Your Opinion On My Situation.

I was hired for this company almost a year ago. I took any job that I could find because jobs were hard to come by and I was desperate. I told myself it was only temporary until I found something better. The salary was much less than what I was used to but the bills were piling up. At first it seemed like any other job with little chance for advancement. Then the company started to grow and I was given more responsibilty. Not only was I doing the job I was originally hired for but I was taking on new and more important tasks. I was given the option for health insurance after 6 month but was told I would have to pay half of it. I had not had insurance for over a year and the pay cut I took when I accepted the job made the deduction from my paycheck unacceptable. They agreed to give me a raise to cover my half of the insurance even though I had not been here long enough to get a raise. I appreciated the gesture and thanked them. However, only months after my raise, the insurance rates almost doubled. The raise I received to help mepay for the insurance was not enough. Now I am making less than I did when I first started. I was also promised a new position within the company and have been scheduling interviews for someone to take my position so I could move up. I just found out from a co-worker that he thought they were hiring for the position that was promised to me and that I was staying put. I am so frustrated beyond belief. Not only do I feel lied to but extremely deceived. Should I wait to see what happens or should I come right out and ask about what is going on? My year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. My husband seems to think that I am so beneficial to the operation of this company that they are trying to decide where to put me and possibly have bigger plans for me. Should I keep my big mouth shut?

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I agree with these comments in general, and would add:<br />
--start looking for other jobs to give yourself a sense of your options<br />
--try to look at this situation from an ob<x>jective point of view, as hard as that is<br />
--ask yourself and trusted friends what analysis of the situation makes the most sense<br />
--keep asking these sorts of questions and thinking about it; sooner or later you'll be able to see the situation for what it really is (good or bad). Emotional distance is crucial. <br />
--when you speak to your superiors about your situation, remain totally professional. Be honest and let them know that you need to know as clearly as possible about the situation so you can make 'informed decisions' about your future. <br />
--Instead of bringing problems to superiors' attention, make every effort to bring solutions. If you make it easier for them to help you, it's much likelier that help will arrive<br />
--Never forget that we all deserve a reasonable life if we are doing our part and that suffering all the time is not okay--no one deserves this<br />
<br />
I am praying for your situation and wish you the best.

I agree. Don't rely on co-workers comments; go straight to your boss.

I would talk to your boss about the companies plans for you. Sometimes moving people around takes more time than you would expect. They have to make sure your replacement is trained up to make sure transitions are smooth and they have to make sure that promotionas are justified both by need and financial viability.<br />
Your boss will either give you a peek into the future plans or may shut you out, but at least you'll know where you stand.

It is possible that they find you quite valuable where you are within the company, or your co-worker might have the wrong info. Your boss is your leader. If the information about the position comes from you boss, then believe it. Co-workers do not always have the correct information.<br />
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Regarding the insurance / money issues, I would speak to your superior and explain your situation. They cannot help you if you do not bring it to their attention.<br />
<br />
If you do want to find another job, start searching and do not loose this job until you have something solid.