Okay For Bank Robbing, But Not Much Else!

Pantyhose are disgusting.  I'm always tugging at them, worrying if they got a run, pulling them over my fat roll when I sit down, adjusting the toe to the right place.  Yuck!  And if they do get a run, it can ruin the entire night.  When I got married, I had about 3 women (all older) suggest which kinds of pantyhose to use, or offered to bring extra pairs.  When I explained I wouldn't be wearing any, they looked shocked!  They acted like I would be walking down the aisle naked, instead of with just nude legs.  Tsk, pantyhose are more uncomfortable than thongs and stilettos put together!

Babeifer Babeifer
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Have a question to ask you...... what ate your thoughts on tights/opaques.

May I be so bold. From your comments I'am thinking a size appropriate to your weight, and don't fib to yourself that would just be silly. Perhaps aiso a quality more equal to your expectations. Don't go out with Willie Nelson when James Bond is just waiting for you to call. Men are, like hose; the better hose treat you better.