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not all pedophiles act on their desire.

I think I pity a few of these people given that society does encourage imagery that sexualizes youth
I mean grown women dress up like naughty school girls and don't realize they're playing into someone's insidious fantasy.
Clothing that only grown women can afford is modeled by teens. Most lingerie models begin in their teens. we fear aging. we praise youthful behavior and innocence. And by no means is it anyone's fault that these things happen to children but we do have poisonous way of viewing things.

as far as those who act on it.
I detest them for this. They make me feel sick, afraid and objectified. There is a selfishness in placing your desires over someones well being and mental health. The willingness to ruin someone's life from the beginning for a few brief moments of pleasure. My father chose it over me and my sisters. and 3 other men did as well. IT's like they didn't even see me they just saw my age. It's creepy how they groom you, buy you things guilt you into thinking no one else can love you but them and then you grow up with this sick idea of how to gain someones love and you think through your sexuality and your lack of self defense. And this idea is not one that just pervades child molesters but I think women are taught to perform this naiveté as well.
I was approached by a 54 year old man who asked me a college student if I approved of him sleeping with a high school girl he knows ( probably because I am into older men.. a fact which I don't deny is tied to my daddy issues). It grossed me out and it makes me want to cut him out completely. Sure I was sexually precocious and did a lot of posturing to seduce men into playing my father figure, but that's me and I even regret some of those things. it sickens me to no end that it's a whole fantasy based on stealing the innocence of an unsuspecting trusting person.
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If someone does NOT act on something, then why would they relate to being whatever is being said? I can think of stealing something but it isn't until I actually do it, that I would say I stole something. <br />
<br />
If someone is having such thoughts, then they have the opportunity to either allow that thought to grow or seek help, if needed. With God, there is nothing impossible. A person with a humble heart, will get the help because all who call on the Lord, will be saved.<br />
<br />
Although, I am personally disgusted with the way things are in the world. Women who dress and act like prostitutes or have the insatiable need for attention from men, have been told but they choose their paths. It does not help, that society, as a whole, promotes everything you rightly spoke of and attempts to silence those who live for God and would oppose such things. <br />
<br />
Nonetheless, men are weak idiots if they think they can blame women's dress for their actions. If they had anything good in their hearts and were living for something greater than what was in their pants, like for Jesus, then maybe they could overcome such shortcomings. Blaming Eve, did not work in the garden and it will not stand today or tomorrow.<br />
<br />
Fault will be on the one whose fault it is. It makes no difference, nothing of the devil, lasts forever. Every man and woman, will be accountable for themselves. Good or bad.<br />
<br />
God bless you. I have been there and feel your pain. I am wondering why you seek to offer an excuse for pedo's?<br />
<br />
UPDATE: First let me say, that although I had actually "liked" your post and I was merely curious about something, I can see the truth about who you are. I would take back my support now IF I could. You are a judgmental, hypocritical, self-righteous woman. You think because you are a non-believer that you must somehow be better than me and can see things so much better than me. You can't and it is clear that you are as bad, if not worse than the self-proclaimed believers that you so unrightly judge. How can one claim attraction unless one has evidence to back that up? How many times have I thought something looked good until I tried it? And once I tried it, I realized how wrong I am? A few times actually. So see here you are giving out your "perfect" advice without any regard to truth. Your pride is going to be your fall. I know you think you know everything but you don't. I will be the first to tell you that I know I don't know everything, thus I thank God for my Savior. But I will tell you this too, sometimes I know more than people think. I am glad you blocked me because I don't need self-righteous women in my life. You think you know it all, well more power to you. You still will not silence the Truth of God. God's Word alone shall stand forever more. Amen.

********** is the sexual attraction to children not the initiation and/or completion of a sexual act with them. AND SO IT DOES RELATE. THANKS FOR THE CYNICISM(and bible study) BUT NO THANKS.

and also, I am not blaming or **** shaming, if you read /seen anything on my profile I regard myself and sexually open and wear whatever I like. not once did I remark that anyone is 'asking for it' what I did say however, is that we live in a sexualized culture that focuses very acutely on youth and their sexuality. and as society many of our 'fanasies' are ones that are purposely marketed and sold to us. In the same way that men are attracted to the highest end of a particular beauty standard. women are trained and conditioned to mimic that imagery. which is why women were make up, infantalize themselves, play stupid, rather be cute than successful, eat modestly, treat their skin, curl their hair and feel it necessary to date taller, larger and more dominant men. all of that is a product of the genderizing and ageist imagery in the media and our dialogue.. the bible, for goodness sake, prizes a young virgin over a tired *****. c'mon. a) don't put words in my mouth. b) be able to recognize your hypocrisy. c) I know you felt really proud of yourself when you wrote this. but you derailed a post very specific to my personal experience of abuse and that is tacky and petty. whatever small pathetic enjoyment in life that gave you, I hope it takes you a long way.

damn... reading your words hit hard.. bringing back some memories when I was very young. Amazing how words can evoke memories and emotions as fast as they do. There are even certain smells that I can't handle becouse of......<br />
You hit the nail on the head with everything here. WHen I was your age, I was out of control, not really sure what I was doing, but could care less if I woke up the next day, and lived like that awhile. What you are saying here, has taken me alot longer to realize and understand.. You are one heluva woman, and your honesty is raw and powerful... I wish you the best :)

;) thank you for the comment cutie

So sad ;( I know EXACTLY how you feel you just worded it all so well!