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i really hate pedofiles. when i was around 5 years old, my biological father, Raymond, began molesting me. at least thats the earliest i remember. at age 13 he raped me and took my virginity. i never got to have my own experience of having a boyfriend and us maybe losing our viginity together, you know? he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and got out at the beginning of april. im scared for all the children and parents in the surrounding areas as he has never shown remorse. i dont believe he thinks he did anything wrong. the afteraffects of being abused like this as a child has left me crippled. i have major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder and im agoraphobic. personally, i think all pedophiles should be castrated.

May 16, 2013
An update to my story...  my father got out on parole but violated it and was sent back to prison. It made me feel good to know that he is off of the streets. Im currently still in counseling and doing alot better. My agoraphobia seems to be ALOT better and I'm able to go out into public places alone now with the help of breathing exercises and medication. I'm still having alot of problems with my depression and Borderline but I will continue to work as hard as possible with my therapist to keep them in check. Thanks to everyone who has read my story and left positive comments. For all of you that have suffered the same kind of abuse, my heart goes out to you and I will keep you in my prayers.  Maybe castration is not the answer but the punishments for rape and sexual abuse by pedophiles should be treated with a higher regard. The recidivism rate of child molesters is more than 75 % and that should be taken into consideration when they are sentenced. Many abusers go undetected by authorities as many children are too afraid to stand up and tell. It may be a mental disorder but it leaves the victims with mental disorders as well. something that is not our fault and something we shouldnt have to deal with for the rest of our lives. It does stay with us forever. Maybe the punishment should be up there with murderers. Anyway just my thoughts. Again thank you to all that have supported me during my struggle.
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wow that is an interesting perception and you might be right.

If the punishment is the same for murder, more of them will murder their victims in hope of evading detection.

how terrible, oh just try to move on, not all guys are like that.

your reply is not heartfelt and it is obvious that you did not read the story and your comment is not related to it. Have some heart. No, not all guys are like that but there are some that are, as I have experienced with my father.

Sorry you had to experience that.
I lived with a guy who I respected enough to consider my father though we weren't related and he didn't adopt me either.
I was 18 at the time and he was in his 40s. The majority of the time I stayed with him and his wife, he was sexually fantasizing about me. He even lied about me to his wife(I believe he did) because I brought the issue out. He got scared and felt he had to go against me to get me kicked out of their house. I, too, hate pedophiles.

If you were 18 he would not be considered a *********. There is no legal protection as you were over the age of consent. It still doesn't make it right, of course, especially with him being married. But it's not illegal.

I HATE sick, gross, twisted madness like this! I hope you are okay now, I'm praying for you & for the protection of all kids that may cross his path smh

"personally, i think all pedophiles should be castrated." I somewhat agree, although "exterminated" sounds much better in my opinion. If the guy is still out free, get a gun and put a bullet in his skull.

So you go to prison for life. Not a thought out plan.

What a horrible crime these pedos. commet, i was fondle when i was a child, by family people.This left me with many negative feelings. I am a christain lady, I've found that useing spiritual pracipels, has helped me.. I only wanted peace of mind, so <br />
<br />
I prayed for them<br />
an fordave them

Many abusers have the same disorders that you have, especially the chronic low self esteem, thus picking or choosing children that will not refuse them and reinforcing the low self esteem. Twin studies show us that about 50 percent of personality is inherited, meaning that often the victims of abuse are going to have the low self esteem and personality issues of the parent, abused or not. I don't think the cause of depression and low self esteem matters as much as how one copes with it.

*hugs* im sorry for what happened to you. my uncle hurt me, idk if he raped me but still. and i get what you mean about him ruining your experience with men. i mean personally i feel disgusted with all men, i know that isn't fair and i have tried to be happy with a guy i mean im still that little girl wishing for her happy ending but idk im repulsed by anyones touch. and i also think they should have all fingers choppped off, and tongue ripped out, besides having them castrated.

I wish it was the law that pedophiles were executed after there second offense. I, too, know how you feel. I think it's criminal. Period. They are old enough to know better, else they wouldn't threaten their victims to keep quiet, that shows that they are criminal, not "ILL". I carry hatred, sure I do. I never had the choice of having the chance of losing my virginity before or after marriage. I wish that we were allowed to show these sick fkks how we do feel.........I'm thinking BONFIRE...Like the days of old in Salem.............

