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We Shouldn't Hate Them For This?!!! Wtf

There are many pedophiles in this group, they come in here first as "victims" pretending that they HATE pedophiles too, but then they start seeking sympathy saying that because of what happened to them as young children, they desire little children as they were desired. What the **** huh?

This means that these people are NOT FULLY HEALED nor ever sought psychological help!!!!

I am disgusted at their arrogance coming in here saying that they desire "babies and small children" after they have been abused by such monsters they now aspire to be... What the hell???!!!!!

So I said to two of them (something that was quickly deleted and I was accused of hate speech and having the "same problem", excuse me But I am not the one lusting after children WTF always saying another has a problem because they can't face their problem, seeking to blame someone else just to avoid that THEY DO HAVE A PROBLEM, and NOT THE ONE POINTING IT OUT TO THEM, cowards!!!!) *showing compassion to beasts that deserve none, can you believe it?!*:

"You are confusing compassion (love, care and protectiveness) for these children with Lust. Since maybe you could feel protective over these children because of what happened to you both seeking to make amends or something, or protect them FROM THE BEASTS that DEFILED you and now you want to defile them in the same way by sexually desiring them wow, seriously looks like you do not need to protect children from "other pedofiles" like the ones that ****** with you, but you have to protect them against the BEAST that is you, within yourself now desiring to follow in the footsteps of your "molester". You both cannot possibly be mature if you confuse LOVE with LUST, since one of you said you ENJOYED the ATTENTION you got from an OLD MAN FAR TOO MUCH since you came from an abusive household where your father payed you no attention whatsoever, so it is only logical that you confuse LOVE WITH LUST, even though you said he only used you for his own sexual desires and did not care about healing your "broken soul" of an abusive household only breaking you further with the FAKE love and interest he showed in you, so he just wanted your body not your soul. Yeah it looks like you are still in that "child like mentality, that immature mental state" enjoying the illusion he created for you to see his lust as love, for you to now desire young girls under 13... It only shows that you want to follow in your pedo's footsteps, you said you would never act upon it, but will if the opportunity arises. And the other said she desires baby boys and is afraid she WILL DEFINITELY Become a pedo. So don't say you will never act upon it, when you are still clearly CONFUSED about your past and can still NOT discern between LOVE AND LUST. You are both scum, and people who do not seek to heal and only wallow in self-pity, liking the state of confusion. You should not ever be trusted around children EVER!!! Since it is clear that you both like what have been done to you, and will seek out that experience AGAIN, since you still cannot see "desiring children" is WRONG!!! And the worst of all is, that you desire children that weren't even touched like you were, so that indicates that you DO NOT HAVE any sympathy for victims, or compassion for victims, you just want to defile and desire innocent children MAKING MORE VICTIMS with your perversions you do not seek to overcome!!!!!!!! There are many pedos like you joining this group seeking "sympathy" or some green card from REAL PEDO HATERS to go ahead BUT GUESS WHAT!!! IT IS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, SO STOP PROMOTING PEDOPHELIA ON THIS SITE!!!!!"
indigowitch indigowitch 22-25, F 28 Responses Jan 13, 2012

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Couldn't agree more. Perhaps we could corral them into a pen........and then drop in some nefarious snakes for good measure.

As a recipient of sexual abuse from a professional at 7 yo, I fill with rage indsecribable when I hear such bullshit from pedophiles claiming to have been victims themselves. I feel as if I am being tarred with a brush which has no basis in fact. The only evidence of the "abused abuser" theory is the testimony from convicted offenders. Surely this is their atempt to throw more egg on the faces of people such as myself adding to our humiliation. It is a sda situation when even many "experts" advance the "abused abuser" theory on such dodgy evidence.

I agree it's disgusting! And first of all they should restrict all subsc<x>riptions under 18, IMHO

I wonder about this sometimes as well. I wasn't sexually molested as a child but I was physically abused. This didn't make me grow up to be an adult that physically abuses children. I didn't get counseling for what happened to me as a child. And rather than perpetuating the cycle, *any* form of child abuse makes me physically ill (I have 3 children of my own I have never harmed).

Abuse is a choice, not a "natural inclination"!

