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I Worry About The Young Girls On Here Or On The Internet For That Matter

When i was 14,i met a guy at the park.He was 28 and wanted to be friends.I fell for it and you can imagine what happened.Fastforward 2010.My bday party.My husband and i invited all the family and friends.One of our friends,Dan,took notice of my 16yr old daughter and started contacting her via the internet.Dan was 38 married man with a child,and his wife was a dear friend of mine.He lured my daughterto his house,locked her in his garage while his wife was at work .For 2 hrs ,she cried,and he said she was not going home until she did what he said.Needless to say a rape occured.My daughter told me and the cops and the DA are pressing charges!My husband found out ,went to his house and beat his ***,he needed staples and stiches(poor thing).I'm still going through the court process,he has yet to spend a minute in jail.
I worry about the young ladies on here.The ones who are barely 18 and don't realize the pedo's that are lurking on this site and on the internet itself.Yes they are 18,but honestly,i'm not sure if some of the girls on here really are18.I just don't want anyone to get lured into something like my daughter did
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There is a lot I could reply to your post. First, I am sorry about your daughter and what happened. I know a little bit about all that's included when something as that occurs. I am in my early 40s and I take for granted and "forget" how different everything actually is. Like not having anything like this growing up. I think more and more that less and less people are honest online about most of everything; words, pictures, whatever. And we both know that being 18 and a LEGAL adult doesn't mean the same person isn't way younger mentally, emotionally, etc. It is way more dangerous on the net than I had thought to be honest. Thank you for posting and reminding everyone. You never know if maybe 1 person read your post and then thought twice about something when if you hadn't posted, he/she may have ended up in trouble. It has been 5 years since the rape and still not done with court? I can't comprehend how/why some people do what they do. I hesitate saying too much publicly. I hope everyone is doing as well as can be.

Glad your husband beat him. He shouldn't had to stay in a room with your husband for two hours..
Horrible thing to happen!
I hope she can heal from this traumatic experience.
God bless you both!

There are a lot of them on here.

I hope he gets what he deserves. Be thankful shes alive. I had a child murdered.

I'm surprised you say "poor thing". He got what he deserved.

Unfortunately in America most state laws are not strong enough to fit the crime and often first and even second offenders are slapped with small sentences or even probation. Which is ludicrous since pedophiles have the highest repeat offense rate by far than any other criminal its close to 90% repeat offense rate. They can't be rehabilitated

That's horrible. I am so sorry this happened to her.

I would have never called the police, and just let hubby and maybe a few of his buds introduce him to Karma, she can be a real b#tch.

He needed staples and stiches and you are saying poor thing ... I take that as being a sarcastic comment because if it had have been my daughter I would have smashed both his knee caps bent his legs sideways smashed them a few more times at the knee joint and smashed his balls with a baseball bat and then worked on his face before taking him somewhere in the boot of the car and dumping him!

It's coming up to 3 years(Apr 2015) did that SOB go to jail(I hope 'cause they don't take any pity on child molesters)--Hope all is well with your daughter......

was his DNA samples from your dau's body was not enough to convict him?

horrible about your daughter..The man should be caned then strung up by the genitals.

I commend you for pressing charges, and I absolutely support your husbands decision to pound the crap out of guy. He got what he deserved and he deserves the time in jail that he will get for rape.

Good for your husband. I know what I would have done, had I been him. To me they are the lowest form of life. If and when he is jailed, the cons will take action on him also. Even they don't care for child molesters.

16 y i think are complet girl but not with 38 y men i hate also :(

I am so sorry to hear that. I can never never understand why a grown man/women need to be a friend with young boy/girls.

I see what OldGriz says is true. it is the 18-21 and 13-15 who get themselves in the fast lane here.. very few pervs that are anything except voyeurs or like to talk about something sexy with a woman (not minor children) and that is not against the law.. so they are not a danger to minors here is my guess. EP has people who might just keep and eye on what is going on with that here too maybe.

I read story from a girl who signed onto EP as 18-21. Then in her story mentioned that she was in 8th grade. Lots of lying Lolitas here!

That is shocking. he would need more than stitches with me

So sad to hear. Now I have 7yr old grandson and when he's with me he never leaves my side. I wonder how many of these young girls are real, or just someone getting a good laugh. Read some stories by 15 to 17 old girls who want to skype with older men and men 30 to 60 are up for it.
BTW great pic, love the smile.

it is beyond me why EP allows anyone under 18 to sign up here!

Yes why indeed.. why they started that is a weird thing ? And Why not a separate site for that age group and parents could breathe easy But NOooooohhh.. (John Belushi)

Glad your husband wooped his ***!!

