Wrongly Accused

I hate Pedophiles, with a passion.   However, there is a major difference between a true ********* and an innocent man that was coerced.  A true ********* has an addiction to children.  A coerced man doesn't.  Sometimes these things can happen with a normal adult by the actions of the child.
Many years ago, I married the love of my life and we were very happy.  She had 2 lovely daughters, ages 8 and 10.  Shortly after getting together I realized that my lovely wife was a coke dealer. So, I got involved with that with her.  We were both musicians playing with bands at the time. To make a long story short as possible,  I ended up losing my job due to missing work alot from drug use.   We ended up moving away to another state to try and start over.  I went to college and got my degree and then went to tech school to be an electronic technician. I was collecting unemployement and going to school 4 hours a day.  My wife had a full time job.  So we had the next door neighbor watch the girls until I came home around noon every day.   Well all was well for a long time until one day.   I came home as usual, picked the kids up, went home.  I was arranging some laundry when there was a knock on the door.   The landlord was there telling me my kids were flashing boys from their bedroom.   These 2 girls, 8 and 10 were stripping in front of the window for the little boys outside. I apologized and took care of it.    Then I went in the living room to watch tv. The kids went out to play.   I did some drinking and some coke.  I will admit that.  A little while later, the oldest daughter, the 10 year old, came in and sat next to me to watch tv.   Next thing I know she laid her head on my lap to get a back rub, which she had done before.   Then she grabbed my hand and moved it under her top to rub her bare skin.  Then she pulled her shorts down to rub her behind.   I admit I should have put a stop to it.   So after a bit, I sat up and said I am going to watch tv in my room. She followed.   She ******** naked and laid next to me on the bed.   She literally grabbed my hand and put it where she wanted it.  She then undid the buttons on my shorts and played with me.  When she was done she got up, got dressed and went out to play.   About a month later she told her mom that I molested her.  The case was ultimately dismissed.  But my life after that has been pure hell.   I am not a ********* and I do not stalk children.  I was a successful electronic tech whose entire life was destroyed by a child
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If a young boy came to me and did similar things I would be disgusted and I would stop him, admonish him, and find out why on earth he was behaving that way. You need to be more mature, responsible, and disciplined, instead of immature, irresponsible and reckless. A straight man who is not a pervert would not be turned on if a 10 year old girl did this to him anymore than he would be turned on if a man did this to him. Do you get turned on if anyone or anything behaves this way toward you? Would you get off having a dog lick your **** too? Or an old man, or a turtle? How about your grandma or your mother or brother or sister? Would you do any kind of drug that was offered to you? Would you rob a bank if someone asked you to help them do it? Would you shoot someone if they handed you a gun and asked you to? You destroyed your life and not that little girl. Take responsibility for your own behavior instead of blaming it on others. We all have the ability to choose what we do and say NO and STOP IT!

That sucks

I believe you are a troll and this is a fictional story. That doesn't make you any less vile.

Unbelievable, you blame a ten year old for your behaviour! Shame on you!

Yeah...you need a reality check

You want support? You won't get it. <br />
<br />
You are an adult. You had an opportunity to guide these children and instead you chose to contribute to their deliquency. <br />
<br />
You use drugs and everything else as an excuse. <br />
<br />
You are a pathetic example of a man. You need to face the facts.

As a grown man you had the responsibility to immediately put an end to that inappropriate behavior by getting up and walking away! The child was exhibiting signs of sexual abuse and needed responsible adults in her life to help her not exploit her further! You need to GET REAL with yourself and ACKNOWLEDGE your ********** and get yourself some professional help before you harm another child.

You weren't wrongfully accused... you molested a minor.<br />
<br />
Being an adult you needed to stand up and tell her that her behavior was not appropriate, then you needed to explain to her that if other adults had taught her to do this they were wrong and that it isn't her fault.<br />
<br />
Next you should've called her mother immediately and told her what had transpired.<br />
<br />
These girls were obviously calling out for help. You took advantage of them instead of helping them.<br />
<br />
I do hope the guilt of your failure haunts you as it does those poor girls.<br />
<br />
Glad to hear you are clean....did you go through 12 steps?

Yes this was a cry for help! Instead of help you added more pain... you really could've changed this girl and her sisters life, shown them healthy adult child love, respect, taught them that not all adults will hurt them...its sad you used this behavior against the little girl. Also blaming her for "ruining" your life? Seriously? Are you so shallow or dense that you cannot recognize that the harm you did to her has "ruined" her life ?

Well, I guess God gave you the gift of understanding. I truly hope you are never placed in a compromising situation where you need support. I have been clean for 20+ years. Most people think children don't lie. Yes they do, to protect themselves. I pity you my friend

er, I would of handled it a tad differently, For one did you discuss it with the mom the next time you saw her? I am guessing No.
you are deluding yourself

Yes I did actually, many times. The child would lay in front of the tv and ********** and Mom would say, go to your room if you are gonna do that.

that was a clear sign that the child had been sexually abused. I am guessing Child Services has both children now?

Deluding himself is a kind way of putting it, he is a sick and twisted pervert, and my BS meter is redlining. There have been others who have come to this group, of all places, looking for sympathy. WHEN will they stop?????

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Sorry dude, afraid you are a ********* , you had sex with a kid. An adult has the responsibility for their own actions like getting up and walking away, then scheduling an appointment for the child to see a therapist. If a child is exhibiting those types of behavior it is a sure fire sign they have been sexually abused. But oh right you knew that.

No sex, thanks for the support

Poor you; helpless as putty in the hands of a child. Drug abuser, child abuser, failure; gosh. I would pity you, but I think that you have that covered well enough.