was made to resign from my casual contract as part of settling my injury claim. I said casual contract, as that is all the Hospitals would give me.

I know I am a good nurse but on a daily basis I always felt that I didn't do enough, even though I would be left with running a ward, answering phones, having a double load of pts, meds, feeds, ambulating all on my own and even tending to emergency cases all on my own. No pats on the back for my efforts at all. I would come home and cry after a shift as I didn't have time to even do observations on my pts.
I am now trying to find work, with my skills and with my injury but am finding that very difficult. Our workforce and primarily health care here is flooded by foreign workers, it's ridiculous.

I hate it too and I'm so sick of it I don't have the energy to complain any more. There is justice only for some in this world.