Just Found Out Two Years Too Late

So- At the end of the year 2010 I joined a training program in my former company.

As one of the oldest- I have the missfortune of being the only one not appear "trendy" enough or even fashionable- though not my fault mainly. So anyway, the 3 months training program was a nightmare- with fresh graduatees- some of them- considered themselves to be the next Messiah of some sort, and they looked down on "oldies" like me as an either embarassment or what I don't even want to know- but basically some of them disliked me and started the whole bullying campaign.

As usual- I shouldered on with "this too shall pass." Attitude. And today, when I clicked on fb acc of a former friend I found a tagged picture of that era- and snippets of conversation from several "kids" mocking me. Woohooo cyberbullying here I come!

It's safe to say that in the past I've had suspicion of cyberbullying. Just because I have no smartphone then, and I refused to allow my small team to skip from the office in working hours(they wanted to go to the mall and shopped and lazying around at office hour! Worse they couldn't even say their wish directly to me and just badmouthed me with their bbm groupies- I found out much later when I got into confrontation with them:)!) i got branded as non-likeable and slandered.

But what I find omnious is the date. Exactly two years ago- on 28th November 2010- these "adults" posted their slanders on me. And I never found out until today, exacty on 28th November 2012. I wonder why?
If this is life this is strange- almost like a storybook.
I wonder if God/someone up there/fate made me find it exactly today of all day in the year- as omnious sign of some sort?
That I am stronger now, strong enough to know of it- the confirmation of my suspicions of slanders?
I know that 2 years ago I was in such bad place- and there's no way their words wouldn't destroy me.
But now- it's like being pricked still but I can live with it- I can go on.

I just find it ironic that some of them "joked" about how I was fated to 'disapear' and here we are, two years since then, and none of them are the big boss or the player. They are disappearing themselves- never a public figure or famous enough to warrant local paper column- and they're not the arrogant fresh graduatees anymore.

I wonder if some of them actually grow up. But it's not my place to care- nor do I want to care.
I guess I need hugs and comfort now that I found out the truth.
Anyone care enough to hug me or give me much needed comforting words?
Thanks all the same.
Lyrea Lyrea
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Hi, just read your story, here is a very big hug from me. Be strong and you will rise above these people. Yes, it is true that God's time is the best, you didn't see or find out about all this stuff till he felt you were strong enough to know. I'm a person of faith so I know what you mean.

Thankyou for the hug- it was something I badly needed then;).
Yeah- I know sometimes life can be very strange. I can't believe the date myself, that I asked my bestfriend to re-check for me and she said the same thing: it is, te date is exactly 2 yrs ago.
Now I have no contact with these arrogants who pride themselves but have no work ethic(later after the training period I heard from other branches snippets of fresh graduatees who arrive for work late, annually skip office by having long lunches, etc2.) and I can't help but think how some people are made themselves to be loser and yet entitled at the same time.
I left the company myself a year ago because I want to be better and the company offer no further development in my career- and today I am a self-employed gal who own her own company- though it's small but it's mine to direct. And yes I use that training experience to recognize losers- especially one from younger crowds.
It's ery easy to weed them out once you learn to recognize them- though these kind of losers try to bring themselves up into a semblance of available, hard-working employee... There's always something to cue you in.
I guess it's true then, that cream always rise to the top:). In my case- I shown profeasionalism in the face of childish schoolgroud bullies who fail to leave school behind after graduation, and its payback has been great for me, their designated "loser".