Once caught and convicted they should be forced to live isolated with people like themselves. Castration would do little to provide assurance of re-offending.
I also believe if the victims mother were aware she should face criminal charges. I can't imagine what abandonment a child must feel when they tell their mother and she does nothing to protect her child.

You are right..My mother turned a blind eye because his income far out weighed my well being, and that of my brother. It's a hard fact to swallow when you can't depend on your mother...I never could depend on her, it just took me time to accept that it was true, that it was a cold hard fact.....

thank you guys for commenting on my story. it makes me feel sane to know that there are others that feel the same as i do. im sorry to both of you for having to go through that pain. i'd like to think that it has made us stronger in some way.

My dad was able to use me for 2 years, from 6-8, then my grandmother moved in with us...He wasn't my first rapist.

It has made us stronger, and we want to protect our children. That's evidence that others who blame their actions of hurting a child on their childhood is bull ****, we don't do that...Why do they get by so easy with that senseless claim ???

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I think people like that should be made an example of. They should be castrated in public and be sodimized with a sharp blunt ob<x>ject so the can finally know what they did to their victims. It should be done repeatily again and again. It might sound cruel but hey they got what they deserved.

********** is much more then the act of molestation. It is a conditioning of the victim that causes them to think they participated , they won't tell if they think it was partly their fault. This conditioning leaves them with a low self esteem that in many cases they carry with them the rest of their lives. You can only be abused so many times but the scars remain for life

I don't blame you for thinking he should be castrated. Especially knowing that he showed no remorse? It may be a mental disorder that makes him do what he did, but it's what he does physically that is criminal. At the very least he should be given libido suppressing drugs, chemical castration.

i hate that i ever wrote this stupid story.

Look...I guess nobody did this, but I'm sorry you dad did this to you, it's not your fault, and I understand it took a lot of courage to post this.

Interesting comment because Silverbells just added me as a friend. Perhaps you should read all my comments before you lose control of yourself.

Did you ever get burned really bad? If you did then you see someone with a bad burn you cringe. That is because you feel their pain. Same with abuse ... you feel the hurt and want to help. That is why there are so many groups that are dedicated to that purpose. ISA is the one that truly opened my eyes .. the people there were all abused and they know how to help you ... and's free

I'm glad you read the rest of my posts and the fact you replied means I was wrong about some things. When I saw the pic of you and you son it triggered something ... sorry, that wasn't your fault. My mom was totally dysfunctional and she left allot of damage in her wake that included 1 dead sister 2 sisters living a lifetime train wreck and myself (my conduct speaks for itself). I simple don't know how to talk to people ... I never could because I was too busy surviving when growing up. I had at least 2 or 3 fistfights a month, quit high school in 10th grade, spent a decade on drugs ... then found the Lord. The first thing I did was read the Bible ... the part about if I won't forgive the abusers ...then He won't forgive me. As you already know ..that ain't easy. But it made sense that when you pray and your mind is full of hate then it's like having a toilet in the kitchen ... the same mind that is pray stinks of hatred. I agree that perps should be locked up and society protected. I don't agree they should be used to vent our anger. God will give them every measure of justice and it will be far worse than anything you can think of. By freeing your mind of hatred you have room for love. Imagine your mind is a house ... if one half the house is used to process crap and you live in the other half of the house with love ...what is the house going to smell like? My point is the more crap you get rid of the more room you have for love. No one is asking for you to let your guard down because Perps are evil people and will do whoever they can. If I caught one in the act I may whack him myself inspite of my earlier comments however I don't dwell on it. Dwelling on hatred is Cancer. I'm sorry if I hurt you.

@fixxer why did you leave such a nasty, mean comment the first time if you had all of this valuable advice. you see, im not filled with hate and anger. i hate him but my world doesnt revolve around him. ive given most of it to God and im in therapy for that and other issues. i do just fine with my son. i dont use my past as a crutch and i dont want anyone to feel sorry for me. this site is about groups and your own experiences so i wrote a very short not much detailed story. i had no idea it would create such a mess. its seriously got me thinking of just leaving the site for good. i thought it would be a good way to vent. im still angry and very much hurt by your first comment but the other ones are helpful. thank you.

