It Angers Me So Much!

It shouldn't hurt to be a child, yet most abuse cases, are from parents. You would never think that someone who is suppose to Love and protect you, to hurt you, yet it is happening, its happening everyday.

I know that if anyone ever hurt my child, I would hurt them, twice as bad! Children need Love, understanding, support, guidence. They don't need to be beaten, need to be put down, to get hurt, however it is happening, more than we even realize.

It pains me deeply when I hear that a child is dead, because of the parent, or hear about a child being abused by their parent....

I wish there was something I could do to stop to abuse, however, I can't do it alone! I need help doing it! We need to take a stand, we need to end the abuse, and it all starts with you! It starts with speaking up! Making claims, if you believe that a child is being abused, there is nothing wrong with checking in on a situation to make sure a child is not being hurt!

I just can't stand parents who abuse their children, it just hurts me too bad!

I hate Parents who abuse their children. No child ask to be born, and it shouldn't hurt to be a child either. I think parents who hurt their children, are low life scums. It is ******* sick when people abuse their children.

The worst part is, those who are abused, go on to abuse, because they never dealt with it. I never dealt with my abuse, till I came here, and started writing, but i DO know, that the chain of abuse, stops with ME! I will NOT let my child be abused!


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Jul 16, 2010