Obama Bashers

Im driving down the road, listening to a station that is nationwide, and all they do is bash the Obama adm.  I cannot stand to hear it.  I do not hear how they would fix it.  Oh, let all the companies go out of business.  That cry for help to Bush in his last days, and was certainly answered with the same solution? No one said a word.

Now we have stickers that say Impeach Obama.  Disgraceful. Crucify him! Crucify him! Terrible.

When ever he makes an error in speech?  They are all over it.  'He is laughing about our crisis" Gee's. What can he do cry?  I think these people sound racist, they dont like a black President and never will. Nothin he does is going to please them.  White Republicans pretend they are politically correct.

Where are these conservative "religious" that forgive and parden their neighbor when he slips with the wrong phrase?  How do they know what is best is beyond me.  No one knows what is going to happen yet.  We have never ever been in this shape  in our history!!  Because life is more complicated then the early 40s.

If you let them all fall, The Post Office would fold. (Unconstitutional by the way.) AIG,Citi,WellsFargo,FannieMae,GM,Chrysler, and the list is growing. There will be some corporations saved because we must. If he did nothing at all, Nothing as Rush and all the rest of dumbasses claim is the answer? - the depression would simply be hastened.Let me guess, that is what they want?  Bush controlled the media. We were already in this shape last year. 

My point is, we dont need to hear about this anti obama junk, we need to know we have hope.  At least for a while.  Things are bad but going to get  worse.  If you really want to soak up all that negativity then you should.  I wont.  Things are going to look pretty damn bad this time next year with all this negativity.  Who needs civil unrest?  Yes, that is what this kind of radio crap is doing to people, especially when they are hungry.  Its shameful.

Just one more example of disrespect.  NO ONE ever screamed at Bush yelling YOU LIE in a Presidential Speech to the American people and to the men and woman of Congress.  Im sorry, Repubublicans I have totally lost my respect for your party.  I dont care if that country hick did apologize.  He is a southern racist with no class.

Another example of this is toting guns at a Obama meeting across the country.  Ridiculous and its very dangerous.  This Hate radio needs to have a damn law suit smacked on them as people are going too far.

Sick to death of it.  makes me want to support Obama even more.


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You posted this on March 25, 2009. Do you still feel this way and have you enrolled and paid for your Obamacare yet? Thank you in advance for your answers.

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How come all the GOPhers snub the common man (and woman)? Money talks, ever heard of a poor Republican? We are an annoyance, something to be ignored.<br />
I connect more with President Obama than ever with Bush. Cheney was stealth, invisible, and uncaring.<br />
VP Biden. At least you know where he stands. I thinks he really does care.<br />
Talk Radio--a bunch of static and buffoons who because they can't do anything real, dream out their little warped worlds to the rest of us.

Andrew thank you for your post...its been awhile since I wrote this peice. The hate talk is no better.<br />
Obama has fans here, but the right is doing their best to turn it around against him. They accuse him of being a liar, stealing their freedoms, their money etc. Repubs have been in power for almost a decade and they are not liking the dems back at all. Power is just too juicy. They claim he is arrogant and naive. I think he is fine. What I see is a progressive President, a young man who knows what we need to do, if they would just leave him alone. Money is what got us into so many messes these past ten years. Now our Gulf is turning into a big soup of oil...and somehow they want to blame Obama...no leadership? What now he is supposed to save them from stupidity? Again? He is not an oil man..Where is GW ? Who knows. He was an oil man. No help. so it begs the question. did those in the money in Texas set this mess up? Is that why Tony Hayward sold off his shares and paid off his house? You have to wonder.

Sorry for you. The Anti Christ has not arrived yet. Sorry.<br />
You have been brainwashed by the silly people like Rexella and that goon, and the rediculous media. <br />
<br />
If your getting sick to your stomach, turn off the radio and tv. Where is your faith in God? Trust me, Obama aint it. The real antichrist has yet to show his face.

Obama is the anti christ. I wake up everyday hoping that he is removed from office by any means necessary. He makes me sick to my stomach, he will destroy this country if he is not dealt with.

I agree with Cherry. I disagree with Dont. <br />
Unfortunately you must live in a box. The last time I checked we hard working Americans who pay into the insurance business are getting the shaft. We pay, they dont. Hello? something is terribly wrong with the system. Its broken.<br />
My sister is a 55 year old in finances in the housing industry. She just lost her job and the new one came along and she makes 25000 less a year, and the insurance is too high to afford. she is lucky to make her house payments, she has lost her car, and learned she has diabetes. Sorry, there are too many hard working Americans out there who will not be insured no matter how f hard they work. <br />
<br />
Lucky you DONT...count your blessings.<br />
<br />
The Train wreck has already crashed and being swept away by what we democrats call CHANGE. The Republicans prefer the status quo and use FEAR to scare people away from what is right and what is good for the many hard working Americans out there who cannot afford Health Insurance. <br />
<br />
Does not take away from you, Keep your insurance...if you love it so much. If I may say, I dont think its the policy that people fear so much...its the one that is implimenting it.

A reply to Stevester:<br />
Obama a statesman, are you ignorant or just stupid. I will never support a president that appologizes to the world for the United States of America. His liberal agenda is harmful, I mean share the wealth, get real people. I didn't bust my hump to support every bum looking for a handout. I worked hard, let all of America work and see what happens. Before you say I'm heartless, I'm all for helping those that need a little help, but they people have to be trying. I don't want to help lazy bums.<br />
Obama and his health care are going to fail. I like my health plan, I pay good money for it. I don't want Obama's version of what he and that idiot Pelosi want for me. <br />
You wanna know why we all hate Obama? He is a train wreck just waiting to happen. He wont get anoter 4 years if me and the rest of the smart citizens have a say so.<br />
There is a saying: it takes a Carter to get a Reagan. Looks like Chicago is missing it's village idiot.