@fixxer why did you leave such a nasty, mean comment the first time if you had all of this valuable advice. you see, im not filled with hate and anger. i hate him but my world doesnt revolve around him. ive given most of it to God and im in therapy for that and other issues. i do just fine with my son. i dont use my past as a crutch and i dont want anyone to feel sorry for me. this site is about groups and your own experiences so i wrote a very short not much detailed story. i had no idea it would create such a mess. its seriously got me thinking of just leaving the site for good. i thought it would be a good way to vent. im still angry and very much hurt by your first comment but the other ones are helpful. thank you.

sybilverbells ... Please remember that you were conditioned by your abusers not to talk. They had to be sure you would not expose them . That is where the real damage is. You were betrayed by the ones that were supposed to protect you. In many victims they blame some of the abuse on themselves because they kept quiet ... they have to come to grips with the fact a 5 year old ... indeed, a 13 year old 's mind is no match for an abusers cunning. Because many abused blame some of it on themselves they are left with a very low opinion of themself. I suspect that you are about to give me a Broadside with denial regarding blamming yourself ... but let me ask you this ... How often when you make a simple mistake,,, with anything ... do you call yourself an a..hole or worse .... Try to look into the mirror then say "I'm a good person" then begin to beleive it

Things are either black or white in your world. Unless I read your story wrong then it was your brother that screwed you. Why does he get no blame but it's all your dad's fault? After reading your rants it's obvious you have lost control of reality. We both have one thing in common ... I also hate pedo's, however if I were to cut off thier penis and stuff them up thier butt then that would make me no different than they are. My abuse even led too my Mom tieing my sister and me to a chair, then trying to burn the house down. Why not read my story before your open your "the world owes me" mouth?<br />
I suspect your life is full of anger and hate because all you want to hear about is how sad your life was. but now you are the one that is continuing the hurt. Perhaps your grandad stuck his penis up your dads butt and that's why he is so screwed up. No one ever suggested you send your dad a I forgive card but for God sakes, you are allowing him to continue to ruin your life. The post after yours is good advice The beginning of healing starts when you have compassion for others that have through it and need someone to reach out that knows the pain

wtf! who do you think you are? im perfectly capable of taking care of my son who lives with his dad most of the time anyway. i didnt know i had any of these disorders until the last 6 or 7 years. im in therapy for it. i dont even know why im replying to this. you are one sick azzhole to take my abuse and turn it around on me like it was my fault. yes castration, cutting their hands off, sewing their lips shut and then hanging them from a tree. i assume since "he only played with me for 8 years" that you condone pedophiles and their behavior. maybe you should get the same treatment as mentioned above. how dare you take my abuse and twist it into something so sick. ITS MY STORY NOT A F**KING DEBATE. you dont get an opinion you psychopath.

Obviously I think this is the right place, and I have explained myself already. This is not a group for victims, there are plenty of those groups if you need one. This is a group for hate.<br />
<br />
Just because you don't see the pedophiles who never rape anyone (or the child molesters who never re-offend) doesn't mean there aren't any. People like you have created an environment where it would be unwise to stand up for themselves, even if they have never harmed a soul. (The same was true for communists and homosexuals 50 years ago, lest we forget.) You hate them for the way they think, the way they are, their very soul. There is nowhere for them to seek help, because you don't want to help them. You want to hate them. <br />
<br />
I've seen studies which say that 68%-88% of child molestation is done by pedophiles. The same studies show that 96% of child molestation is done by males. If you want to say pedophiles are dangerous you have to say the same about males. While that has an ounce of truth to it, the obvious flaw in the logic is that those numbers don't mention the billions of men who behave themselves. <br />
<br />
The truth is nobody knows how many pedophiles there are who don't hurt anyone. I've come across studies that say as many as 25% of all men are sexually attracted to prepubescent children. That would mean there are hundreds of millions who resist the urge. They should be applauded rather than discriminated.<br />
<br />
We all have fantasies we don't give in to. At least, I do. For example, I've never eaten a penguin. If you want to hate anything, hate a lack of self-discipline. Not all alcoholics drink and drive. Not all men beat their spouses or rape women who reject them. Not everyone is so weak.<br />
<br />
And you can delete my comments if you like, but I'm not saying anything that isn't true and won't still be true even if you ignore the unpleasant reality.