I couldn't agree more!

all pedos should be given the injection they don't deserve to live, I can only hope that your night mare is now over and that he is now in jail, and your daughter can now rebuild her life

With the widespread geography of this site, it is doubtful there would be any physical contact. Also, I believe there is a fair amount of annonimity unless your address is revealed. This site may be a good training site for young girls relative to sexual abuse.

Yes a sad thing

That's sad your daughter went thru that. Your husband had every right to kick his butt. Why men target teenage girls is beyond me. That is sick.

I read that during WWII that young girls were the target of men of the occupying forces so things haven't changed much. In the Ukraine woman of all ages can walk around freely without fear of assault. Men there have a concience. But it is changing too.

Jeez I am so sorry .I would have done the same thing as your husband .I hope your daughter is okay .Why the hell is he still walking around he sounds a danger to all kids .

he deserves to be executed!!


**** all that noise, I'll crush anyone that tries to **** with me.

I thank god that there was not much Internet when my daughters were that age, it hard enough to keep them out of trouble.

I don't know how I would react if anyone ever hurt my daughters.... the trouble is young girls are groomed at such an early age... there are some sick fucs out there. Its taken far too long to bring all of this to the attention of the parents... I hope things with your daughter are ok now.

Girls who have dads husbands brothers that care are lucky. Unfortunately for me nobody did including my mother. My childhood was full of dark terror filled nights with not a single adult to protect me. I wish nobody ever feels the terror lonliness and desperation that I lived thru

that pedo deserves severe punishment

That is sad that there are so many pedo here in this world. They seem to only want the sex act done to them without thinking of the child or other ways to get what they think they need...It is sad that we have a generation of men who do not know how to simply talk to a woman, but will rather rape them

I hope someone in jail finds him sweet and rapes his filthy *** that discusting piece of ****. I don't understand how people can hurt children.

....or any other woman.

Very caring for you and Im so sorry about your daughter. Im 16 still and I only got on this site to share stories and the poems I got. Reading this makes you worry a lot, sure the network is a danger but so is real life.
In everything you need to be carefull

Damn what a bastard. I hope he rots in jail.

That is horrific! I worry so much about my daughter so much for the same reason. They are so innocent and so desperate to be liked, that they are very gullible to this kind of attention. I think I would have wanted to cut off his parts and hand them to him in a bag! I hope justice is served and your daughter gets through this.

I agree, it's too easy for someone young, say 16, to just say they're over 18, and be exposed to a lot of things that maybe they shouldn't see.

what your daughter - or you went through, not just her.. Its a shame her world changed like that.. I hope his punishment is severe. I am sure his wife feels horrible.. best of luck for all of you.

I think he is still lucky to be alive. I would have killed him, then I would have delivered his body to the police station... Are you and his wife still friends? What is she saying about this? I'm sure none of this is easy on her.

nohis wife and i are no longer friends

I have similar fears... I share a house with my best friend and his family... He has a 16 yr old daughter... I keep telling my friend and his wife that they should be more active in monitoring her internet and phone contacts with people, they do nothing... I find this cavalier attitude disturbing... But she's not my daughter... And I don't want to step on any toes... But I am very fearful for her...

You should cut his nuts off!

What bothers me so much is when people(men sometimes posing as women) post stories with ped related themes. One guy talked about fondling his 15 yr old daughters breasts and the a "Woman" ( im positive it was the same guy.)posted about watching "her " 15 yr old daughter have sex with her boyfriend and getting off. Then you get a string of comments from sympathetic EP member. What a bunch of sick chomos. I reported both stories. Really ****** me off. I struggle with body issues and sex issues and certain tends view which I have learned to deal with much with EP help. However, no one should ever be offended and everyone involved must be consenting adults. NOT INNOCENT CHILDREN!

Good point. I have a 9 year old daughter, and she is very beautiful, thanks to my wife. Everyone is always talking about her beauty, and her athletic talent in softball. She keeps asking for a bikini, and my wife is trying to convince me that this is a good idea. Saying things lik, well this friend of hers has one. We know all her friends parents, and are very protective over her. She is a middle child, and constantly demanding attention and is always full of drama. Just hope someday she isn't naive enough to find that attention from someone she shouldn't. I am sorry to hear about that bastard and your daughter. Kudos to your husband for beating him down though. I certainly hope that justice will prevail in your situation.

Some of them here are pretending to be 18 and aren't. I always try to make sure that the girls I am talking to are at least 18. I have been approached on here by girls that are only 14 and trying to get me to sext with them. I feel bad for them because I know some guy is going to talk them in to telling him where they live and they will end up getting raped.

I am curious how young you were when you got pregnant? (15?)

I am not a politically correct person. Never well be.. call them what they are. Baby rapers.

Such people should be castarated on their first attempt! But i must congratulate you on your upbringing that your daughter confided in you! I wish and pray that she gets over that experience and never has to go through any thing even remotely close to this experience!

