Chance For Pormotion

I've been working with this hospital running for 8 years now. I was hired as Clerk II and promoted as Administrative Assistant II after two years. About some months after i was hired, there'a an open position as head of my department. I tried to apply for the position but unfortunately, I was not yet a Civil Service Professional passer that time, and the years of service with the government is not yet enough for this position. Anyway, I tried. Then, the life in the office goes on. It seems that the hired head of the Department came from the outside and sit down there up to now. She seems to not like me. She has favoritism. She has two staff within our department as her best friends. She's bias, impartial among the other staff. Just looking into consideration the good of her best friends and disregarding other staff. I am the second in rank. When shes leaving to attend a meeting, she will leave messages to her best friends which is supposed to be on me. In other situations, she always favor her best friends. Now, she is leaving to migrate to other country and suppose to pass her work and responsibilities to me but she gave it to another one which is outside the department. In 2008, I enrolled in a post graduate degree and graduated as MBA in 2010. I took the Civil Service Examination and passed. In other words, my qualification suffice the requirements needed for the position of Administrative Officer. I just don't know why she doesn't like me while we are doing good with each other too. Shes asking great favors on personal things to me and yet, when it comes to job, seems shes not doing it on the right way. Now that there is a chance for promotion for me, all I have to do is write a letter to the more higher officials because there is no chance I can have it within the department I am working with.
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51-55, F
Apr 28, 2012