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***I am sorry if my story is too long, I am just getting things off my chest***

I been working at a small company for over a year now as an IT support. Before, the department contained one part time and a supervisor. Another IT support got hired 2 weeks after me. We all report to what's called a "Business Development Manager" who also takes care of the training department, among other he's not fully dedicated to our department.

Initially, my job duties were to provide external support to franchisees of the company on using the CRM system as well as internal support to company employees with regards to their computer. My duties started increasing, which I welcomed because I like to learn and grow personally and professionally. Some of the new duties include:

-Assisting franchisees with any issues they have with any technological issues they may face (ex: Operating System issues, Computer hardware issues, Cell phone issues, Printer issues, Internet issues,etc..) before even going to their providers/vendors.
-Being appointed the "contact person" to contact the company's Telecom Technician regarding internal issues (ex: sending requests for changing display name on a phone, Voice mail,etc...) and the company's phone and internet providers.
-I became in charge of preparing and monitoring a weekly meeting that's conducted virtually with our franchisees around the world. I put together all the materials to cover with them, put together the numbers for top sellers, and put together the topic of the week that will be discussed with the franchisees.
-I became the person in charge of creating technical manuals and procedures for different company processes relating to IT.
-Became the CRM trainer for new franchisees both while their initial franchisee training session, and afterward in a 5 weeks training program.
-Revised the CRM Manual (it was horrible and nobody was able to understand it). I created a new manual (actually 2; one for franchise owners, and one for their employees as they get different access to the CRM).
-Documenting errors within the CRM to be sent to the developer and help afterward to fix.
-Taking care of more complex tickets that are sent to the technical supervisor (he sends them to me afterward to solve them because they're "too many").

I generally enjoy the work environment. There are positives and negatives in every workplace. What bothers me the most is the technical supervisor. He's a college dropout who dropped from a 2 year college program (IT) because he "hates" programming. He's only there because the VP of Operations happen to be his aunt in law I believe. He makes many mistakes that me or another guy in the department have to correct and we get blamed for it instead of him while he sits there quietly without saying a word. Errors like sending an email to all franchisees about a training calendar without attaching the calendars (did it several times), I was sick once and asked him to cover a CRM training session in which he "forgot" to do it and I got blamed for it even though I sent him an email and called him several hours before and he acknowledged it, technical tickets that are assigned to him don't get solved for months on end sometimes and then I end up looking for it.  We all got hired for him to "supervise" because he got overwhelmed with the amount of work and had a nervous breakdown and started crying during the company's x-mas party (prior to anyone being hired for IT).

My annual review came up and my manager praised me more than I praised myself. I was told that I exceeded expectations and I charged the organization with lots of positive energy specially when I worked on my birthday evening (despite having plans) to solve a major meltdown that occurred to the CRM. Also at one time me and the manager went out for lunch and he said he wants to see me go into the development stage of the CRM and that he sees alot of him in me. He also said the first step for him to move up is to find his successor. All sounds great, the thing is no action plan or a strategy ever was discussed at any point (I talked to him about it 2 months later and he said we'll discuss it....still nothing).

During that review, I was promised a raise during the review since I received a "probationary" salary at the start of my employment and based on the amount of duties I am currently in charge of. A week later, I received a response that I was denied a raise because they can't afford it.

My company does not understand our role in IT and what it can do to help develop the company. We can do more than just fix a computer. Right now, I feel very much underpaid, overwhelmed with duties, and that my role is not appreciated nor understood in terms of the company's budget. I feel down. I also help other departments when they need help with certain aspects of their duties (making calls to franchisees, gift wrapping, cover the reception for sometimes a full day,etc...). I understand its good to be a team player and help, but not when it takes me away from my other duties. They do this to all the IT support team.

I feel very unmotivated and not sure what I should do now. I work for a supervisor that knows nothing about computers but he's in his position because of family (he has no work experience except working few months at a grocery store), a manager that's too busy to support his team, duties keep pilling on me without any promises of promotion or a raise. Am I being over sensitive and making things worse than it really is? what can I do to motivate myself and make things better? I feel really lost and need constructive opinion.

Thanks for reading.  Sorry its long ... 

P.S: I am going for an exam in December 2012 to become a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA).
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Hey... I just read this, how are you now? How's it going?? What happened? x

The most important thing when you're working somewhere, is to feel comfortable there, and it begins from the place you literally sit at, your table, your private space, and ends with the people you work with.
If there is some way you can make it easier for yourself, then do it. Start with your workplace, make it cozy, make it more personal, not just a table and computer and lots of papers and documents and etc. make yourself believe that this is the second cozy place you want to be at except your home.
We spend at work 90% of our time every day. I myself, come home only to sleep. And i had some problems with my work recently also. Now all im trying to do, is to make it all better in my head first of all.
The thing is, you cannot change your boss, you cannot change this supervisor, you cannot change the fact that he is stupid and zero experienced. All you can do, is change your attitude and thoughts. Maybe you should just try not to care, do your job, think to yourslef that this is a great experience, think how much you learn there every day, not only regarding work, but also regarding relationships with different kind of people. Try to think positive. I am giving you this advice because im in a same situation right now, where i dont know sometimes if im exaggerating , and being too sensitive about everyhting, or not. So im really trying right now to change my own thoughts, and to make them work for me, not me for negative thoughts.

Look for alternative employment.