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Rotten Coworker

So there is this older artist I work with at the shop. I shall name him Bob since I don't want to give his real name. Anyway Bob treats me like dirt since I'm relatively new to the shop I've been there about 2 years now. He always puts me down makes fun of my artwork and screams at me over stupid stuff. Like yesterday I organized the inks by color and tonal value to make it easier for everyone he went nuts cause it wasn't the way it always was. Or a few weeks ago I was working at the light table in the back room working on an outline for a client I went to go get some water when I came back all my stuff was thrown on the floor when there was clearly another open light table next to the one I was at. He's done other things to me also like make comments on how I look or how I dress. I just want to smack him no use talking to the owner of the shop he loves "Bob". At least I'm not the only one he picks on others get it also. I have no clue what I've even done to make him hate me like that or something.
Rotny Rotny 26-30, M Apr 10, 2012

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