Me Too!!

First I want to say thank you, thank you thank you to all those who posted.  What an immense relief to read these and know I am not the only one. I have been a nurse for 18 long miserable years.  I hate it so much there are no words that adequately describe it.  You would never know it if you saw me at work though, I put on a brave face and fake smile and get through each day giving it all that I have.  The problem is I do not have anymore to give.  I am so fed up with being blamed for it all, if I miss something it doesn't matter  how many people before me in the chain missed it if it gets to me and I do not pick it up its all my fault.  Even though I hate it, I can not even get out because the economy downturn has turned us into a one income household and I am trapped.  I guess I will  just have to bide my time meanwhile thanks for being brave enough to post your stories they give me some comfort.

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I feel ya! My friend and I call nursing "The Blame Game"!! The nurse is ALWAYS the one to blame! You get it from the patient, family, doctor and ancillary staff!!
My child had some minor surgery and the outpatient nurse says "Are you going to be a nurse like your mom?" I quickly replied "Not if I can help it!!!"

Boy I feel your pain. How did we get ourselves into this mess? I do the same thing at work as you do put on that fake or brave smile that says I can do this but inside I'm feeling numb dumb and just want to go home and curl up in bed or read a fantasy book or watch tv. Wouldnt it be nice to make money that way? Lol

I have been a nurse 4 years and have held 6 jobs lol, i have decided to leave the profession, I will be returning to school at 31 which was not my plan at all but i just cant take nursing anymore, the back stabbing and management is horrible along with the long long hours and I'm sick of working weekends, i have missed out on family and friends these past 4 years alone due to nursing than i ever had with any other job, outsiders just dont get it even tho the ecomony is bad i refuse to continue in nursing. I work in LTC and the only shift i can cope on is night shift which is getting old quick. I thought if i go back and get my rn things will get better but most of the complaints are from RNs lol nursing stinks and someone quoted nursing is just accountability with no power which is so true if you want to feel really small in life do nursing. I had more self esteem working at macys than i do now. I'm completely brokedown.

I fully understand your pain, believe me. Been there, done that, and still here many years later. I've found ways around nursing work related issues that work for me. First of all I refuse to invest 40 hours a week working for just one facility. I've worked up to 4 jobs at a time just to try and figure out where my niche is. If a facility is chaotic or disorganized, I refuse to work there. Disorganization allows too much room for error and I value my license way too much. I finally narrowed it two choice facilities and believe me, pay had nothing to do with. Lucky for me, these two facilities are close to home (I don't have to use much gas or time getting to work) they treat me well, and the pay is fair - It all balances out. I find that when you only work part time, you don't get dragged into the inner workings or politics of a place simply because you're not there! I have a 24 hour/week position in one facility and a per diem (I love per diem!) position in another. With my 24 hr position I accrue paid vacation time and though I don't qualify for health insurance, our state offers plans I could buy into. However, I am fortunate that my husband carries a health plan for our family. <br />
My per diem position allows a lot of flexibility, a higher hourly rate and I can work as much or as little as I want. I average 8 - 16 hours per week but some times (If I have things to do) I don't pick up any shifts at all. I hate gossip and politics, so I'm happy that I get to miss out on these because I am not there.

Thanks for the advice of refusing to work for a disorganized (unaccountable?) facility. As a student I've seen at least one hospital where the nurses seem to be set up for "problems", and the patients were put at risk as a result. I'm looking for alternative options, but other students really don't understand why I wouldn't want to work at said hospital. Part of the reason is because I saw nothing but well meaning but burnt out nurses. I'm open to any suggestions regarding any "lower stress" nursing positions. Thanks

Yes!!!! Oh Yes, There is a BIg problem. ya know when i was in school I told my nurseing teachers one day i was going to work in a wonderful healing enviroment and they told me i ws dreaming. Well verytime i get close to being happy some hen comes along and disrupts the percieved pecking order and makes trouble. I actually had one ding dong wound nurse say, I don't know why you tries to treat that hospice client for her wound she was supposed to just get septic and die, and my supervisors of a large Home health company said ntta damn word. So you fight for clients and other A____ holes try to wreck you , not realizing we r in it for the nut butties htat need our help not to be jerked around by pour peers as well. Thats the problem, the doctors could not go on with out us, and some think we r a dime a dozen but if we went on strike wholly moley. Right The world Health Organization is being pettioned by nurses at this time, so we will see how far that goes, we should just grow some Balls and stop being so nice to others who get in our way, then there would be no problems. Howe bout that, why should we devote our lives to taking care of others and get pigeon pooped or donkey craped on. hu8mph Anarchy for nurses, so .... how do we do it. LOL anyone?... hello.... can I get an Amen?

It feels good having our feelings validated. The first step to healing is admitting there's a problem. And there's definitely a problem in the nursing field.