I Have No Time For People Who Blow Hot Then Cold!

I have this friend, when she is in a friendly mood she can be my best friend, she is attentive, funny, thoughtful/caring and always shows interest me in, this was the girl I first became friends with. However there is a major problem, she is really into astrology and she reads her star signs like their the bible, she takes all the bad points from her star sign and uses alll of them then when u ask her why she is being so cold she just says "its cos im aquarius" i am also aquarius however i do not go around treating people in this way. Shenever texts me first but also has a sly dig if i dont text her for a few days and she doesnt like one of my other friends and so she dislikes me spending time with this other girl. Is this asking too much of a friend? should i stop being so picking or am i right to have thiese issues with her??

thanks guys x
sjmorgan1 sjmorgan1
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2 Responses Apr 13, 2011

yeah thanks that is wat i thought, ill have to sit her down and have a chat because i feel that this friendship is definately one sided if i dont make the effort there is no contact between us and im tired of it. thanks tho x

Well honestly i think your friend is using the astrology thing as an excuse. You should let her know how you feel and tell her that just cause shes aquarius doesnt mean she has to be a b*itch.. if she still uses that as an excuse then i suggest dropping her. But in the end its your life so do what you want.