I Don't Hate Him...

But life sure would be better if I moved my desk away from him!  He sits in the next cube to me and I don't know what I did to this guy but he makes it known that he doesn't like me at all.  When we first moved next to each other (company moved everyone in one building and we didn't get a choice who we sat next to) he was nice and freindly, then almost over night he changed to not talking to me, looking the other way when I said good morning to him, when I do speak to him he never answers.  Then he laughs and jokes with everyone else BUT me.  I mean his behavior is so obvious but he is a well liked guy so no one says anything.  I am just so irritated with him!  I want to move desks so bad just to get away from him! 


UPDATE:  I'm shocked as all hell!  He TALKED to me today!  All on his own!  I mean, he did even said my name and was smiling.  We had a nice exchange and everything.. he was laughing and cracking jokes....  is it a full moon or something?  Planets aligned just right? WHAT THE HELL???

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Mar 2, 2010