I Do!

what making me want to join this group and write about this is

1.I read a story in another group about "I have daddy little girl fantasy" and I feel sick about that
I think adult have to leave little kids alone, there r no excuse to involves little children with sexual things with an adult, it is not love! not care! it is pure lust!! and I think ppl who is have longer time lived in this planet must atleast use their brain instead their **** or ***** or whatever between

2. this group remind me that I've been accused to have tendencies to bcome a pedo by someone in EP bc I commented on someone story, that make me pissed bc am not a pedo!!! I might be gay but am never having sex with little children its disgusting!!,

3. in many countries the laws is very different ex. I can still marry a 16 yo girl in my country if her parents and the girl agree and society will not judging me as pedo bc am 23 yo, its different if I am 40, so to me 16 up is not a children (maybe if I will get older I considered them as children)
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********** has nothing to do with gay or straight. I'm not sure how it works, but not all male pedos abusing boys are gay. I have a hard time seeing sex with small children as a loving relationship at all. They claim to love their victims, but when faced with possible exposure, they will threaten the child with harm if they TELL, so how can that be love?

Also, adults who have sex with children have been known to "blame" the child; claiming that the child touched him/her first, thereby seducing him/her. A child touching an adult in a sexual manner is not seduction, it is curiosity and exploration. As adults, it is our job to teach the child about inappropriate touching and good touching....not to take advantage of the innocent curiosity of a child. Small children start to "flirt" at a very young age.. This is normal, and not an invitation to be raped by some sick S.O.B. because he/she has no self discipline. Blaming the victim is so easy for predators. It is how they justify their bad behaviour.

I too love kids. Have been a mom and grandmom and have been a child care provider for more than a dozen children over the last 55 years. Loving them, did not include having sex with them.

i don' know what remark; but i know it is easy for gay man to be accused of being pedo. i am 58 yo and i love little boys, from the time they are house broke. don't call me a pedo! there is a big difference between loving litle boys and being a pedo. i would do mre harm to a pedo than straight dad or court ever could. not to give fre pass to any one; but i think there are more straight men abusing little girl than gay men abusing little boy

I agree with you byondgravity. Just because your gay doesn't make you a Pedo.<br />
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In the UK the age of concent is 16 across the board. For gays and straights its the same now. A huge leap forward.

good, will they make it 15 in future lol? * I just ask hehehehehe

Absolutly No i would think. France is that age though.