That's absolutely correct!!! Thank you!!! I wish more people could understand what you had just said. I too was an child who suffered both sexual and physical abuse and I never turned out to be an abuser either! It didn't influence me to do those things onto others! I was scared out of my mind and wanted nothing more but escape from being in non consental subjection to the acts that were inflicted onto me! If anything the only influence I've gotten out of it was distrust of other people. Because you never know what somebody might do to you!

There's a grey area in that. My father physically abused me. However, he was psychologically damaged. His psychosis is the reason for the abuse I endured. He had no control over what he did as he was mentally unstable. So, if nothing else, I can give him that. I wish this was something that had been seen and caught a long time ago. We may have had an entirely different relationship before he died.

Yes some of the pedo pigs on here uses mental illness as an excuse (defence) too, so that they can escape jail time going to some fancy mental institution instead.

I sometimes think the pedos get away with it to much to easily. I mean these people tend to be narcissist so they also can be manipulative as well both my abusers were this way. But I can't help but feel that the court system cuts them too much slack by their laws of punishment which isn't strong enough to me personally. I'd say they need to be locked away permentally because these characteristics usually don't change I never heard of an ********* being fully recovered before. I hope I don't sound ignorant when I say this. But I haven't. As far as my personal belief I believe people truly have an choice as to wether or not if they will inflict what was done to them onto others. People don't just simply not know what their doing. I was convinced before that one of my abusers "didn't know or comprehend, what he had been doing to me" but I learned it was a lie, he actually was found out to be often mediating on how he was going to get me alone, how he was going to ensure my parents wouldn't suspect or catch him with me, how long he could have me alone. It was crazy! He actually planned these things out, so no I am not convinced anymore that pedophiles don't know or understand what they are doing they know. If they didn't then they would do everything in their own power to stop! But instead they keep preying and violating unfortunately so there is no excuse just acceptance and that's what they know they can have to live in this world without worry. If they get the system to at least give them some rights and accept them as being filed as an offender then that's all they need. They're secrets already out so they don't have to worry about being found out. They still do the same thing they just do it with more caution. It's crazy, I mean they're registered but they still live in neighborhoods with children among them, by malls, stores, schools basically still nearby them, it's temptation regardless. Just like placing an liquor store right next to an home of an alcoholic.

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It's sick..I agree with you...I hear Alacatraz is vacant, and that there is plenty of protein in the form of rats for these type of people. Great post!

Hehe they should enjoy, they are snakes in anyway!!!!

I won't show compasion to people who WON't change because they make a stupid excuse to being the way they are like "we are born this way" type of c r a p... Now go and spam another story!!! F-offf if you wanna support them, you won't have my compassion okay!

Compassion is not a matter of deserving on "their" part but of will toward healing on "yours."<br />
<br />
Banning this topic from EP has little chance of doing good. When people vent, some of the energy is bled from their primary suffering and behavior. Maybe not enough to meet your expectations, but a small step is a step.<br />
<br />
There has been too much book burning already. Book burners can never get clear of the backflash.

People like that are sick bastards, that need to seek help. Before they can help anyone else they need to help themselves, which they failed to do so. Knowing a guy known as Master Legend he would smack the hell out of and all Pedophiles! It may not had been their fault at first but giving into it does!

what BS! i was desired and diddled with as a child, didn't turn me into a pedo.

Yes I believe those that do not heal nor ever get helped right as to tell them what's truly the difference between right and wrong... Well it is the same as a type of salvation to get detoxed from the pedo's poison...but I am afraid some victims abuse were so bad they totally gave in to the ugly as "right" wtf? Yes it is sad!!!!

