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Part 2 Of I Worry About The Girls On Here,or The Internet For That Matter.....

It has been two 1/2 yrs since my daughter was held and raped in a garage ,by a so called friend,(Please read part 1,if u don't know the story)My daughter is now 18 and lives outta state.We finally got the call from the DA,trail will begin August 1st!He tried to have his lawyers push it off again,and the judge said ,NO!So the court is paying for my girl to fly home and testify in court.This has made her a mess!She is afaid,and crying,she even feels guilty!I have spoken to her and let her know this is not her fault,(victims often feel guilty for the crimes agaisn't them)
She wants me to go with her.I promised her i would,and i want to,however,i don't think i can sit and listen to the details of the crime w/o vomiting in the courtroom!My mom said she can handle it,and has offered to go in w/ her ,while i wait in the hallway,guys,i just can not listen to what happened in detail,it will kill mePray for justice to be served,i want him to go to jail.
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 7 Responses Jul 17, 2012

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what an *******..he should be hanged

I hope the bastard drops dead. Barring that, I hope he gets sent to a penitentiary and gets shown by several gang members what it's like to be raped.<br />
<br />
Don't blame you a bit for not being in the room when she testifies. I'd jump the rail and throttle the piece of ****.

Thank u irant!I

I hope he dies from blood loss due to prison rape.

When this guy gets locked away, he better pray that he's not put with the general population, because they'll know that he's coming shortly after the verdict is read. And once he's there, he'll wish that your husband had killed him when he had the chance.

Can u believe ,that some ppl on here say because she was 16 ,she should of know better,that it was not a crime.So i guess it's ok ,to invite a girl to ur house (any age)And lock her in the garage,and tell her she is not going hm til she does what u say.And she isn't able to go home if she cries either!Read some of these comments friends

They probably don't have kids themselves. At least that's my theory.

My thoughts and prayers are with u and ur daughter. I hope all can be more at peace once justice is served.

thank u cowboy,this animals don't realize the devastation they cause,it never really goes away

It's shame she has to go through this again I hope justice is served.

It sucks!

Thank u for the support

I wish you both the best,It has to be soooo hard on you both.