I Hate To Say It But I Honestly Do

What is it with these people? When you get older do you just become ******** or what?I can't tell you how many ******* older people are getting on my nerves. **** THEM. I'm so mad i can't even write how much i hate them.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

You have to think about the phases they go through. For one, it probably does not feel good knowing you're aging, your skin gives out, so do your bones, eyes get blurrier, things stop working.

Then you worry about the public. People, especially young people don't take you seriously. They just pass you by. They're probably taken advantaged of.

Medication and health insurance can be a pain. They probably have to go to all kinds of doctors at least every other week. Always popping pills and even medication can influence their moods.