Will I ever get pregnant someday and have beautiful kids and family. And will I ever cure pcos that I just want my hirsutism to eliminate :'(
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yes you will hopefully :)
have faith
i have pcos too...i still believe in myself..and have faith in God
i just tried changing my diet...
avoid dairy (cow), soy and wheat...
eat more veggies...drink more wheatgrass...
eat coconut oil...
download this report on pcosofyou.com
it says why wheat and soy aggravates our PCOS

Soy? But I thought its good for pcos and the wheat, is it the whole wheat that your talking like whole wheat bread?

no it is not! soy will really wreck your hormones!
wheat as in any kind of bread. avoid bread..unless it is made of almond/coconut flour or that sort.

get the free report here..talks abt soy and wheat www.pcosofyou.com

I have mild pcos. I found out 3 months ago it does suck. But yes you will have kids just keep faith!

I didnt know there is a mild and severe pcos. Oh well whats your symptoms