You Can Keep Your Change.

It is absolutely moronic to believe that Obama has any capacity to change things forthe better. I'm not even sure that things were that bad in the first place, at least until the Dems took the Senate and House. I'm waiting for it all to fall apart, and I'm a advocate for Texas seccession. We'll be better off without the rest of the union. AN OBAMANATION IS AN ABOMINATION!
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4 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Why do you actually hates him? In terms of the bad he has done?


Obama is a south side, arm twisting, arrogant, narcissistic, polished gangsta. I'm originally from that area, and my father in law was a high ranking politician in Illinois. Obama and his radical cronies want to "transform" the USA into one big South Side Chicago ghetto. He is in over his head. No experience. The only legislation he got passed as a state Senator was legislation written by others, and presented as his own. His old buddies from Illinois, many of them, are looking at prison time, or IN prison. I wiped the dust of that crooked crap town long ago. So glad to be out of Illinois, and especially the south side. Obama sat in Trinity church at least 500 times, but he "never heard Wright talk that way" -sure. Sorry America, you should have seen this coming from miles away. This administration is all about the ends justifying the means, and they will not have a change of heart. Mark my words.

Your profile pic is by far the best ive seen... poor Ralphie!

i would love for texas to secede :) the union would definitely be better off without them :)