LOL yes I just turned 23 and my brother 21 - I can't even party or talk with him and his friends. I also have a little sister that turns 9 this year... And I am extremely irritated with her and her little friends. I just want people away from me that irritates the crap out of me; children and my brother and his friends irritate me when they are around because they can't stimulate me INTELLECTUALLY... BORING; when I am bored with someone that I have absolutely nothing in common with I get frustrated with them and retreat to my own company or so.. Those kiddie parties of my brother and sister; where everyone makes too much noise and indulge in meaningless endeavours such as the small kids playing and running around screaming etc and my brother and his pals partying till they drop... Yeah you can't really talk to drunk people or people that are constantly high such as the teenager party animal type AND you can also NOT talk with little people like my little sister who don't understand nor have any knowledge of grown up stuff; who won't understand anything you are saying. <br />
<br />
But with pedo creeps<br />
They don't want any "emotional bonding; or soul talk" they don't want to TALK with children; they don't want to be INTELLECTUALLY stimulated by children; no they just seek to DESTROY and VIOLATE them physically; they just want a SEXUAL ANIMALISTIC stimulation from these children; to abuse and molest them to satisfy their sick physical urges - therefore what they do is NOT LOVE just barbaric and mindless indulgence in ANIMAL LUST; they do not really care for children when they only USE children for their "bodies" and not their hearts!!!! They see children as nothing but ob<x>jects that they can abuse and use as they please; since in their minds children are powerless and can't harm them at all; it is only the pedo that has all the power and might to do with whatever as they desire!

As a father of two boys, I'd hunt down any ********* that even thought of harming my kids. It's one thing if the ********* in question was someone who was just a regular person who was legitimately fr<x>amed for it. But those who know the difference between right and wrong, are the ones who need to be castrated permanently.

lunavica...thanks. Glad to hear someone call these creeps on the carpet for the opportunistic cowards they are.

100% in agreement

@hylie<br />
<br />
You said:<br />
<br />
They have a desire. It can be controlled. If they say they can't control it they are lying. Pedoes are usually considered to be sex addicts...addictions can be beaten. It's just not easy. And something else is needed: they have to care about other humans. It's not *just* the desire involved, it's compulsivity and lack of empathy that causes them to do what they do. They had to view us as an ob<x>ject to do as they did to us. Which is why you're outraged.<br />
<br />
I say:<br />
<br />
Well if they say "they have no excuse because God made them that way" are they really lying? Or just seeking a poor justification to carry on with their crimes?<br />
<br />
When these retards come to me and say "but we are born this way, you got to accept us as we are, God made us this way" - then that is surely no words of REMORSE or feelings of feeling SORRY for what they did, if they want SYMPATHY by using these lame and groundless excuses, then they do not want to stop and they DO not want to control their desire for children as they say "we were born this way, God made us this way, just deal with it" - now that is when I am enraged because it is total BS and a clear indication if not acknowledgement on these pedo creeps' part that they do have in fact an uncontrollable desire that they DO NOT wish to curb (control).<br />
<br />
The moment they give excuses or seek justifications to commit this crime, is the very moment they acknowledge that they refuse to be rehabilitated or controlled, since they enjoy it too much, they are in fact confessing that they are addicted to a destructive desire and have no problem with it whatsoever.

This sickens and outrages me.......I was molested the first time when I was 2yrs old.........What in the hell does a 2yr old baby have to entice such immoral destruction of their innocence.......My life was destroyed before it even began.......I spent my whole life wondering what was so wrong with me.......Thinking I was bad feeling dirty and being told I was useless and worthless......They do only love destruction of innocence......The first time I considered suicide I was 6yrs old.......Tell me how many 6yr olds would consider such a thing????? Ever aspect of my life was ruined at the moment the sick bastard decided to abuse me........Every decision I made was tainted by what he did.....<br />
<br />
Twilight- before we send them to another island I say we castrate them first.......I have plenty of other ideas but will not get into it here.......<br />
<br />
Ministerium- We all need to stick together to keep these A**holes from hurting other children......You will definitely have my full support.......People who have never been abused will never understand or even care.......

I am also EXTREMELY protective of my children and make sure they know about these sick bastards.......It is a shame I have to do that.....

I want to see them have a bit of fun deciding which is the weaker smaller one to gang up on when there is no children.......

They are not attracted to children, they are attracted to the devil within themselves... It is thus not the child that seduces them to move, but the Devil within them!!!!! "The power and sh!t" they are promised or think they will get by abusing helpless creatures... The child thus have no part in this as far as "the child is guilty she seduced me BS" goes as stupid excuses to commit crime.

And our lives are the ones screwed up forever.......

