I Am Sick To My Stomach

I just recived and friend request from this woman and she stated on her profile that she loved ****** and having sex with her underage son. She has as her statues that she wants a sex chat and she will put up more pics of her son later . What should i do report it to Ep or call the police . I am worried for this child.
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Got some sick people on here.

Pretend to be her friend, get info and than stab her in the back!


Ignore it & move on

1. Report to police AND Ep<br />
<br />
2. It's not a woman, it's a dude pretending to be a woman

Get a screenshot(s) send them to EP support and Arsineh . And if you can figure out where this 'lady' lives call the police dept in her jurisdiction

Thats sick!!! Send Arsineh a message with a link to her profile and her stories

people like this make my stomach churn too and it's too bad that ep seems to be a haven for them.

she definitely needs to be reported to ep and the police, if you can. ep is overrun with this garbage and it's one reason i don't spend too much time here.

I think you should definitely report it to EP. They will have her IP address. Insist that you get feedback too. There is a chance that the woman is making it up, of course, but if she is making those claims she should at least be investigated

I would report her. How sick.

Whether its fake or not, I say report this person to the police. Better safe than sorry for the boy's sake.

These idiots get off on making people get upset, going off on them just pleases them. Best to just ignore them. Calling the police, even if you knew where she lives, would be pointless, it's free speech.

Um Actually there are limits to free speech ... Ask Larry Flint or the KKK... They can tell you all about it

HARDLY the same thing, think you need a history lesson.

Thank for the comments