So Many People Are Hurt

 My wife's grandfather was a *********.  He died before I met her, and he never molested her, but his memory still haunts us.  My mother-in-law was terrified that my wife would be molested by her grandfather, or any man for that matter, and so she never let her be alone with a man, including even my father-in-law.  This suspicion of men persists in my wife.

She tells me that she trusts me with our daughters, but I know she says those words as much to convince herself as to reassure me.



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1 Response May 10, 2008

That story is so sad.. the problem is so multi generational, gosh, I didn't even think about the deep effects this would have on even those who weren't molested.. <br />
I just cannot even freakin' imagine a father getting in bed with his daughter.. cannot even imagine.. I know someone like this and she is so seriously effed up with her ability to relate to men. i pray for her healing and everyone who has gone thru this.. hoping each one knows - IT DOESN'T DEFINE YOU!