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my thoughts on pedos is this: there is a difference in harming a kid and getting accused of it

i dont want pple to get the wrong idead about where i stand and i dont want u to think im defending them im not.
but in some cases for example a teenage girl who is failing in class and the teacher wont pass her they say he did this and this to them
when they did nothing whatsoever and that teacher goes to prison for it .
now in the case of nevada wich happend last yr a guy was accused of 22 accounts of rape and sexual assault of of a ten yr old girl and a 8 yr old girl and walked out of prison WTF this is the kinda **** i dont get and the **** that ****** me off the most
like i said before i put them in the group of murders and until my gov ur gov our gov steps up and makes harder laws on them they will continue to do this the only recourse i have for them is the death penalty plain and simple and not puting them on death row for 10-15 yrs but right then and there rember those days? i do! its the only way ur gonna send a msge to them
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1 Response May 4, 2012

I was a teacher, the new guy in the school, with years of classroom experience. The principal was sexually assaulting one of my male students. I found in his journal a cry for help. So I turned it in. A week later I was accused of Sexual Misconduct. Investigation showed no offense, but the principal pulled some strings and got my teaching license revoked. <br />
<br />
I sued the Board of Ed and won the first round. My lawyer suggested I not sue for my job back, because the City lawyers were so angry about the first loos, they would not hesitate to release to the media that I had been dismissed for sexual misconduct, which would make all the papers, Teacher accused of sexual anything makes the teacher automatically guilty in the public eye. And I would not be safe any place with that scarlet letter hanging on my chest. I would be released from volunteer work, I neighbors would shun me and my daughter would face unspeakable torment at school. So even though my law suit would have erased all my debt and then some, I had to drop it to save face. I may never teach again and this is a crime as I know I was a good teacher, on my way to being great. I have no regrets, I did the right thing and the principal was soon fired, arrested and sent away. One less powerful creep in the world.