What Should Be Done About Pedophiles?

It's hard to know if these people need help. When I worked with the special need and at risk population, I found a couple of these people in the population. I think there are two groups of pedophiles, trauma based and brain damage based. You could also say there is a group of severe pedophiles that have both. I find that the trauma based version is most common. Either way, there is no cure, or known treatment for it. The only type of treatment I've heard of is similar to treatment for a sex addict. There's probably some research showing that PTSD is associated with the trauma types, and perhaps they can be treated in a similar fashion. In my opinion, and this is just opinion, pedophiles will act upon their impulses, despite any form of therapy. As I've found from my experience working with them, they do have guilt for their actions, but lack any emotional insight during the pursuit of their crime. I recommend reinstating the chastity belt.
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Probaly the only thing that would work part from the death penalty is cutting 'it' off.


Good idea except that some are so sick a chastity device will not help them. They will use other means to hurt children.

pedophiles don't deserve to live.

********* are human and don't deserve to die

I knew an exceptional social worker when I lived in New Zealand who worked with pedophiles with a near 100% success rate. He called it his "agape" love group.

This has been my experience too, L4c. In 30 years of working with children, I met a few of these strange characters -and quite a lot of their victims. Some pedophiles just could not see that they were doing any harm, and went to great lengths to justify themselves; others showed contrition, but then offended again. Not even chemical castration worked.<br />
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Good post.