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Fyi,the Group Is Called "i Hate Pedophiles"

Dear Pedophiles and their supports,
This is a group that hates pedos,yes the word is Hate.Nothing you can say will change our minds.Keep
on posting,that's fine,but your wasting your time.I don't like you ,or anyone who claims ,u have a disorder,and we should
sympathize with you.
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 3 Responses May 6, 2012

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Why are you so full of hate for guys that like young

u must be one of them,sicko

i think you're right, 1pretty girl. why else would someone ask such a question?

********** is a sexuality you can't help what turns you on they get a very hard time in prison

I am not a sicko I just love little girls

i hope u get caught ,and when u do ,u get sent to prison,and raped in ur *** ,on a daily basis,go get some help!!!It is not normal for a grown man to like little girls

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If they showed some remorse for what they did, even a little bit, then they wouldn't have so many people looking to provide street justice. And believe me, street justice will be served if a ********* ever messed with my kids.

I completely agree with you. Why should we sympathize with people who cause children to have haunting traumatic memories for their whole lives?? Pedophiles are extremly disgusting and I cant stand them. Their actions are an awful insult to society.