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@rose<br />
<br />
i can agree with the first part of what you wrote, yes they always target soft targets, those who can't fight back.<br />
<br />
"i can totally respect a child mol who gets put on hormones or get a dr to cut off his sex drive. at least they know their desires are bad." - yes but unfortunately you get people who SAY PEDOPHELIA IS NOT A CRIME, so in essence by not realizing it is a crime, simply CANNOT BE REHABILITATED, by saying it is not a crime, means seeking justification to DO WRONG... they cannot be healed also if they say "but we are born this way, we can't change".

sad part is some of these ppl also target ppl with disabilities, ppl who can't run away or can't talk. its very bad. <br />
<br />
i can totally respect a child mol who gets put on hormones or get a dr to cut off his sex drive. at least they know their desires are bad.

@veronica<br />
<br />
They have blown their own minds, by trying to Fukkk us up, with their abuse, but I tell you life works like a boomerang, your "crimes" always return to you seven fold.. You see you gotta really make them mad, and their true natures are revealed!!!<br />
<br />
They think they are justified in their anger to HATE us because they do not believe that their perversions are "evil" after alll they just want to show children LOVE, forgetting all about the MENTAL abuse and traumatic effects that comes with their "showing love to children who are NOT emotionally ready yet to experience and process such actions of sex in a healthy way"... Yeah they do not value innocence, they want to make them grow up too fast and leave the poor children just as mentally fuc-k-ed up as they are!!!!<br />
<br />
Is that love? Sending children through a premature mental agony and hell?!!!!!!! Making it to effect their lives in a very negative way for the rest of their lives if some of them do not commit suicide.

Your totally right. Wow i just can't believe there are ppl like that out there. They have blown my mind.

@river<br />
<br />
So it was a question? Okay, I can understand you want to know how it "works" too... But let me tell you if there is one thing I know about an "uncontrollable desire" (as these ***** claim they are born this way) that one way or the other it will find an "outing" where they will act upon it, either mentally abusing children or physically which also ends up being mental abuse in the end.... Such an uncontrollable "perversion" will in some way find satisfaction in any way it possibly can!!!! If for purely mental stimulation as well, chatting with children about "grown up" stuff to make them GROW UP TOO FAST etc... Anything to kill the innocence of a child, brainwashing is the MOST EFFECTIVE way for these *****!!!!

@riverwoman<br />
<br />
So you say "pedophiles" don't become child molesters?! Huh? Either way they are either mentally abusing children, seriously messing with their minds to get that "power kick" when they can't touch them, they will still try to mentally **** them!!!!! Because that is just the way they are!!!! Child abusers, seeking to corrupt all sorts of innocence even if it is just mental because they are afraid of the law that prohibits touching children physically, but they will still reach out and touch children mentally, because they are "just born that way" to corrupt and destroy innocence - even after the physical scars of abuse are healed, the mental effect of that horror stays forever!!!!

So it was a question? Okay, I can understand you want to know how it "works" too... But let me tell you if there is one thing I know about an "uncontrollable desire" (as these ***** claim they are born this way) that one way or the other it will find an "outing" where they will act upon it, either mentally abusing children or physically which also ends up being mental abuse in the end.... Such an uncontrollable "perversion" will in some way find satisfaction in any way it possibly can!!!! If for purely mental stimulation as well, chatting with children about "grown up" stuff to make them GROW UP TOO FAST etc... Anything to kill the innocence of a child, brainwashing is the MOST EFFECTIVE way for these *****!!!!

And ever and ever and ever!!!!! No matter how much you want it to go away it colors EVERY aspect of your life!!!!! Thank-you for your story......

They have a desire. It can be controlled. If they say they can't control it they are lying. Pedoes are usually considered to be sex addicts...addictions can be beaten. It's just not easy. And something else is needed: they have to care about other humans. It's not *just* the desire involved, it's compulsivity and lack of empathy that causes them to do what they do. They had to view us as an object to do as they did to us. Which is why you're outraged.

And the most stupid excuse you'll ever hear from these fukkkkkers is that "they can't help it, they were born this way"... Yeah so because their "god" made them this way it gives them permission to molest children ba ha ha I do not find it surprising at all since religion is always issued or twisted just in the "right way" to commit the greatest atrocities!!!!

Now your hittn the nail on the head "RELIGION" greatest excuse i ever saw to run a kiddy fiddling racket Did you know the legal age for consent in the "Vatican City" is 12 and it also has the highest crime rate per capita than anywhere else in the world.

