An Ode To No One

im tired of puttin myself out for people and gettin little or nothing in return
i stop up late to listen to your problems,or just talk because your down,putting off things i had planned because u guilted or talked me in to yet 5more minutes,or saying please dont go.
putting off time with my boyfriend or friends becasue u need more,well im not going to do that,im gonna b more selective who i open up to,i have maybe been to emotionally open+free with sharing myself,and maybe i shouldnt be.maybe this is just another rant,but hell im gonna roar+not apologise 4it anymore
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1 Response Apr 11, 2011

You feel how you feel Soph, as a matter of fact it probably feels pretty damn good to get it off your chest ! One sided relationships of any kind are difficult to put up the song takes two !<br />
You should be more selective, not everyone is kind and worth your time !