I Just...hate Them.

Usually I can deal with food that I dislike. You know, mix it up with some lettuce or something and force it down. I'm a vegetarian so sometimes, depending who I'm eating with, my options are limited. But olives are just disgusting. They have such a strong taste too. I think the reason I hate them (and this is fairly revolting so feel free to stop reading) is that one day I had this pasta for lunch and it had olives in the sauce, but I was hungry and it was practically the only edible object in the house, so I ate it. And then that night, being the thoughtless teenager that I am, I got very intoxicated and vomited up the pasta and all I could taste was OLIVES. OLIVES. OLIVES. OLIVES! Ew.
poorlittlerichgirl poorlittlerichgirl
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2007

Naw, poor you.. Olives taste weird... It's like drinking oil... However, olives put in a vinegar and salt solution etc, are ok, cause they don't taste olives at all :)

Ewww....im a vegetarian myself an can only eat olives when im on holiday, gherkins and beetroot yuk (again, please feel free to stop reading) bright red vomit! nuff said.