I'm no expert,just a by- stander with an oppinion,which I'm sure most of us are.However,it seems to me that most people who suffer any kind of mental illness are found not guilty of criminal charges in many cases because they have no control and are usually not aware of what they are doing,or that what they are doing is wrong.With most child molesters that I've read about or seen in the news,they tried to hide what they were doing.Therefore an admission of guilt.They knew what they were doing was wrong and tried to cover it up.In any case,intentional or not,innocent people's lives are at risk so long as these people are living freely in our communities.At the very least,if a ********* is released,the public needs to be aware of it,and aware of there where abouts at all times.If you look at the statistics of reoffenders for these types of crimes you might agree with me.Maybe a a 17 yr old knocks over a corner store,does his time for it,goes back to school and becomes a productive member of society.This kind of thing happens frequently.When was the last time you talked to someone or heard of someone who mollested children,got caught,went to jail and and came out a brand new person and never reoffended? If a dog bites they put it down.Those children will never get their lives back,why should the person who took it from them in the first place.

@lorelei FINALLY someone else who is trying to say the same thing as me. their urges dont ever go away and even if monitered, children are still at risk!!!! this is a disorder/disease that CANNOT be cured! and it is sick. even IF they cant help it, WHY IN THE WORLD would someone DEFEND someone else WHO WANTS TO VIOLATE CHILDREN? there is no such thing as an innocent pedoph!le!!! even if they dont actually commit the heinous crime they are fantasizing about, they are always gonna be looking for that opportunity. people, read the statistics! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

Yes, they should be institutionalized if they are dangerous. I think I've stated this multiple times. That is what "treating it as a mental illness" means. I guess you thought I meant that they should be left alone and given a presc<x>ription for Zoloft or something? Perhaps that explains the confusion.<br />
<br />
I try not to respond to mystikRage because I believe them to be a troll who doesn't listen to reason, who quotes things that were never said, and is only trying to provoke more hatred. But I fear people might listen, so I will say one thing: If defending someone makes you one of them then I am a *********, a muslim, a homosexual, a pornographer, a woman, a child, the founder of Wikileaks, and Michael Vick.

People are capable of murdering each other, should we lock up everyone who is capable of negativity? Pedophiles aren't rapists, people who like meat aren't all killers, just like people who like kids aren't all rapists. I can see why you're angry, but the fire and brimstone approach is laced with the preconceived idea that people with taboo opinions are immediately labeled as evil. Not all black people play basketball, not all white people trade stocks, and not all pedos harm people. it'd be a bad thing to harm an innocent person, right? It'd be taking their lives away for doing nothing wrong, just admitting they want to seek help before they do anything they'll regret..but a mandatory punishment? For not breaking any law?

for the life of me, i cannot figure out your stance on this subject and how you could defend someone who wishes to hurt a child whether they can help it or not. children are defenseless and dont get to have a say in their abuse. ********** doesnt go away. maybe they should be institutionalized for life so there is no risk of them acting out? it doesnt make sense to me unless you have this problem or have a feasible solution in mind.

No one deserves abuse, not you, not pedophiles.

well when anyone decides to comment on my experience, let me know. i find this offensive. i figured the debate would be over now. and tsunami, since my father couldnt control his urges, i guess i must have deserved his abuse, huh?

I wouldn't want my kids near someone who was attracted to children ... <br />
<br />
everyone knows these P E D O types are opportunists ... a disaster waiting to happen <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

@stormynightsky 40% of child molesters, who were later diagnosed as having **********, had molested a child by the time they were 15 years old.**********-part-1.html<br />
<br />
@Mydarkbrneyes I'm not defending crimes, I'm defending pedophiles. You're not a molester if you haven't molested. Your way of thinking is maddening to me. What you are basically saying is that if you are attracted to kids you might as well just rape one because it will be impossible for you to resist. You are part of the problem. If pedophiles weren't hated maybe those 15 year olds mentioned above could be helped instead of doing what they do.

''Many pedophiles are still kids themselves when they develop those feelings.''<br />
<br />
@ Tsunami, are you serious? Can you truly say that these feelings were developed in childhood? If, for example, a ten year old boy has a crush on a ten year old girl that is NOT ********** but a simple normal childhood development, it clearly only becomes ********** if this person BECOMES that way as an adult, as clearly a 40 year old ''having a crush on'' a ten year old is NOT ''normal development, but a deep, deep perversion.

