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I Worry About The Young Girls On Here Or On The Internet For That Matter

When i was 14,i met a guy at the park.He was 28 and wanted to be friends.I fell for it and you can imagine what happened.Fastforward 2010.My bday party.My husband and i invited all the family and friends.One of our friends,Dan,took notice of my 16yr old daughter and started contacting her via the internet.Dan was 38 married man with a child,and his wife was a dear friend of mine.He lured my daughterto his house,locked her in his garage while his wife was at work .For 2 hrs ,she cried,and he said she was not going home until she did what he said.Needless to say a rape occured.My daughter told me and the cops and the DA are pressing charges!My husband found out ,went to his house and beat his ***,he needed staples and stiches(poor thing).I'm still going through the court process,he has yet to spend a minute in jail.
I worry about the young ladies on here.The ones who are barely 18 and don't realize the pedo's that are lurking on this site and on the internet itself.Yes they are 18,but honestly,i'm not sure if some of the girls on here really are18.I just don't want anyone to get lured into something like my daughter did
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I read story from a girl who signed onto EP as 18-21. Then in her story mentioned that she was in 8th grade. Lots of lying Lolitas here!

That is shocking. he would need more than stitches with me

Boys get lured and assaulted by pedos too.

Pedo's are all over this site, I've myself called alot of them out and warned some younger girls on here about them. It sickens the hell out of me men do this ****. I have a little girl of my own and if i was your husband and a man did that to my girl, I'd probably be going to jail for attempted murder. That stuff is sick and ill be damned if i wouldn't cripple that SOB for life.

My heart goes out to you and your girl, i hope that scum gets whats coming to him soon!

how sad..Glad he got his just whipping

So sad to hear. Now I have 7yr old grandson and when he's with me he never leaves my side. I wonder how many of these young girls are real, or just someone getting a good laugh. Read some stories by 15 to 17 old girls who want to skype with older men and men 30 to 60 are up for it.
BTW great pic, love the smile.

Good on your hubby if I was there I'd be handing him bats and such while I held the *** hole

it is beyond me why EP allows anyone under 18 to sign up here!

Glad your husband wooped his ***!!

I couldn't agree more!

Something similar happened to a good friend of mine in college, the man got away with it. That was part of the reason I went to law school, to make sure those bastards end up behind bars.

all pedos should be given the injection they don't deserve to live, I can only hope that your night mare is now over and that he is now in jail, and your daughter can now rebuild her life

With the widespread geography of this site, it is doubtful there would be any physical contact. Also, I believe there is a fair amount of annonimity unless your address is revealed. This site may be a good training site for young girls relative to sexual abuse.

Yes a sad thing

That's sad your daughter went thru that. Your husband had every right to kick his butt. Why men target teenage girls is beyond me. That is sick.

I read that during WWII that young girls were the target of men of the occupying forces so things haven't changed much. In the Ukraine woman of all ages can walk around freely without fear of assault. Men there have a concience. But it is changing too.

Jeez I am so sorry .I would have done the same thing as your husband .I hope your daughter is okay .Why the hell is he still walking around he sounds a danger to all kids .

he deserves to be executed!!


**** all that noise, I'll crush anyone that tries to **** with me.

they're all sick bastards and should get life in prison if found guilty

I thank god that there was not much Internet when my daughters were that age, it hard enough to keep them out of trouble.

I don't know how I would react if anyone ever hurt my daughters.... the trouble is young girls are groomed at such an early age... there are some sick fucs out there. Its taken far too long to bring all of this to the attention of the parents... I hope things with your daughter are ok now.

Girls who have dads husbands brothers that care are lucky. Unfortunately for me nobody did including my mother. My childhood was full of dark terror filled nights with not a single adult to protect me. I wish nobody ever feels the terror lonliness and desperation that I lived thru

that pedo deserves severe punishment

That is sad that there are so many pedo here in this world. They seem to only want the sex act done to them without thinking of the child or other ways to get what they think they need...It is sad that we have a generation of men who do not know how to simply talk to a woman, but will rather rape them

I hope someone in jail finds him sweet and rapes his filthy *** that discusting piece of ****. I don't understand how people can hurt children.

....or any other woman.

Very caring for you and Im so sorry about your daughter. Im 16 still and I only got on this site to share stories and the poems I got. Reading this makes you worry a lot, sure the network is a danger but so is real life.
In everything you need to be carefull

Damn what a bastard. I hope he rots in jail.

That is horrific! I worry so much about my daughter so much for the same reason. They are so innocent and so desperate to be liked, that they are very gullible to this kind of attention. I think I would have wanted to cut off his parts and hand them to him in a bag! I hope justice is served and your daughter gets through this.

I hope you see justice.