I have been saying the same thing fir years. They use claims of being abused as a child for self defense AFTER they get caught. I know the damage these creeps cause, I still have nightmares. I was sexually abused starting at the age of five. It DID NOT make me want to do the same that was done to me to others. In fact, it made me more PROTECTIVE of my children and others. If I know a child is being abused or neglected, I REPORT IT, and I give my name, I don't do so anonymously. I wish someone out of all the people that knew that my brother and I were being abused would have helped us. I often ask WHY DIDN'T THEY ???? It angers me to gear these lying pervs claim that they do what they do BECAUSE they too, were abused. I CALL BULLSH*T and I am good at spotting that, I was used to a lot of people lying when I was growing up......These perverts are seriously mistaken if they think they will find any sympathy here. If I had my choice, I would put them all on an island in the middle of the ocean where they would never touch another child EVER. They always have some kind of pathetic excuse, not only to convince others that they are innocent ( RIGHT) but to give themselves permission to do what they do, so they can feel better about doing something that they know is wrong. If they honestly didn't know it was wrong, why do they threaten the kids to keep their mouth shut ??? I wish I was a judge.....

I wholeheartedly agree!!!!!!

@sss<br />
<br />
"There's no excuse to ever think about a child in any sexual manner."<br />
<br />
Yes they say they love you, but does "loving someone" mean to fark up their head, or to mess with a child so badly that a child is changed forever after that?! To go out to destroy a soul and fragile mind with lust, is definitely NOT LOVE... So they can't say they love children if they desire them... Desire is destructive when there IS NO REAL LOVE involved... Real love uplifts people it does not seek to break someone down and push them into hell!!!

Spot on!!! That is what I have been saying, these people who were abused and now desire children in the same way must be disgusted to even think of "being with a child in a sexual way".... Why would they entertain such God reviling thoughts as "sexy" or get turned on by something so horrible? It means thus that they LIKE IT, and they like being abused and now will continue to abuse others. How sick is that?!!!!

Yes they take anything they can get, those easy targets, children, small girls and boys, because they FEAR real grown up relationships were there is a real give and take.<br />
<br />
These people are spineless, because all they do is TAKE AND TAKE to bleed you dry, they give nothing "good" in return, it is all about THEM.<br />
<br />
All the control "one party" can excercise over a helpless victim.<br />
<br />
Well those who aim at small girls are scared sh!tless of REAL WOMEN who can talk and fight back... And mature relationships is needed for their "spiritual growth" to true adulthood, I guess that is why they stayed immature still unable to discern between LOVE and LUST.<br />
<br />
They only function and feed off Lust, they have no real love, they will die loveless, it serves them right, to die COLD and hollow of heart when the flesh is gone they have nothing left!!!!

IT's all about power and control

When asked all child molester and rapist will tell you that they started with thoughts that led to **** that got to the point it did not feed their need and they needed choose to take what they wanted<br />
Anyone who says they abuse because they were abused it nothing more than a liar and try n to use it as an excuse for what they choose to do.

I was betrayed, but the buck stop's here, I've only ever fought to protect the innocent, and nurture soul. Those that choose to continue the abuse and pass it down to the next generation, well they will pay their own ,karmic burden. I know now that as soul I chose to put myself in harms way. To protect others, and for my own deep lessons of self . I'm not fixed yet but im a dahm site further down the track, than all rock spiders, and some of those dishing their anger with out any compassion here and now !

when asked ??? All ???

Liar's ????

No it's true. I have work with officers to train them what to look for

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Yeah definitely... I just cannot believe their arrogance to say they desire children after what has been done to them. It is like they only HATE themselves more, showing no mercy for their "past selves" seeking no "protection" or serving as no shield for other children they now desire to defile... It just looks that they AIN'T looking for any "getting better" or "self-improvement" - jesus won't you desire to be a better person than the pedo who abused you, hating any such thoughts of corrupting "more children" by even entertaining the idea that small children should be subjected to the same suffering as they were?!!! Sick man!!!!

There's no excuse to ever think about a child in any sexual manner. I'd like to chat with you sometime but i'll wait for you

AMEN!!!!!! I could not have said it better myself.......They are all sick bastards.......

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