Why Kids?

These people are sick! Why would anyone be attracted to children? There's nothing sexy about kids, they don't have the secondary sexual charateristic to make anyone attracted.

In the German language, Der means male, Die means Female, Das means nuture. The word for 'the child' means Das Kind meaning it's an it meaning it's not developed.

I can understand a little bit having the hot for a teenager since they're getting into adulthood but, they're still children! wait till there 18, damnit!

But still WHY?

For anyone that says "I love Children" should be castrated!
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These people are attracted to them because they cannot help it just like we cannot help being attracted to other men and men can't help being attracted to women and homosexuals can't help being attracted to their own gender and bisexuals can't help being attracted to both. We can't even change our sexuality either and can't change what we are attracted to but what we do choose is how we act on it like we choose to have sex and we do choose to touch them in the private spots. Pedophiles have the same choice about children and they can choose to not act on it because it's wrong. <br />
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No one chooses their sexuality and unfortunately some people are attracted to children and not all of them are proud of it and like it so they go for treatment. Some of them are too afraid to get treatment for it because of all the judgments on **********. Not all pedophiles have sex with kids or want to hurt them so they don't do it. <br />
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I think the ones who enjoy it and see nothing wrong with it and think people should accept it are the sick ones. There are some out there that think there is nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with children because "it's who they are" and they are sick. <br />
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Also when the OP said about people being attracted to children, I think she meant sexually attracted. I like kids too but not sexually. They don't turn me on and thinking about it makes me sick and I feel like shuddering. Lot of people like kids but not sexually.

why? i have asked this ? many times reguarding what happened to me. i think there attitude was and is its free sex. to hell with all the concequences, its free sex. rape an adult and there are very good odds that the cops will be informed right away perhaps thats why raped adults often end up murdered or drugged during the crime. mess with a child make sure he or she understands that it is a big secret and all that manipulation, give him or her a reward and the promise of more rewards if he or she says nothing to anyone. free sex and they got away with it. not really god and christ know what happened.<br />
hence castrate the monsters when you catch them, there actions are not a result of mental ilness, it is what they think they can get away with. IT IS AN EXTREMELY SERIOUS CRIME PEOPLE. STOP REFERING TO THEM THE PEDO AS MENTALY ILL OR SICK EVEN. it is the victims who end up over the long term with a mental illness not all people but most victims note i am not refering to victims becoming perpertrators of this. FOR SH1TS SAKE A LOT OF VICTIMS ARE SIX FOOT UNDER TODAY, DRUGGED UP OR DEAD!!!!~<br />
are some of you stupid?.<br />
can't you recognise the differences?<br />
pedos are narcesistic intelegent people in the main.<br />
i wil say it again castrate them when you catch them, send them that mesage that warning that deterant that punishment that stop to there evil games!<br />
i am sorry most people like simple 1 line answers. but you cant coment properly in this topic without qualifying alot thats said.

why would you understand it you are not a ********* so surely you can't understand it. I suppose their are many reasons when children they may of been hurt by adults and were psychological stunted at that age they mentally did not learn to think as a adult. when a man ages he might develop a psychological disorder where he wants to be with the youth he lost and physical interaction is symbolic of being the other person yourself. much like cannibals in the south pacific did that to take on the power of the one they consumed. Kind of like Vampire stories. and I am sure there are many other reasons as well

if they were hurt like that then WHY (yes fuggin WHY) would they do it to another child, knowing how much it hurt &gt;..&lt; no still not a good enough reason.

this is the kind of answer im lookin for, someone to explain it to me all this hate although i understand it, dosnt help me, as I'm trying to understand why it happened to me

Yeah, that is an argument I've said-that not even in nature do you see animals attacking sexually immature animals...even they know its wrong.

pedos make me sick too including the ones that are close to home, the parent that preys on their own children. we've always been taught that the boogey man is the stranger lurking in the bushes but sometimes he, or she, shares the same roof with us.

having been sexually abused by a family member when i was a child, i know the stats are all too true.