The first time I heard the Rush show after this election I smelled racism, and I didnt like what I was hearing.<br />
<br />
I would not be surprised to learn he is paid under the table by secret KKK. There is nothing valid about his show except to rile the masses against change. Change for a better America that is designed "for the people and by the people" SOME OF THESE A H'S ARE JUST TOO BRAINWASHED TO SEE WHAT IS WHAT.

When you are politically, morally and ethically bankrupt and have nothing to offer, the only course of action left is to make personal and bigoted attacks. Hence, the tactics of the right wing radio propagandist. (Although, I confess, the accusation that he is actually the father of not one, but two, black children appears to be valid.)<br />
<br />
I have no problem with criticism, or protest, I think both are very patriotic and necessary actions. But, they need to have some substance, some quality, some value to be taken seriously.<br />
<br />
I was in school the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. When the news was read on the school’s PA system about 75% of the students got up, cheered, whistled, and applauded. And, yes this was in the United States (all be it the south which is a tenuous relationship); not Russia, China, or Cuba. The reason they were so elated that the President of The United States had been murdered was because they were now rid of that, “n-gg-r lover.” These same people are now my age, and are the same ones coming up with every stupid excuse to criticize Obama, rather than just admit, they are the same ***-backward racists they were raised to be. I agree, they will never admit it, but most of the anti-Obama hysteria is just plain old fashioned racism.<br />
<br />
By the way did you hear they have just discovered that when the Three Wise Men came to visit Jesus they actually refused to give him the gifts they brought? Turns out they wanted to see the birth certificate first!

Im not racist but I think Obama shouldn't be leading this country in a time like this. If some country were to bomb us or whatever he would say oh we deserved it. I was tellin one of my friend about another candite who was morman and shes all like no a morman running the country thats not good. Oh and its so much better having a muslim run it. I was never concerned about religions or anything like that untill that conversation.

Yes jmuhjacat, but you would not believe how many are listening and eating this up, from all walks of life. They are aggatating the masses. <br />
In my opinion, which might be slightly biased, I think they sound like a bunch of well educated, terribly misinformed,insanely jealous third graders who are sore losers and also racists. I dont mind a difference aired on radio just to give me food for thought, but this outright negativity is just criminal. It will cause riots. That is why I think its wrong.

I agree, it is just wrong. YOu can make a point without denigrating our President.

You said it better than I could. Agree 100%! Amazing how selectively ignorant so many people are, and even more amazing how the domestic media gets listened to by anyone at all. Not me, thanks -- I avoid it like the plague it is.

Thank you all for your posts here. I was wondering if I was the only one reading the media/talk radio.

We all went into debt putting gas in our vehicles, fuel charges cost every company that ships anything more, goods went up, all our disposible income went into our gas tanks instead of buying products and services. Big oil screwed us, messed up the economy. The products we do purchase now come from China....We as Americans are too good to perform the labor that migrants perform. duh...

No thankfully, they sound like my aunt Bebe. But it's good point about increased accountability cos he's getting a large wedge

AP well said. Obama is a statesman. Bush wasn't a milkman. <br />
<br />
$2.47 million, wow. Of course after dinner speeches earn a few quid. Tony Blair is getting $200k per speech

Lil Annie, you raise a valid point about civics class. We live in representative democracies. Were not ruled by Vox populi. Should we hold 100 days of games in the auditorium to assuage the mob. Obama is in office less than 100 days and he has already dealt a positive contribution to the G20. also listening to the guy is a joy. Every time Bush opened his mouth I cringed in embarrassment for the US. <br />
<br />
The recession will abate in early 2010 and that will be due to fiscal policy. A Republican president would still be trying to invigorate market led consumer spending by reducing taxes. HELLO, even people without any fall in disposable income are curbing heir spending. In Bush's case he'd still be reading the economic briefs with his "teach yourself economics" beside him.

http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=506662 Here's a story I posted about my concerns. I would appreciate your comment on it.

I saw your question in the "question for you" section. I really think that Obama is going to have to do a little public education. And impress on the public that elections have meaning, power passes from hand to hand through the years, and democratic civilization demands that citizens accept the outcome of elections. The Democrats won, thank you very much, let them do their thing. If it doesn't work, Guess what? There's another election coming up, vote them out! Don't take up arms!!!!! Geez. I am very nervous. Somebody needs to do some basic civics education with the general public and do it quickly!

ok...iM GOING TO TAKE THIS BACK...OBAMA DID RAISE THE TAXES ON CIGS...AND THAT REALLY IS DISCRIMINATION ON SMOKERS. sure its a good cause but by the same token I want to see a tax on whiskey too.

i NEVER had to listen to talk radio bashing bush. In fact when people started waking up and investigating Bush, he had them roughed up on the sidewalks of NY>Mike Wallace. No, this guy has been in office for less than 70 days. This is not fair. This is not even just. It brings all of down further. We should be watching, waiting, and praying.

I don't see any difference in what is going on with attitudes towards Obama than the attitudes toward Bush when he was in office. As a matter of fact, Bush is still being attacted and still being blamed. It really doesn't matter because all of them are to blame and Obama is no different than Bush. It is all still the same he is just using different words.