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My Encounter

I can remember this happened about 35 years and my family went to a wrestling match and we were supposed to get a ride back from one of my dads work.the wrestling match was in another city.well my dad went and met up with his friend where he proceeded to tell my dad that there wasnt enough room in the car so he wouldnt be able to give us a ride back after the wrestling match was over we walked about 3 blocks to the bus station but at this time there was no buses going out only incomeing so my dad had to call a cab from our city.while we were waiting for the cab after awhile I told my mom that I was going to go outside and look for the cab..while I was standing outside this man came up to me asking me if I needed a ride somewhere and I said yes but I needed to go get my mom first well I went to go get my mom I got her saying there was a man outside willing to give us a ride.well when we went outside he was gone..
zarda9 zarda9 46-50, M Apr 18, 2012

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