Monday Afternoon

I have to go to the doctor Monday to renew my birth control. SHe informed me she wouldn't fill it unless I got a smear. I hate paps, it is uncomfy, scary, and painful for me. I found out soon after I made the appointment that it isn't required. Did you hear me ladies? It's not required to get birth control. the ACOG just changed their recommendations about smears. Doing more research I found out that we as Americans overuse and over test. Other countries don't start testing till 25 or 30. I felt like such a sheep. I looked up more research onthe statistics of this test and I was devastated. I was forced the first few times. And each time I got it I just hide in my room afterwards. I feel so disgusting about myself when I go in for paps. I was sexually molested as a child and it is just too ookie for me. I found out that holding our birth control over our heads for a test they have to have our consent for is called medical coercion, and according to the patients bill of rights we are supposed to be able to make decisions without coercion. I plan on saying no Monday and demanding my birth control. It should be our choice to have an invasive procedure that's has nothing to do with our birth control, and yes I looked that up to. In order to prescribe birth control the doctor just needs your blood pressure and medical history. We as women and even men need to stand up and question this test. Please do your research ladies. The statistics are not in our favor, and I don't mean the pap smear is helping us.
DogGirl25 DogGirl25
18-21, F
May 19, 2012