so my test today sucked. i studied forever and it seems like i got nowhere. the worst part, was i wished the test would have more fill in reaction type questions (like if you react this with this you get x or which reagent would you use here) but my teacher never does that. so i didn't study like that. this freak of nature decides to make the whole test like that. at least that's my default setting.

i'm so sick of ochem. lol went strait to the recruiter after that.

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ps that kid above me is stupid.

I just took the exam after studying for almost two weeks in a row and finally aced my first exam in orgo. usually i suck and fail but now that ive improved my studying by doing a lil bit each day i remember it better. <br />
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lol Im feel your pain, and sorry orgo sucks so much.

Somewhere, between the boat and the chair, there is comfort to be found in organic chemistry! (That'd be the only thing I remember from it :P)

I am avoiding O Chem. I keep recognizing that what I want to do probably requires O Chem, but then ignoring it and hoping that I can avoid it some more. Good Luck, and my sympathy!