Let Me Tell You A Story About A Crash.

3rd of April. 2004*. In the German town of Stetten, only a couple of kilometers south of Stuttgart, Police make the startling discovery of the body of a 7-year-old boy in a forest not too far outside of town. Immediately, an investigation was launched. The coroner confirmed shortly after that the boy had been sexually abused, then beaten, and then left in the forest to die.

Only one week later, on the 10th of April*, the police investigators had enough evidence to suspect a 21-year-old man from the district of Reutlingen, however, the suspect was unable to be located. Police knew of a black cruiser-style motorbike with the license plate RT-NK 32* owned by the accused and immediately starts a state-wide dragnet.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old MK*, a office clerk and voluntary boyscout group leader at the local lutheran-protestant church, prepares himself for another tour on his Honda Shadow, a black cruiser-style motorbike that he just got. He put on his leather jacket, his helmet and his gear and headed out of his house for the swabian alb. The sunny weather and the cury roads up and down the hills always make for a pretty drive. The bike was beautiful, he just had it inspected, washed and polished the previous day. He had already ordered a new exhaust pipe for the bike to make it look more bad-***.

Unaware of the events in Stetten, MK headed out and south.

Around 14:00 hours the dragnet employed by police still showed no results, and they decided to issue a nation-wide BOLO on the motorbike of the assailant. Federal police was called in to aide with the search, and special state-police forces from Karlsruhe and Heilbronn were called in as well.
Also, the police decided to give out a press statement telling motorists to be on the lookout for a black cruiser-bike with the above mentioned license plate. Nationwide, the license plate and the colour and form of the motorbike was broadcasted by every radio station.

Since Motorbikes have no radio, MK was still unaware of the dragnet and the search. As it so happens, his license-plate was RT-MK 33, similar to the license plate of the accused. He was already on his way back, currently driving downhill on the Gönninger Steige. The Gönninger lake was not too far, and he decided to take a break there for a cigarette and a bit of rest.

He never got there. As he was preparing for a sharp right turn, a VW golf slammed him from behind, sending bike and rider down a step slope in the forest area around Gönningen. MK suffered 2 broken legs and a broken arm from the crash, as well as 2 broken ribs. The VW stopped and the driver got out - with a tire iron. He climbed down the slope and started beating on MK with the tire iron, causing additional injuries as well as a head trauma. MK, unable to defend himself, lost counciousness.

2 hours later, a forester found the crashed bike and MK in a very bad shape and immediately called police and an ambulance. Under the paramedics care, MK was able to retrieve counciousness before being taken to RT hospital. After treatment of several broken ribs, all broken extremeties as well as the already mentioned head trauma, MK was visited by police officers informing him that of this moment he is to consider himself arrested and charged with rape and murder.

Word of the accusations got around quickly, and MK was fired from his job immediately. Additionally, the church informed him that his voluntary service at the boy scouts was no longer required nor desired. His girlfriend broke up with him. His father informed him that he no longer considers him his son. His mother didn't believe that he never had done it, either - and asked him repeatedly why he did it.
After having healed from his wounds, MK was transferred from the hospital into the custody of JVA Stammheim pending trial.

While the District Attourney prepared the trial, he noticed some severe oversights the police has made. Not only the license plate was not the right one, also the German TÜV (the equivalent of the DMV) files registered a Suzuki Intruder, not a Honda Shadow. The bikes were similar to the untrained eye, but not identical if observed closely. The charges were dropped, but police did not publicly apologize.

Later that year, italian police arrested the original assailant and extradited him to Germany to stand trial. He was charged and convicted and now serves a life-long prison sentence in Stammheim.

For your information: MK was no other than ep-user Kletti. In short, MK was me.

As to me: My injuries have healed properly, and except for some scars on my torso everything is fine. My parents did apologize for never believing me, but our relationship has never been the same. I was unable to find new work at first because the press had slandered my name in public. I went to file a lawsuit against unlawful prosecution and won, retrieving not only a large settlement from the government but also sorta clearing my name in the press. 2007 I was able to secure employment again. The VW-driver was never found.

Today, I still drive a honda shadow, but the 2010 model. The old one was to wrecked to be repaired. The city of Gönningen decided to display the damaged front wheel of that bike near that turn as a reminder.

The church never apologized and I never did any volunteer work again.

What's my point?

I shared this story with you as some food for thought, basically. I hate Pedophiles as much as the next guy, but given my experiences, I have to urge you all: Yes, pedos need to be brought to justice. But don't take justice into your own hands - especially if you are not sure that you have all the facts right.
Otherwise, you might ruin another innocent life.

And for all pedophiles out there: I disliked y'all before, but now I have a personal reason to hate you from the bottom of my soul. If you ******** were human beings instead of the animals you are, none of this would've ever happened. If you are a ********* and I know it, you better avoid my general area. Because I just might "take you behind the motorpool and take the air out of your tires", if you get my drift.

*Names and dates were changed to protect my identity.
Kletti Kletti
4 Responses May 14, 2012

WOW Kletti! :'(

Sounds like something from a movie. Almost too outlandish to believe. I admire your courage. If this were to happen to me I don't know if I would have survived. I'm very glad you did.

sort of took my breath away...<br />
I can't imagine the healing you've done both emotionally and physically...

What happened to you is terrible, and too common when people take justice into their own hands—its bad enough when the justice system errs. I'm glad that you have recovered physically, and I hope that you can recover from the other harms. I'm wishing you every happiness.