Why Do You Hate One Direction?

Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall are 5 boys I love very much and I donr think you respect that. They are handsome, they deserve their girlfriends, they have great voices. What's not to like? I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but hating One Direction is just OUT OF ORDER.
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Not everybody is going to like a boy band that you like.
Their fans are annoying and think they're going to marry 1D. Not going to happen.
Girls are immature. They shouldn't get mad just because somebody doesn't like them. I actually hate them. I like The Wanted way better :)

1. They don't write their own songs
2. They sing only about love
3. They post mean things about The Wanted on Twitter and that ugly brunette said that Taylor Swift was "pain in my ***"
4. They are not good-looking.
5. They think they're awesome byt they're not.
6. Their songs are stupid.
7. They can't play any instruments!
8. **** One Direction, here comes The Beatles! <3

If hating one direction is out of order. Just look at the amount of stupid directioners hating on taylor. I personally don't hate one direction, but I hate their stupid fans. Their fans make it so tiring to like one direction so hating them is easier. Every single Directioner has commented on youtube, posted on twitter and Instagram and Facebook calling taylor a **** and a how're. What did she do to you? NOTHING but you still hate her? What did one direction do to is? Nothing, but their fans are just plain rude. I hope you are aware of that and learn to like other fanbases.
When Peazer started, directioners were like " oh my god, Danielle is like so ugly. She doesn't deserve Liam"
When they broke up and Liam is with this new girl idk sofia? You guys go ahead and say," I miss Peazer! I love Danielle!" Like wth???

You couldn't have said that any better! They even go on Facebook and YouTube, saying "Harry is mine" and all this other BS. How can they expect us to like 1D, but when we say one of them are our favorite members, they get mad and try to start arguing with us? So backwards...
I don't like them, and that's all that's to it. People can call me a hater all they want- it's not going to change anything.
And the fans are ******* BTW.

1. Niall writes most of their songs and they sing them better than anyone.
2. Have you heard Diana? They saved billions of lives if not more, and they're free to sing what they want.
3. Just as they posted mean things you ARE too. What do you call this post then? And you probably don't know about taylor and harry's previous relationship.
4. They are good looking, boys are just jealous.
5. They don't think they're awesome, niall is the most insecure one of them.
6. Their songs saved lives.
7. Niall can play the guitar, and harry plays the kazoo.
8. One direction are the first in 90 countries.

1. Correction- other artist writes most of their songs, and Niall and Louis can't even sing all that well. They're are singers out there that can sing 10 times better.
2. People still self-harm and commit suicide that are fans of them, so it's not working.
3. 1D fans are hypocrites for telling us to respect One Direction, yet they get threaten their girlfriends because they're jealous that they can't date them.
4. Boys aren't jealous for having their own opinions. Don't you think it's gay for another man to call another guy good-looking? And the last time I checked, 1D is mostly a boyband that sings pop songs about girls.
5. Niall is insecure because he doesn't have a backbone. He let's everything get to him. Not everybody he meets is going to like him.
6. You already said that.
7. "Niall can play the guitar, and Harry can play the kazoo."
Wow, ok... the kazoo is a popular instrument (sarcasm).
8. Ok, so they're first in 90 countries? And what's your point? Not everybody likes them.


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