Sorry Directioners, There Are Better Looking Guys Out There Than Those Five

They're a manufactured band spearheaded by Simon Cowell with the purpose of appealing to girls who are insecure about their looks. I didn't realize that One Direction were popular until I was assisting an English class in the French West Indies. One student asks me "What's the name of the Irish guy in One Direction?" (as I'm Irish). And I thought to myself: How do you know who One Direction are? Do French people watch the British X factor? Then I saw a rant on youtube about One Erection and it was only then that I realized they made it across the Atlantic. I don't hate them, but I think there are better looking guys than them. Zayn reminds me of a guy I used to love (except my crush was way better looking than him). Harry is what Mick Jagger would look like as a young fop. I think Mick Jagger was attractive in his heyday, not just because of his dance moves, but unlike Harry Styles, he has actual talent.
I find it disturbing when middle-aged women gush over them like teenage girls. I remember watching an Irish TV show on TV3 and this woman was telling a panel of other women how she interviewed One Direction and how she was really taken with Harry saying that he had smouldering eyes, kept staring at her and was really interested in her questions. I read a tabloid story which made me laugh where Harry was responsible for the breakup of a marriage cause apparently the wife cheated on the husband with Harry Styles (sorry I don't know the names), but I don't see how older women could be attracted to One Direction. I'm 23 and to me they look very young. Their hairstyles, the way they dress and their songs are all designed to appeal to a young demographic of insecure girls.

P.S: One Direction also make me feel old.
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Wow i get the super over excited part but they didnt get to top 3 of xfactor just because judges say yes you know. Theres a gigantic audience behind them so if the audience like what theyhear, isnt it safe to say they have talent?

Just because someone is popular in today's world doesn't mean they're talented. If you look at what music is viral on youtube, it's usually due to amount of *** shown in the video or in the case of One Direction, it's because they have the kind of ''cuteness'' that appeals to girls around your age. If I was 12, I probably would've liked them, but I don't because I'm 25. When you get to my age, you'll know what I mean and maybe you'll like pretty boys less.

They have this band sound that i like that is unique. When i first listened to them it was a lyric video. So.....I think its quite safe to say i like what i hear....besides i dont overly fangirl more of just buy their albums and listen to them. If i meet them in real life ill just treat them as if their strangers. Afterall, i only know them as a boyband nothing more.

I think it's not alright to say you shouldn't like them because there are better looking guys out there. Does it matter that much what they look like?
Most of the girls are not "insecure" as you call it. Some of them are just sad or they have a tough life and thats why they become a fan in the first place; because they are fun.
I think that's whats so appealing about them. Of course they are also good looking but they are just young and havin fun and that's just really refreshing when you see what other stars do.
Maybe their music is not everyone's taste but in the end it's the funny spontaneous things, the fans come for.
Also please don't believe everything you read in the newspaper!
And by the way they are between 20 and 24 years old so they shouldn't make you feel old as i see you're between 22 and 25

Dear, please read my post again and you'll find that I didn't dictate to anyone to dislike One Erection because there are better looking guys out there. I merely expressed that I don't understand why some of their fans would react like they're the best looking men in the world (look at twitter for evidence), when there are clearly better looking men than them. I slightly disagree with you, there are some Directioners who love the song "What makes you beautiful" that are insecure about their looks.

I totally agree with you.