Tsunami's male/female pic looks like it's taken straight from a ''Lolicon Hentai'' adult entertainment site

Sorry for what happened to you sybill. One way of keeping parents informed of such things in the surrounding area is by distributing fliers door to door, if you're capable, or an easier way is contacting the Home Owner's Association for that village/area etc. I've seen this done many times. I'm aware of the pedophiles and others in my neighborhood.

Nice profile pic Tsunami.

Totally 100 % agree with mystikRage<br />
<br />
Totally 100 % disagree with Tsunami

@Tsunami<br />
Some people are hated for the way they are made, because they were made to be hated.. Its a part of life.. Just like murderers.. They were born with a desire to kill.. Should we spare them too? <br />
We shouldn't hate Osama because he was made a terrorist.. Its not about what they haven't done.. Yet... Its about what is building up.. what they are fighting not to do.. <br />
Dont treat them like victims.. because everyone in this world is a victim of hate...<br />
I am hated for being white.. Wiccan.. Friend of Gays.. Wearing Black.. Being Hyperactive.. Being Childish at times..... You get the point.. Hate is a part of this world.. and Honestly.. I HATE pedophiles.. Its a cruel ****** up mother ******* world.

Ever notice that the people who don't know you but still call you "sick" do so because of fantasies that came out of their own mind? <br />
<br />
I defend pedophiles and anyone else that is hated for how they were made. Many pedophiles are still kids themselves when they develop those feelings. They don't deserve your hatred. No one has said that this makes their actions okay, it doesn't. But it affects their motive and should effect the consequences.

''But i don't use my lack of normality to hurt anyone'' VERY well put! LunaWolff! This is exactly where the problem lies, in people using anything as an excuse to do whatever selfish thing they want to. Being ''not normal'' is NO excuse to hurt another. Mentally ''ill'' or mentally stable, they should be punished for their inhumane and disgustingly selfish crimes. It doesn't make what they did right, and just how is mentally ill an excuse to let some ********* be free to hurt more people? If someone hurts someone that I love I will find no comfort in thinking to myself ''well they are mentally ill so it is ok'' No, it is still just as wrong as wrong can get, and the sooner they are locked away the better. It's high time people start assuming a bit of responsibility for their own problems.

They don't all break the law.<br />
<br />
@ShallowDreamers: It's an anime by Hiyao Miyazaki and I am a fan. And I don't want to be like most males. So, thank you.

@ Tsunami<br />
<br />
I never accused you of being a *********, or said it was wrong to like cartoons.. heck.. I still watch Animaniacs from time to time.. Even other cartoons.. Perhaps you just got a little too offended, or you are acting on a guilty conscious.. No idea.. I am not the kind of guy to judge without facts.. So I am understanding of someone watching cartoons.. I was simply more creeped out of a 30 Plus year old dude having a pic of a little girl holding a teddy bear.. seems very... Girly... for someone your age. haha.. Most males would have something like garfield.. Batman or something.. Not a toddlers, little girl show..

Tsunami, your comments are very disturbing. The fact that you go to such extent to show understanding towards criminals rather than towards their victims shows your bias and weakens the effectiveness of your words. Regardless of what mental "disorder" might cause a person to commit a crime, they are still criminals if they willfully break the law.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
As has already been pointed out, there is no cure for "**********". In fact, by and large, once they are released from prison, they will be extremely likely to re offend and this time, to kill their victim in order to lower the risk of having a witness to testify against them. Your callous disregard for the facts makes your intentions here highly suspect.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
As for the statement at the end of this story, she qualified it by stating that it was her personal opinion. Guess what -- she gets to have one of those whether you like it or not and anyone with an ounce of compassion can read here story and see that she's taken enough abuse at the hands of a child molester that her opinion is understandable if not entirely justified.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Please reconsider your attack on opinions that differ from your own. It only makes you look like someone with a guilty conscience.

