Medical Waste Washes Up On Reality Tv.

Gel Haired, collar popping, duckface posing, jersey shore idolizing douchebags. They have to be on massengil's product list. I have never met a single one of these summers eve anal warts that I didn't believe should be sterilized to prevent them from further polluting the shallow end of the gene pool.
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LMAO....great story!


I especially hate Jersey Shore...I always say they are a disgrace to the Italian ethnicity!

They should all have been spat out into a tissue. They didnt even deserve to be swallowed.

so true!

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LOL...i take offense to that show, everything about it annoys me. i have parental block on mtv just because i don't even want chance passing through that show while channel surfing. i basically boycotted mtv because of it.

I hate orange people.

<~~~~ won't even tan in the sun, LOL