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So Wrong

I hate pedophiles on so many levels, I mean seriously how do people get off to little kids. It is just disgusting and absolutely wrong on so many levels. I don't really wish harm on people that often but when it comes to pedophiles I truly hope that they get what they deserve from other fellow prisoners in jail.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M 2 Responses Jun 12, 2012

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I agree to a point,why waste time putting them in prison.Hand them over to a group of mothers and see how long they last.

Nobody chooses what turns them on, how can you condemn them for the way they were made?

While it may be true you can't choose what turns you on, if it's something that's illegal there definitely are ways that the person can take to avoid it from happening. How would you feel if you had a child and found out someone was getting off to them at a young age, or even tried to rape them in some matters. Certainly you would not give the person a pass because they were made that way and wish them the best in all future endeavors, you would be pissed not at just what they did to your own flesh and blood but also why didn't they seek out help when they had plenty of opportunities to do so.

You asked how people get off to it, that is how. Child molesters are horrible, but pedophiles can't help their attraction, no matter how disgusting you might find the idea. It is normal to them, the same way you might be attracted to a man or woman.

Child Molesters are just pedophiles that have acted on their obsession, they're nearly one in the same except for the fact that pedophiles differ as in not having been caught committing any child molestation crimes but that still doesn't make it okay. Any ********* has the possibility of becoming a child molester or may already be one who just hasn't been caught. If they truly want to help themselves then all they have to do is simply resist the urge to get off to children. If one's will power is strong enough they can say no to anything. But again my simple question is how would you feel if there was someone out their getting off to your young child? I think from that point of view you can understand why anybody would hate pedophiles and child molesters alike.

I condemn people for their actions not their interests, if they aren't doing any harm they don't deserve my hate just for "getting off". Saying child molesters and pedophiles are nearly the same is like saying males are rapists because we commit 95% of violent crimes.

Getting off is bad enough. They don't need to act for it to still be considered wrong, it is just disgusting. As I said before and I want you to answer this this time, if someone was getting off to your young child would you not be upset? If they watched your child's every step at school or out at the market, analyzing their body, their clothes, their hair, their likes, dislikes, etc., would you just be fine with that because they are just getting off to them? They are nearly one in the same. My definition as stated before, in my reply before this one, is fully accurate. I didn't say ALL pedophiles are child molesters I said they have the chance of becoming one. Just like males do have the chance of becoming rapists, but not ALL of them will become one.

Getting off isn't bad, it doesn't hurt anyone. I'm sure someone is disgusted by what you get off to, that doesn't mean their preference is more valid than yours.

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