I Don't Hate Passive Aggressive Behavior.

I don't hate passive aggressive behavior but I joined this group because I think I am passive aggressive and would like to learn more about this personality trait to confirm whether or not I am passive aggressive. If I am think I owe my behavior to growing up with a bully brother. He would always get his first pick of the toys, even when they were not meant for him. He would hit me and I felt defenseless so I started developing clever ways to get back at him, like blowing my nose with his clean shirts every time he made me cry.
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Being on passive aggressive personality disorder, I would try to say sorry to all the folks who were offended by my types and similar.

Words, expressing them properly and in a timely manner is a challenge for my type.

I wish I could make it up to them again but I am not trying properly perhaps.

At SpiceZ oh, believe me I got into physical fights but he would always win.

I grew up with a bully brother too, it did not make me passive aggressive.
I believe that those who are passive aggressive are so, because they lack the backbone to be honest and direct.

I see it as a weakness.

hhmmm I have a backbone and i use it, so passive aggressive is not me ( if that's all there is to it ).

I don't see it that way...someone with a backbone does not behave the way you describe you did...I had a bigger brother same thing but that never stopped me from mouthing off at him or even an occasional fist fight, even if he won....Why cuz I have a backbone and am not afraid to put myself out there, and have an ''honest'' conflict! Those things you call clever are the trait behaviors of a passive aggressive individual. Anyway bye then, this is the wrong group for you.