Dog Murderer

I really dislike that wonkied eye ****. There are rumors from a former housekeeper that Paris had locked one or two dogs in her closet while she jetted off somewhere. The housekeeper had found the dog(s) when they had starved to death. After that rumor started, she went to a pet store and purchased more dogs. She then did a magazine spread of her new massive dog house to quell the rumors.
Also some years ago, this dummied up **** forgot to pay her storage bills and videos were found of her singing racist slurs to the tune of "we are family" at a New Year's party. Her damage control: publicity shots with famous black athletes.
In an interview about Paris and Nicky Hilton, her aunt stated that girls do not get along with these camel faced prostitutes because they are jealous of their beauty. False statements like that, have helped this street walker be delusional.
How do people forget that this sack of **** is a cancer to society. I guess money does not buy class.
lizzette123 lizzette123
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 15, 2010