This Is Not A War On Pedos/feminist

this is a war of MORAL understanding. and if anyone had decent MORALS about themself wich apperentally u dont . It is a clear understanding that BOTH MALES&FEMALES esp ones here are both against the sickness of this. THIS IS NOT GENDER baseD DISCRIMINATION WICH U LIKE TO ARGUE THE POINT ACROSS THAT IT IS. Well ur sadly mistaken what is ur argument based on? huh? nothing thats what i thought so when u say its ok to have sex with girls 10-14 i would love to see the day u stand before god and give ur same arguement cause when u do i'll see in hell and this time there aint no 20 dollar fee to get out
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My response to this is this. if we don't stop pegging every person as a ******** what if a couple is 26 and the other is 16 in a state where it's legal. who gets in trouble if the state decides to raise it. if the parents press charges. that's the end of his life. why should a man get punished. why is it that teens that lie about there age to police openly lie a bout it. does the man get punished for life. This war needs to come to an end. we need to start making boundries. if we don't stop this neo con feministic life style that every man is a peace of ****. no one is ever going to learn the difference. these people are not profiled. and if i was govoner of new york. i would seriously conisder changing a hole **** load of laws.

if the age is 18 for a girl and u violate that law end of discussion

deadman - you say we need to start making boundaries. The age of consent IS a boundary; and while the actual age might vary from one state to another it's fixed in law by common consent. There is little excuse anyway for not knowing how old a girl is. If you're going out with her long enough to start bonking her then how can you possibly not know which grade she's in at school? Her friends, her parents, her siblings are all available to ask, just in case you think she might be exaggerating

I agree. Many people blame feminists for hating pedophiles, rapists, child abusers, wife abusers, and the like. What they don't realize is that there are many people (not just women or feminists) who are against cruel, violent, and abusive behavior. My husband hates controlling, dominating, abusive, violent, people because he is a strong man with integrity and values, not because he is a feminist. I think the men who blame things like hatred of pedophiles on feminists do so because they are unwilling to accept that they are perverts. So they tell themselves that all men, and non-feminist women think like they do so its perfectly acceptable, and only misandrist feminists, who are far from normal, have a problem with it. Maybe they will finally "get it" when they get their sorry ***** thrown in jail by male police officers, and then end up in prison after being prosecuted by a male DA, and found guilty by a jury made up of men and women, and then get raped and beaten by other men in prison for being such disgusting perverts.

Yes when men turn against men - the sex they were extremely LOYAL to all their life LOL double whammy....what a disappointment for them hahaha

ok for those who dont really UNDERSTAND THE LAWS OF CONSENT OR LEGAL AGE OF A WOMAN IN AMERICA it is 18 when u turn 18 ur considerd a adult now in texas at 17 ur considered a adult but still could go to jail for that now anything under that is illegal damn greenie ur retarded

greenbare ur on a short leash with me dude

Hey Saint... why is greenie talking about his "coochie snorcher" being lifted to heaven by a "dyke lesbo".... I thought he was a guy? Is he transgendered? Also I thought he was in his 70's... so can someone he hasn't blocked explain to him that you are only a teen from ages 13 to 19.... I think he (or is it more respectful to call it a her? Ill compromise... I think shim is confused about its age .... thanks!

Ummm... Hey Greenie? You don't have to hide anymore. There's a confession dedicated to you. We love and accept your submissive homosexuality. There's no need to be agressive on the boards anymore.

Penn you're so generous and thank you for taking one for the team so to speak .... thank you!

Can someone tell greenie that the Vagina Monologues don't have any "rape" scenerios, and that it has nothing to do with ********** or pedophiles ..... he is just squirting out useless bile that serves no purpose other than to stink up the place.<br />
<br />
His "comment" constitutes libel and slander and is pure unfounded fiction.

i for one agree with both of u free and kitten

I agree with crim on this issue... pedo's either act like their victims weren't actually victimized, because it was "love" and consentual...which is utter B.S. or they blame the victim instead of taking responsibility for themselves!

Yes FREE<br />
<br />
They always like to blame women and children; as long as they don't have to take the blame; as long as they are never at fault because they think they are perfect because their tattered male ego tells them so - meaning that everything else around them must be at fault and wrong; because their EGo tells them they are the only ones always right and without faults.... I guess they cope with their "guilt" resorting to such cowardice "scapegoating" refusing to take responsibility for their own actions also dropping their shaaiiit on others to carry; always blaming others for their problems........... Yeah so much for "male intelligence" lmao

um no its not feminist HAS NOTHING to do with hating pedos damn if u could take ur head outa of ur *** for ten minutes wipe the **** off ur nose so u can smell ud see it

@ saints<br />
<br />
NO man talking to CUTECULUMON!!!!! Read his comment carefully to you he is an in your face fence sitter --- for it but not entirely against it either!!!! Arse wipe I saw his true nature long time ago in defence and support of this atrocious crime!!!!

aww okies lol

OH cute wow this just shows on which side you are really on:<br />
<br />
"With that being said, I don't think that ********** would be accepted anytime soon"

u talking to me?

NO man to CUTECULUMON!!!!! Read his comment carefully to you he is in your face fence sitter for it but not entirely against it either!!!! Arse wipe I saw his true nature long time ago in defence and support of this atrocious crime!!!!

Lowride before defending someone please ask yourself if you know anything about their history; especially of someone on EP defending pedophiles like CUTE wherever he can!!!!!!!

Sexual abuse laws do not favor one sex over the other.<br />
<br />
Both men and women can and do rape, abuse and molest children.<br />
<br />
Both male and female children can and are raped abused and <br />
molested.<br />
<br />

thank u for this but some pple are makin this out to be about females hating pedos as i stated in my story both sex hate pedos

Oh no I didn't mean to say anything against that, each sex hates pedos and pedos can be either sex...I was agreeing with you.

exactly now if u would so kindly write that last reply in big bold letters as a comment plse and thank u


ur comment in where u said men and women are pedos

Did it get clarified?

yes it did with me dont think it did with anyone else

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