Despicable Parents

An article from an Australian paper:

Australia busts global paedophile ****** ring

January 1, 2011

AN AUSTRALIAN investigation has unearthed an international network of paedophile parents who abuse their own children and share images of the assaults.

The operation by Queensland police, Taskforce Argos, has led to the break-up of the major international paedophile ring of parents, with arrests in the US and Britain.

The breakthrough came when officers from the taskforce, which is targeting online predators, intercepted an email sent to a known Australian sex offender containing pornographic photos of children.

Investigative leads in Australia were sent to authorities in the US and Britain, unearthing a network of parents who abused their own children and shared images of the assaults on the internet.

''All children have an absolute right to grow up free from the fear of sexual abuse and exploitation, and especially from those they trust,'' Brian Moskowitz, a special agent with America's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, said after two US arrests.

The Australian information led British authorities to arrest the operator of a ''naturist'' website open only to parents who abused their children.

The British website operator and his wife allegedly abused their young son and daughter, filmed the assaults and distributed the images.

An examination of the couple's computers recovered ''chat logs'' that led US authorities this week to two fathers in Texas and Michigan. The men allegedly held internet video sessions with each other, during which they abused their children.

On Monday, when US authorities executed a search warrant on the Texas man's home, police said he admitted to assaulting his son just hours earlier during a Skype session with the Michigan man.

The Michigan man was arrested on Tuesday.

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