I would never touch your personal story in a group called "I was molested", but when you join "I hate pedophiles" and say they should be castrated you are going beyond your own experience and getting into politics. And you are wrong to hate all pedophiles, and you are wrong to want to dismember even the monsters of society. I take no pleasure from your situation; I wish this problem didn't exist and I wish this group didn't exist. <br />
<br />
And I just want to point out that people seem to think treating ********** as a mental illness instead of criminal behavior would be letting them off easy, but that is not the case. A jail has to let the person out after their sentence is complete. A mental hospital can keep the person until they are no longer a danger. In the case of a ********* this could mean a life sentence. This is a better alternative in my view, and not something I suggest for kindness, only for effectiveness. Child molestation is a serious crime, but when a mentally ill person commits a crime we don't send them to jail. John Hinckley, Jr. shot President Reagan and was institutionalized instead of going to prison. In my view we should do the same with pedophiles.

well. it seems my abuse as a child has sparked quite a debate. i am fairly new to this site, less than 2 months.i thought it might help to share my experiences in groups related to them in addition to my weekly therapy. it astonishes me that people who defend pedophiles actually come to this group, labeled, "I Hate Pedophiles" and read the personal stories here and THEN comment on them. i hope torch and tsunami got great pleasure from my abuse. look for my next story about how my biological mother tried to prostitute me for crack. <br />
since there seems to be such a debate over this subject, ill join in, since i started it, with some correct information. ********** is defined as a psychiatric disorder (not that it would makes me feel better about it) in adults characterized by a primary or exclusive interest in prepubescent children. the child must be at least 5 years younger in the case of adolescent pedophiles age 16 and older to fit criteria from the DSM (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.) the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) defines ********** as a "disorder of adult personality and behavior" in which there is a sexual preference for children of prepubertal or early prepubertal age. not all pedophiles act upon their fantasies. this DOES NOT EXCLUDE THEM from the diagnosis. THERE IS NO CURE FOR PEDOPHILES. there are however certain therapies thought to MAYBE REDUCE the incidence of a ********* COMMITTING CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. it was first recognised and named in the late 1900's and since the 1980's much more research has been done. THERE IS NO EXACT CAUSE OF THIS DISORDER, SO, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS. it cannot be fixed. like i said there are certain therapies for pedophiles. there are 1,549 sex offender treatment programs in the entire united states. predatory pedophiles who prefer boys have the highest recidivism rate at 52% among sex crimes. repeat offenders are way more likely to re-offend no matter what the restrictions are placed on them.<br />
now, my father also raped me. RAPE IS NOT DEFINED AS A MENTAL ILLNESS. it is an UNLAWFUL compelling of a man/woman through PHYSICAL DURESS to have sexual intercourse. therefore it must be said rape is a crime in which my pedophiliac father committed. he is BOTH mentally ill and a criminal. and if you put all that together, you get my experience in my story as described above. im sure that i could list the defination of !ncest and its recidivism rate also. (which is around 5.4%) the recidivism rate for all sexual offenders is roughly around 10%. this does not include other offenses they might commit or be incarcerated for. it may appear low, but sexual assault is a vastly underreported crime with only 1 in 3 being reported. sex offenders now have to be publicly registered and closely monitered but that does not always deter them either. 1 out of 19 released sexual offenders were later arrested for a new sex crime in one study. i dont know about you, but I WOULDNT WANT MY CHILD TO BE THAT 1 OUT OF 20! it has one of the lowest recidivism rates besides murder but how many times does it take to kill someone? PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY? personally, i believe it has to be a mental illness because if i knew i was sick enough to hurt a child, THINK about hurting a child, or DEFEND ANYONE that would hurt a child, i would do society a favor AND KILL MYSELF.

The only reason pedophiles rate of re-offending is lower after arrest and release is because they are much more closely monitored and people are now alert to their depravity. They still do not acknowledge child abuse is a crime, because in their eyes they do not feel like criminals, just misunderstood by society. Tsunami3 is on the side of the abusers, have no doubt about that. Children cannot consent to abuse, and ********** is not victimless. Two big differences between ********** and homosexuality.

@ Tsunami3 I am not 'Perfectly normal' Of course it all depends on what you view as such... But i don't use my lack of normality to hurt anyone. I have had disturbing thoughts and fantasies But would rather die before even thinking of making them reality! I understand perfectly what it's like to be judged by society for something i didn't choose, Thing is a ********* isn't acknowledged Until they act on their desires.. then they deserve to be judged, and correctly so for then they have Chosen to abuse another.

