The Women Who Support Them

I not only can not stand pedophiles, but the women who support them. A man named Johnathon, refuses to break off complete contact with his x wife who dated the biggest ********* in my country, and she defends the man on facebook. I had to cut off this man because he is not sympathizing with the children wayne joseph croft abused and offended, nor is he thinking about these childrens parents.

I threw up to see him still reblogging a magazine he shares with this woman,

It is time to let it go, and move forward and if not then get me out of your life.

I am tired of these people not letting go of their pasts, doing what is right for others or for GOD for that matter.

women who support pedophiles are just as sick as they are
woodlandwench woodlandwench
41-45, F
Jun 11, 2012