Oh The Document Is There...

I just got "unable to find attachment" cause I was out of memory in some application...

As a developer I know what happened. Some developer probably coded an exception handler that basically just returned to the user the text of the most common thing that could go wrong, and when something else happened I still got that error.

But it's confusing. There's a big difference between being out of memory (something I fixed by closing an unnecessarily open app) and the document not actually being there (which is potentially more permanent).
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

And then later in day, another program displays "External component has thrown an exception" :-D

Or perhaps maybe they are calling something third-party and all they know is that it bombed and don't know why and are _assuming_ this means that a resource wasn't found :-D

A lot of times what it is is that an exception is hard to catch specifically... Like I believe in JDBC for example, when performing ops against an Oracle database, you might get the same actual exception type thrown for many different types of errors and the only way to tell them apart is to parse the text that comes back in the error message that goes with the exception. Now there are things like Spring fr<x>amework which I believe will catch those exceptions, parse the text for you and rethrow the exception as something "more specific", but not every similar situation or programming language has such a facility. For all I know, on the Microsoft platform it may be hard to distinguish "out of memory" from different types of other errors... I'm inclined to doubt it though :-D