@LunaWolff I don't take it as an insult. If I was a ********* it wouldn't be by choice. But I am not a *********. I admit to being a perv because I have enjoyed bondage and similar deviant behavior since before puberty. I don't know how this relates to my defense of pedophiles except that I have sympathy for anyone who is judged by society for something they didn't choose. If you are perfectly normal then I suppose you can't understand that.<br />
<br />
@Mydarkbrneyes You do the research, you are spreading false information. The recidivism rate for child molesters is lower than for most other crimes. Saying that you can't cure ********** is like saying you can't cure gay, and you are right about that. But the rate of repeat offense is low, so they can be "made better". Their sexual preferences aren't important if they don't harm anyone. Here is a reference:

Perhaps you should post your view in a story here then..?

I agree it was harsh, I apologize. But Mild, does not mean excusable.. Groups admitting he is a perv.. Then trying to deter peoples hatred from pedophiles is slightly weird... I'm not judging merely expressing the wish of caution.

Hmm Has anyone looked at Tsunami3's profile? their experiences...? O.o *is freaked out* im not surprised he supports pedos......

I agree they should be castrated... and those that do not show remorse should never leave prison. It sickens me to see comments about how it should be treated as a mental illness! :'( They know exactly what they are doing! My bloody scumbag, waste of a human being- uncle used his depression to excuse what he was doing. If treated as a mental illness they end up in hospitals.. Not prisons where they should be... xXx

I wasn't commenting on your story, just on your solution. I just want a solution that works, obviously the current system doesn't. Maybe this wasn't the proper place but suggestions like that take hold, and it isn't in me to not ob<x>ject. I don't condone chopping off their hands. The monitoring or the death penalty do make sense. <br />
<br />
I am sorry he did this to you, sorry the system failed you, and sorry they let him out.

@brutmystic- thank you for your support and kind words. i dont let it get to me :)<br />
<br />
@torch- i may appear broken but i am a survivor. anger would be better a better desc<x>ription. they put him back out into society when they (the state) know his sordid acts. even if he were dead, it wouldnt bring much closure. theres nothing that can undo the damage that has already been done except years of therapy. nothing can bring back the daughters i gave up for adoption because i could not bring myself to touch them in such a private area. theres no way to describe all of the pain he has caused through the ripple effect. thanks for your comment.

Yeah mystik is right, a few pedo friendly or maybe they are pedo's-I don't know-but they will invade your story with their pleading and facade of logic, trying to molest you again. Don't engage them just block them.

BrutMystic, I normally agree with you, but I think it is better to allow the arguments to be made, Not everyone recognizes bad logic and sophistry, and if they are dealt with, in the open, a person who is undecided, or unsure, won't be mislead. I welcome those arguments, and i'm well equipped to shoot them down, for all to see.

and speaking of punishments, tsunami maybe you are right, castration isnt enough. maybe we should also cut off their hands and sew their lips shut. i find it offensive that you would post your comment on my own story about my experience as a child. it is not a debate. it is my story. and for everyone else, thank you for your support! im kinda new and was nervous to write this. there will be more stories about my abuse later now that im not so nervous. life in a box where they can be constantly monitored or the death penalty sounds good to me! how could a sane person live with themselves after knowingly ruining someone elses life?

i dont have an actual hatred towards my own father. i dont believe that would solve any of my problems. i only said that they stemmed from his abuse. i too believe that a slight age difference between a couple should have lesser consequences but we are talking about pedophiles. people who prey upon innocent children without remorse. there is nothing in this justice system that "fix" these people. they can not undo their crimes or be rehabilitated. the damage they do lasts the shadow of a lifetime. there was DNA evidence and i was willing to testify and they changed his charge to indecency with a minor from aggravated sexual assault. had you seen me afterwards, during the rape kit, it would make you wonder what the heck they were thinking. he was formally charged when i was 14 and im 32 now. this is 3rd time to make parole and he messes up everytime. horrible alcoholic. and im sorry, just because he has to register as a sex offender does not protect innocent little girls from him doing something to hurt them. it could happen in the flash of an instant. the great state of texas must not have thought this through much. again, there is no rehabilitation for someone who is so "mentally ill" that they could sexually prey on an innocent child. NONE. they are useless to us a civilization.

Yes I'm weird, do you hate people who watch cartoons now too? Why don't you go start a group for that, we're discussing actual crimes here.

