Me Too...

I was molested by my oldest brother when he came home on leave with his new wife. I was 11 or so, which made him 21. He should have known better. He told me never to tell. My mother never knew but I told my dad when I was in my thirties. My parents are deceased and so is that brother. He went to his grave denying he did anything wrong. They found him in his car, days later, dead from exposure. It was in February. He had left his house, and told no one where he was going. I hope he died knowing he broke my heart. I hope he knew that my other brothers and I didn't like him at all. I wonder how many other girls he ruined? I wonder if he ever got caught? My dad told me that my brother got into trouble while he was in the service when we was with an officer's daughter.
I hate him, and others like him
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Thank you. Yes, I looked out for my daughters. They are grown. But he didn't live near them. <br />
Bless you.

Sorry for your pain. Sorry you carry it with you and are forced to hold it in your heart. I hope he didn't hurt other girls too. Sounds like he may have. I hope they have some support. <br />
<br />
Something has to be done to stop this hell for children.....what I don't know. You have held this for so long.....protect yourself ....protect the young one after you too.