Lock 'em Up- Forever

Greetings...Many who post on this subject have different ideas as to what to do with these pieces of ... And really I don't think there is any 'right' answer.  As a former police officer, I can tell you what we cops on the street wanted to do...no court, judges, cost to the public...you get the idea...   But we are humans and I for one will not go to prison for anyone.  So we had to do as the law requires...case in point- I once involved in the arrest a man in the ' lower rent district' of our city.  I was assigned to take him to County lock-up for safe keeping...I was also assigned a rider to go with me- something that had never been do to me before... after we dropped the prisoner off, I asked my rider why they sent him with me.  He asked me if I knew who the prisoner was - nope- they were affraid that this guy may not have made it to county if I took him alone...seems he was divorced, had custody of his 5 yr old son.  He would let his friends come over and while they got drunk, alow them to 'poke' his!  And, whe this dirt bag had his girl friend over, they would bring this poor kid in bed with them and she would have 'fun' with him...and there was other stuff as well...   I told the rider that it was a good thing I did not know this s-head and that he was along for the ride-  I am known by the depatment as having no tolerance for such garbage and they did not want me alone with him.    All I can tell you is that he went to court, found guilty, got 10 years and was found in his cell about a year later...at room temp.    oh bloody well
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pedophiles will never be able to live amongst the rest of us without ever hurting a child they are just sick individuals, most the time i don't think they realise or even care about the psychological damage they do to children. 10 years in ridiculous they should get a life sentence, a life sentence of emotional and pschylogical problems is what the children they abuse get.

I would like to see these individuals castrated and then have most of penis removed,then put in a special prison where they have to learn to fend for themselves,rear animals for milk/eating grow veg if they don't they starve.Oh and no T V computers electronics ,in fact no electricity or gas just basic open fire cooking/heating.