I agree 100%. I have 3 daughters. How did he not spend anytime in jail?

I am sorry that this has happened, guys who do that should be taken out and not brought back. The ones like that on EP make it hard for the rest of us because women think all men are like that.

How horrid - - but kudos to your husband for beating the snot out of him! So tell me - - the guy didn't press assault charges for that? How about the cops? That's been my one reservation about resorting to "frontier justice" with some schmuck should I ever have a reason to. I'm going through a divorce at present, and while I think everything will work out all right over the next few years, my worst fear is that my boys' mother will expose them to some idiot along the way who may abuse them in some fashion, and then I will be faced with just this dilemma....(useless conventional justice, or beat his a$$ frontier justice?)

At least mine are both boys - - at some point, they will each be big enough to be intimidating, and they will no longer be targets. Unfortunately, the day you can stop worrying about a daughter never comes. tragic should not be happen to any one........some people r very cruel........if that idot is so addicted to s....x..... he had gone to some brothel home.......why should that bleedy idot has to spoil a innocent girls should not happen to any one........i really regreat abt sad.......

This is so sad for all concerned, especially as the perpetrator hasn't suffered yet, but you and your family have been 'to hell' and haven't started coming back yet. Your husband was absolutely right and the perv deserved much, much more. I do hope things work out quickly and well for you all so that you can put it all behind you.

As for 'minors' being on here, there are sadly quite a lot. I hope they are reading posts of this nature and being careful, but in reality it's a forlorn hope with some.

Best wishes to you all.

Sorry for your daughter, but your husband did the right thing, it will probably be the only justice you will get. The system is broken and the only payment you will get is how your hubby handled it, lol

OMG one has to always moniter their children because predators are all around us!! Hope things sort itself out in terms of court and moving on for you and your daughter & family!

You must monitor what your kids under 18 are doing anytime they are online, Even though the kids might think it is intrusive it must be done! The pedos must be castrated with a rusty dull knife, or let the population behind pars take care of them. But in the end it really is the parents responsibility to watch and take care of your kids. No matter what you have to do lock them away in a room till they turn 18. You must do it for the good of your children.

Unfortunately the beating your husband gave him was not enough. People like that should just have their junk removed.

Well done to you. I have written similarly. There are some very bad people on here and in all aspects of our life, unfortunately. There are also some very young, "It would never happen to me, people on here." It is why when EP asked me what I thought of it, I said, good for older people, but very dangerous for the young ones. Well done to you, good luck to your daughter, yourself and family:)

From everything I've read, most underage girls get taken advantage of by older guys in real life, not from meeting someone online. It's the schools and parties where 95% of the problems start.


thanks for sharing... Scary stuff. It's always good to be reminded.

put it out there in the jail where he is at and they will take care of him also, they do not like child molester's in the jail system, friend is a jailer he has told me what they do to child molesters and it is not pretty from what he has told me

Thank you for sharing, some of these men are sadly mistaken to think that they will never be caught. I Wish you and your family all the best.

I agree that the world is not always as it appears and the con men are out there trying to take advantage of whomever they can, be it sex, money, etc. You are right to worry, especially for the young and innocent. Just a shame this guy wasn't stopped sooner. Our sympathies to you and your family.

thank u:)My daughter is doing well,and he is in jail:)

So sorry that happend to you and your daughter. Hope she is doing OK. Good for your husband.

she is ok,in a nursing program and getting A's!Bastard is in jail:)

Most of these bastards are family or friends, that is what is scary.

I wish for you and your family as speedy of a recovery as possible, and may the courts do the right thing,justice, for sure. You are absolutely correct in being worried for some of the young ladies on here, I feel the same way. Innocence can be lost in a moment with devastating effects.

All the best to you and yours

wow that is hectic. I just have boys, that said, it does not make them less vulnerable...thanks for sharing.

I'd like to buy your husband a beer sometime, and maybe help kick the crap out of the guy again....once isn't enough. My sympathies to your daughter, and to you. This must be a awful ordeal to go through.

the guy is in jail now:)

I am really sorry for this tragedy…this type of cruel people should get the capital punishment, nothing less than that should not be reasonable to them.

Thank u

you re hubby did good

Please tell me he's in jail now

yes he just now is going in

Good, how long?

120 days

Not long enough, not even close.

Its not,but at least he got some time...I'm sure his wife isn't happy with him,i feel bad for all the ppl he hurt

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Yes I also hope that your daughter can get through this in a good way and go on to live a full life and in some way I don't know how leave this awful thing behind her. In the future meet a loving respectful man to show her what love is all about.

Hope he rots in jail or worse...

She has found a wonderful boyfriend,college and working full time,we r all doing well

Glad to hear that!