Where does hate come in? Shallow said "weird," which you agreed with, and then you asked him if he ALSO hated people who watch cartoons—implying his hatred. Is it a habit of yours to determine what motivates people, so that you have a straw-man to attack? Ugh! Pure sophistry.

Tsunami.... Why do you have a picture of a little girl hugging a bear? Honestly, You being as old as you are... It weirds me out a tad... I mean.. I understand have the spirit of a child.. I myself wander the woods with my friends, and sword fight with sticks at times.. But.. thats just weird...

At the same time... People can be considered a sex offender as a man being 18 and his girlfriend 17... The same offense is applied.. And I find that truly wrong.. so to say they that should happen would be murdering innocent lives over a small age difference..

Statutory rape is not **********; a ********* is someone who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent minors. There are some bad laws about sex, and they should be changed, but confusing issues and the terms used does not help.

They should be charged with terrorism. Whether or not they are mentally I'll is incidental. Some if them are, some of them aren't-they are just physical and emotional facists putting their agenda of self gratification before anything else.

I can feel your pain. It is hard going through something like this but it doesn't mean that you cant rise above this.I wrote an article on my blog about getting through molestation and would like you to take a look at it.<br />
<br />
Charity<br />

I come from the point of view that we punish to prevent more crime, not for revenge. I understand your hate for your father and what he did to you, but from my point of view that only makes things worse. I would allow you your revenge on that man, but not to make policy for our future, as your hate compromises your judgment. In that way he is still affecting you.

Who says that its about revenge? Its about protecting the children that they haven't gotten hold of yet. There is no vengeance in me, I just don't want any more children to be raped. I know what it is like, and I don't want the unborn to ever know.

They are evil predators rarely achieving rehabilitation. Do you have personal experience with this issue? Are you a sexual terrorism survivor? I'm just curious. Of course they should be treated like criminals because what they commit are crimes.

well, I didn't know this story when i replied to your comment on mine.. this is terrible.. i mean how could he.. abuse his own child.. this is unbelievable.. you've passed through a lot in your life, i have so much respect towards you, having passed through all the things you've been through and still surviving and being strong enough to carry on with your life and raise your child...<br />
I think the same about pedo-philes they should be at least castrated and just locked somewhere dark and creepy.. because even if you try treating them you have a very low chance of them becoming normal people... like drug addicts!! most come back to be addicts again!!... the proof? your dad got 20 years in prison and never shown any remorse!! i mean 20 years...!! that's a lot of time to straighten your mind a little!!!... 20 years away from kids!! and has no remorse... dismembering and hanging would be enough i guess... this way others will be so scared of the consequence of attacking kids.. and most will not harm.. or harm less.. i know force never solves the problem.. but sometimes you need force to control the problem...

I understand your pain.. its horrible.. In a way, I agree with Tsunami.. It is a mental Illness.. It should be treated.. I think they should be treated.. At the same time They deserve much much more than prison... Honestly if it were up to me.. Rapist would be locked in a small box for the rest of their lives, force fed and everything to ensure their pain... There is nothing I hate more in this world than rape... Nothing... I respect Any Murderer over any pedophiles and Rapist...

i totally disagree. you think that a sex offender should not be treated as ac riminal. id love for you to walk one day in my shoes. obviosly you are not or do not personally a victim of ****** or rape and what it does to them psychologically. it is also a mental illness but it is a heinous crime to say the least.

Illness or not, he knew right from wrong, and if I were King, all just like him would be put to death. And would never have the chance to abuse again. And the same thing for rapist's too.

thank you for your support!

Castration doesn't always stop them. But obviously 20 years in prison doesn't either. ********** needs to be treated as a mental illness rather than a criminal offense.

Its true that Castration doesn't always stop them; i prefer a surer method. ********** is incurable, and raping children is a crime, a horrendous crime.

No it shouldn't. People who murder other people aren't treated for mental disorders, what makes pedophiles so special. Tsunami you are just a plain ******* coming into this group and harassing people with your support for pedophiles. Start your own ******* group about how you love pedophiles.

Projecting much? He never said he supported or loved pedos. Where you pulled that from, I don't want to know; perhaps some dark part of your own psyche

Mystik pulls from Tsunami's other posts in this thread; how about you, youngone, projecting much?

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