Hate Pantyhose

I hate wearing pantyhose.  Seems like I always get runners in them.  Sometimes I use Sally Hansen's spray on hose.  It makes my legs look nice.  I do wear long boots or tights in the winter.

36-40, F
4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

My wife says pantyhose are uncomfortable, especially in the summertime. Lucky me, she much prefers stockings, and looks lovely in them! She says they're much cooler and more comfortable - and if you get a run, you've only ruined one, can save the other one and re-mate if you get a run in another one. Practical AND sexy! :)

Panty hose are good for more than one thing, if you ever get a splinter in your hands, put your hand inside the panty hose and pul it inside out, it will grab hold of the splinter and Vwala

Now this is just going to sound weird, but at the mens club we want to encourage women to wear hose more often. I wear support hose to assist with circulatory issues. I started with womans brands , I didn't have as many problems as I hear from woman; but I dont have long nails, mostly wore with pants, and I had no problem buying a size apropriate to my weight. The latter rumored to contribute the most to womens dissatisfaction with pantyhose. Guess we men are'nt the only ones not able to get no satisfaction. Honestly I don't know why the brain trust in the hosiery industry just does'nt package them a size larger than they really are, rig the charts, OR SOMETHING. I swear I've never seen an industry so bent on destroying itself. I think the American hosiery industry has been infilltrated by comunists. Really. They know we'll bloody them up but good if they attacked militarilly, but if they got our women to stop wearing pantyhose our men would lose the will to fight. Well thats all I've got to say about that. Comfilon makes hose for men , and they are very durable, good waistband, comfortable.

Pantyhose are very sexy on womens legs.