I feel so sorry for you and you daughter and totally agree with you on your concerns for the young on the internet it is so easy to think that you are safe. My daughter got burned early luckily not by a real ********* but she learned her lesson I hope when she contacted a guy, or what she thought was a guy, she met on one playsite for kids, they started messing back and forth and then turned to texting. She sort of had a crush on "him" and they started talking talking about meeting. Then it turns out that "he" is a girl. Like I said quite innocent and nothing compared to what you are going through. But I am happy that she brought it up with us so we could talk to her about it and make her really understand the dangers of exposing personal information on the internet and other forums hopefully it won't happen again...

I guess with the internet it's like anything else - make sure you know what your kids are up to, and educate them as best you can about the risks.

The risks are there irrespective of the internet. As this man was known to your family he could have contacted your daughter in any number of ways - it is just that the internet has made it easier.

I remember quite some years ago when our daughter was maybe 12, one man (a friend of my wife, or more accurately, a friend of a friend of my wife) rang up several times wanting to speak to our daughter (this was before we had internet). i found this odd, to say the least, and had to warn him off. I asked my wife to sort him out, as (a) she is much fiercer than I am and (b) men find it harder to deal with an angry woman than with an angry man.

I hope your daughter is recovering well and hope that she won't be permanently traumatised by this. I also hope that this man is behind bars before long where he can't do this to someone else.

First and foremost I feel so sorry for your daughter and your husband was justified in what he did, and lets hope this "friend" spends as much time in jail as possible. I agree with what you say about the young women on here, but as a gay man I would go as far to say that I truly worry for the young boys on here, they only have to change their age and they are free to write and read what they like and I am sure there are men out there taking advantage of the situation..

As normal human beings we are all appalled at what happens but I am afraid the beauty of the internet is also the problem with it..... Thanks for your story

i agree

I hope the man gets what is coming to him, and your daughter recovers soon and has not been too badly damaged by her ordeal... God bless

Please forgive me for being insensitive. I am sorry for what happened to your daughter. (and you at 14)

So pleased to read of your husband's actions. It is such a petty that the forces of "law and order" are unable to tackle crime effectively. As a Christian I would encourage all people in your circumstances to take the law into your own hands. Unfortunately it is the only way. If the police get in your way, they become accomplices in the crime. They are worthy of the same punishment.

sad! Pedos everywhere. Its sickening. Cant trust anyone with your kids! I hope your daughter comes out of this ok. And I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist.

I am sorry to hear such a horrible story. The internet worries me as well. Heck, the whole world worries me right now.

Crime is a product of bad mind,if he doesn feel guilty while doin the crime then he's worthless,he must be punished,put thru some gutter cleanin every day!!

I'm a total perv but when it comes to kids i just cant handle that. Some guy put a message on my board today and i went to his page to check him out, i see that his mother had been messing with him sexually and he was glorifying it. Now i get that his mother was the sick one, inexcusable, but doesnt he get thatat nearly 40yrs old? Sick. I blocked him needless to say but its so sad. U hear stuff on the news all the time. And being, no offense, raped for a couple hours is mild compared to some things. (btw, i was raped twice violently and once as i was passed out wasted. 1@14&2@17) when i was pregnant with mu second child a man was foundguilty after he raped and beat to death his own six month old baby boy. I wanna know how he made it to the courthouse? I would kidnapped the mother f**=*** and tortured him until he begged to die then I'd have tortured him some more!<br />
I agree about worrying...i worry too because there r too many sickos in this world but how can u make them safe? I never listened as a kid. Thats why i got raped so many times. The best u can do is say something to them if u think they could be in danger.and pray for the best. There is only so much anyone can scares thehell outta me every day.....


We live in a crazy world. Everything moves so fast now.....I would not want to be a kid now a days...we all need to watch out for each other.

You have made a really good point. I hope all goes well with your situation, and I'm sorry for what happened to your daughter. That guy deserved that beating.

Wow...I am soo sorry this has happened to you and your sister was molested repeatedly by a next door neighbor before she finally got the courage to tell someone and she was all of 7 years old!!

did your daughter ever share with you how her body responded to him ?

That's horrible. I hope the guy gets everything he deserves! I also worry about girls on the internet - being 18 myself. I'd like to think I'm sensible enough not to get into contact with people I would't associate myself with in 'real life', and I hope other girls are too

That is simply awful !!! sorry for you your husband and your daughter most of all, he should be punished to the highest extent of the law !!!! Locked up and never let out , i have daughters and if anyone ever did that to one of them ,they would certainly regret their actions immediately after i got a hold of them , i hope she is ok, and can with time lessen the scars that he has caused her and your family . No one under 18 should be on EP but sadly they are .........